Monday, June 30, 2014

Creative goodies & sneak peak

It's a beautiful day!
I wanted to show you some of my latest thrift store creative goodies.
Above is vintage seam binding....a little thinner than the kind you find now cool.
These came in 100 yard rolls....1.25 and 1.00 each......yeah!!!!
I was in heaven.
Of course there were all kinds of stuff I said no to because I am trying to limit my hoard of stuff!

This is a huge circle thread holder...I love this and I love the look of vintage thread! 
It came with E. T. chalk from the movie E. T. ....strange.

I needed a huge artist's brayer!

A cool pattern with all the it.
This is a bad picture, but I love collecting some fancy fabrics for velvet strawberries and fabric flowers.
This is a sneaky peak of my next pattern....which will be available soon!
Faux cross stitch.....flower tags! 
These are super easy, comes with tags in three sizes....and much more.....
tell you about it all when its done!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Henry....

This is king Henry the eighth

He was born on June!

He was the most powerful man in the world.....

Happy Birthday to him....and me!!!!!

Here I am back in the 70's....enjoying the lake!
My hubby and daughter have planned lots of fun for me .....I better get to it!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Roses on tea set freebie

It's week 3 on the tea themed freebies....go back to each Friday on my blog to get the other designs.
Click on this picture to see it larger, right click to save.
 I keep something to stitch handy all the time.  It is great when you are stuck somewhere with nothing to do, when you are watching sports with the hubby (lol), or when just to stop late night snacking.
I wanted to share this vintage item with you...which I think is a sort of bingo card.
I love the sweet graphics.

We love huckleberries....which are really popular around sister is always planning her picking times in the woods.

Sweet tomatoes....good and round it

I keep meaning to grow some sunflowers each year, then forget.

I never see cows this cute....guess I am looking in the wrong fields.
If you know what this card was used for....I would love to hear from you!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fun letters to collage with.... freebie

Sometimes I love adding my own words to this calendar I had.
It was a trucking calendar that was so ugly....I had to change it to Marie Antoinette.
I always refer to my collage letters I made....and I keep many sheets handy for projects. 
It is fun to print, cut out and glue!  It is an easy way to add to your artwork.
Use cream or white cardstock.

I thought a variety would be nice....different fonts and sizes.
Click here for the 2 page alphabet letters freebie
To use in your art projects...just save, print and cut and use.
The secret to having it all is knowing you already do!

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Monday, June 23, 2014


Everything is coming up roses.
Not really...I have a bad summer cold....that is driving me crazy, but I still hang out on my patio and enjoy the fresh outdoors.

Here is my the morning....hard to see with all the shadows.

My potting bench....that holds flowers.  I have to keep the petunias away from the silly prairie dogs who think flowers are candy.

The painting in the background is one my daughter did....of downtown spokane.

I took an old enamel bowl that rusted through....and planted flowers.

I found these hen and chickens dying in my yard so I put them in an old frying pan.

They are happy now.

cucumber flower.....

This is supposed to be a cucumber plant...think it is squash

same here(supposed to be cucumber)....but this looks like a pumpkin....who knows.
I guess everything will be a surprise!
I hope to get over this silly cold takes all the energy out of me.
Hope you are feeling great and enjoying the summer!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Spoon, Knife, Fork...perfect for your tea party

Here is the next in the sweet tea series.  Last week was the first one.
These are so pretty and make me feel a little
Click on the picture to make it
Happy stitching!
I am changing my thriftystitchin etsy shop...... to my Art Etsy shop.
This will take time to transition over...but these are the two first items.....PDF collage sheets I made from my artwork.
The Happy Birthday Bunny is the first one...perfect for gifts.
Print it anytime, cut out and use it over and over.  Great for a boy or a girl. 
My "life is good" tags....are so sweet.  As shown above ...there are many tags to one sheet. 
I love the pink and green combo.  Again you just download, print and cut out.
I will have prints of my paintings, originals, and collage sheets too.
I am learning Illustrator....which is so much fun.  I have had experience with other programs so it comes pretty easily. 
My next one will be "Purple Passion"

Have a fabulous Friday!!!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fun with photos

Do you need a little help with your pics?
Or want to make your own Andy warhol type art with your family photos?
It's free!
I took a pic of my daughter....and made the above fun piece.
You choose will ask you to choose your photo....then just start playing with all the is addicting! 
I took my cat Froy and made it black and white...linen like paper background and then added fireworks.

I added a sticker of an eye patch to Trix...and made her into a pirate.
Here I used the collage button and made myself an ad for a magazine.
I made a special listing sign for my etsy shop...using the text button.
On these ornaments I made for a pattern....I added an overlay to give it a smoky border.

Here is myself in Andy style.
You can add text, borders, fix wrinkles with a heal button, change colors, make it look just goes on and on.
There is no tutorial just have to start trying things (play!)...and there is an undo button for mistakes!
Have fun!!!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Sewing space

Today I wanted to share my actual sewing space.
I have a large studio....I was lucky enough to have a huge building next to my house to make into my studio.
Inside are many working stations the photography area, mailing/packaging, computer/printer, sewing cutting table...etc..
I have an area for all my creating.
On the right side of the above picture would be my ironing board...but it was cut out of the pic.
I have a small blue cutting table for quick cuts.
When I sew large items like quilts I have to clear out the table better.

I am a clutter kind of gal....can't help it!
I love having all these things nearby.

In an old pink Tupperware organizer is my stamped words....ready to attach to something...anything.

I have a blue shelf full of buttons and stuff.....jars full of threads and lil sewing gadgets.

pincushions and my atc artwork.

scrappy raggedy Ann with a needle felted candy cane.

I hang lots of thread on the pegboard with huge glittery pompoms and art.

I love me some tulle!
It is so cheap yet so many things can be done with it.

I have to keep all these sewing do dads right by....all the sewing machine feet, bobbin, and pins.

I realized that I have to keep my hot glue gun close by.
I have a tart warmer....which makes the studio smell divine...otherwise it tends to smell like a garage. (this was a paint and body shop)
There are two large is my studio and the back room is lots of storage.

Can you see the fabric strip banner on the easy taking scraps and bits of fabric and sewing them on one by one....which is faster than you think.

Orange buttons....because I love Halloween

I crack up when I find jars like this Best foods (which is my favorite)...knowing it was long ago used to store yummy mayonnaise.
I have too much stuff!

Here are vintage quilt blocks with a needlefelted pumpkin pincushion.
In the back is a tag my daughter made for me!
I will have to show you each at a will be fun.