Friday, September 28, 2012

Dreams don't work unless you do FREEBIE

Thank God it's FRIDAY!!!
Here is the Freebie Friday project....Dreams don't work unless you do!
Ya have to do the work to follow your just won't happen unless you do.
Ask yourself....What can I do make my dreams happen?
Small steps lead to big results.
Have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Easy Halloween Crow Collage Tutorial

Hi Everyone!  It is another beautiful day here in the pacific northwest!  I wanted to show you how easy it is to create Halloween art!
Above is a collage for Halloween that was soooo darned easy!  Let me show you how I did it.

You need a blank canvas (these are often 50% off at JoAnn's)...mine is an 8" x 10".  I covered the whole canvas with old papers from books, ledgers, and cream papers.....just torn and modpodged on.  I like matte modpodge.

I try to use so different colors of cream/tan...just for interest.

I gave the canvas a coat of orange paint mixed with a bit of it is translucent.
Let dry.
Here is the super easy part....these crows are from the dollar store...they are black silhouettes.  There are other choices owls, bats, and more.   I just cut a branch from black paper. 

I have lots of letters I have printed out....I just type letters in a word program using different fonts and then print out the letter.  You could also use letters from books, magazines, or stamp letters on cream colored paper.

I mod podged them all down on the covered canvas.

I then added brown aging ink to the corners, and all around the canvas.  I also added brown paint underneath the crows, twig, and letters.  I added some doodles with a black sharpie pen, just for fun.

Here is the finished piece!!
I love how easy this was and very fun too!  There are alot of cool things at the dollar store!
Come to the party...At Whipperberry friday many cool halloween ideas

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sewing Flash Cards

12 Large Sewing Quilt Embroidery Flash Cards - vintage like words scrapbooking digital uprint store decor
I have some new SEWING FLASH CARDS on my etsy.
These are fun for your sewing room, studio, as a gift tag, or in your fabric shop.
12 Large Sewing Quilt Embroidery Flash Cards - vintage like words scrapbooking digital uprint store decor
The words you get are: Patchwork, Scissors, fat quarter, Thimble, sew, pincushion, needle, cut, thread, fabric, quilt, and embroidery. Each one comes with a lovely definition and number. They measure: 7 5/8" x 3 1/4".
12 Large Sewing Quilt Embroidery Flash Cards - vintage like words scrapbooking digital uprint store decor
These are a uprint item....very inexpensive and fun.
12 Large Sewing Quilt Embroidery Flash Cards - vintage like words scrapbooking digital uprint store decor
I love when people ask me at a quilt show what a fat quarter is.....cause I can remember saying that same thing!
12 Large Sewing Quilt Embroidery Flash Cards - vintage like words scrapbooking digital uprint store decor
I LOVE pincushions.....I have so many it is ridiculous....oh well....not gonna stop collecting them...he he he.
It is very smoky here is Eastern Washington....wish it would just rain....we have not had rain since the beginning of July, I think.  The trees look droopy.  I never thought I would wish for rain.  It is also still very warm....not like fall at all!

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's good to be a girl!

Halloween Korker crochet headband IHB463
Hi everyone!  How's your Monday? 
I wanted to tell you alittle about a cute shop on Etsy....
Shailee Boutique Designs
Adi's shop is perfect for the little ladies....let's face's good to be a girl!
Green Fairy Wings Match Your Tutu Embellished With Ribbons and Flower  GFW100 ON SALE
 She has the sweetest fairy wings....
Shailee Boutique Tangled/Rapunzel Fairy Puff Wand ON SALE FW1594
Fairy wands...
Shailee Boutique Punk Tutu GT1588 ON SALE
Fairy outfits....
Halloween Alligator clip Korker GKA1777 ON SALE
Halloween and holiday hairclips and headwear...
Girl Floral Print Headband GHB1343
Love this headband!  Please check out her is full of lots more pretty accessories.
I love hearing from you gals that love being a mom and love creating too! It is so inspiring!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Witch is in! Freebie Friday design

Wow, it's Friday!  I don't know about you, but this week for me has been hell. So many days of stress and drama.   Finally I feel today is going to be good!  I know we all have times of turbulence and problems....but I try to avoid them like the plague....he he he.
This lil witch and her cat buddy cheer me up and I hope they cheer you up too!
Now looking at the witch, I see her hair is on the sparse side....feel free to give her a few more strands of hair.  The cat's expression is one my cats make at my all the time....they stare and look at me like I'm crazy.  Especially when I have a towel on my head after a shower.
This design would be cute stitched up or made into a wool pin.  If you have any pictures of a freebie design of mine you have made up...I would love to post it!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

why yes, I am a lady baby!

Hand painted wooden hot plate holder/ handmade vintage spools hot pan stand/ Spring colors/ blue green and pink d├ęcor for the home
Here is another sweet and beautiful Etsy Treasury
Called "Why yes, I am a lady baby!"
Click on the link to get all the details....each item is from a different artist.
Wall Pocket with Pink Realistic Artificial Peonies - Alternative Door Wreath - Mint Green Cone Holder
Sweet, and simple...and also PINK
Beautiful shabby chic garden tea Party dress
Adorable it
Cakestand - The Garden Party Vintage Tea Stand
Cookies on this stand...yes please!
new 2012 Vintage Garden Party Girl Stitchery E Pattern - email Pdf primitive Hoop art embroidery flowers
My garden party girl
A Made-to-Order Doll/Table Topper Masterpiece Quilt
Tea parties....on a lovely lil quilt
Pink Princess Girls Party Treats For 24 Guests
Yum beautiful I 'd hate to eat them....OK...I'd eat them right away!
Pink Floral Earrings Handmade Artisan Beads -Gift under 20
Pretty, delicate earrings
Why Yes, I am a Lady Baby Hat, Easter, Birthday, Tea Party, Fascinator Hat for Babies and Little Girls
Now that is a lovely hat on a cute as can be baby!
Chenille Pillow - Purple Pink Yellow Green Blue Vintage Chenille Handmade Bed Pillow
Chenille, so soft
retro 1960s pink forest mushroom and acorn fabric napkins (4)
Love this pic...great color combos!
There are more pics from this treasury....and lots of other great treasuries on etsy!

Friday, September 14, 2012

A jolly Halloween to you Pattern

This is my brand new pattern:
on my Etsy. 
Celebrate Halloween with this spooky stack of pumpkins. This is a big display with fun spiders (so Easy!). 
The banner is so vintage can be stitched or printed out from paper so quick & easy. The stand is simple and aged to perfection. It makes a great centerpiece, on the mantle, or party table decoration.   
Project measures: 23" x 8 1/2". This is also on my Patternmart.
 I had a blast making these.  Think I will make some up for my up coming show.

Witch and friend

Isn't this the sweetest witch?!!!
When my siblings and I were young....we had no Halloween decorations....seemed like only the rich had cool Halloween decorations.  So mom would buy construction paper and glue ....and we all went CRAZY!
One of my favorite things to make from black paper...was a silhouette of a witch on a broom.  I just loved it.  Sometimes I would put it on a big yellow moon. 
We would tape these creations (pumpkins, bats, moons, spider, skeletons, etc....) to the windows and walls.  Then we would get out a record of scary Halloween sounds and sit in the dark ...scaring each other.  I was the youngest, but braver than one of my older sisters. 
Now my Halloween collection is massive...too much for my home.  Same with Christmas decorations.  It never stops me from checking out the new stuff in the stores however!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Paris is always a good idea

What a gorgeous day it is today!  Sun is shining, temps are great....fall is lovely!
Here is my brand new, inexpensive stitchery design....
Audrey Hepburn said this....she had many great sayings and was a wonderful person.
I would love to go to Paris someday....have you gone to Paris?  Was it all that they say it is?
I have heard people say both yes and no.
I love the movie ...Midnight in Paris
If you haven't seen this one....check it out.....I LOVED it!!!
The girlfriend is horrid!
I also loved....Marie Antoinette!
It is a feast for the eyes!  I don't care if the story is alittle off....The beauty is worth it!
Do you have any favorite movies that feature Paris?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Orange you glad

kawaii orange sleepy fox amigurumi plush - MADE TO ORDER
This is a very colorful  Etsy Treasury.
What a sweet fox!
Halloween Wreath - Black and Orange Felt Flower Wreath with Google Eye Centers on the Large Flowers - 12 inch
I would love to own this wreath!
Spiky Mug: Made To Order One Black and Orange Dangerously Spiky Travel Mug by Symmetrical Pottery
No one can touch this cup of coffee.....spike protection!
18x18 Orange Gray Chevron Pillow Cover
I love new pillows
NEW Orange Bubble Bib Necklace,Small Bubble Necklace, Handmade Bubble Jewelry Bib Necklace Statement Necklace(SM0520-20MM Size)
Gorgeous orange necklace....stunning
Pumpkin Pie fixes Everything sign digital   - orange uprint NEW  art words vintage style primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
My has been in alot of treasuries!
Zig Zag Orange Baby Bow Tie... toddler bow tie... infant bow tie... fall bow tie
Sweet bowtie
Halloween Orange and Black Striped Rose Gothic Mini Top Hat - Made to Order
Party time!
Ceramic Pig Planter Vintage Design in Orange
What a cool pig planter!
Check out all the treasuries on can find any style, color, or is especially fun to look through when you are under the weather and just trying to relax.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mini Halloween hoop embroideries

2012 mini Halloween hoop embroidery E Pattern PDF stitchery 20 designs pumpkin witch bat pumpkin monsters candy corn prim primitive
This my NEWEST PATTERN - Mini Halloween Hoop embroidery pattern, #290
These sweet Halloween friends look so cute framed in hoops and finished as wearable pins, pillow tucks, or pin cushions. There are 20 amazing simple quick. Designs not shown are: moon, Dracula, cat with mouse, spider, stars, & fun Halloween words
2012 mini Halloween hoop embroidery E Pattern PDF stitchery 20 designs pumpkin witch bat pumpkin monsters candy corn prim primitive
The embroidery designs are fast, easy, and fun to stitch up.
Each measures: from 3" round to 3" x 6" oval.
Stitcheries in big hoop measures: 14" x 15 1/2".
****Also included are special aging and depth secrets to add to all your stitcheries!
2012 mini Halloween hoop embroidery E Pattern PDF stitchery 20 designs pumpkin witch bat pumpkin monsters candy corn prim primitive
Other ideas for these designs:
*Make into small pillows (pillow tucks) to insert on shelves or add hangers of thick string to make into Halloween Ornaments.
*Make designs into pin cushions.
*Put together the designs into a quilt.
*Frame the designs in wooden frames.
*Use the designs in needle-punch.
*Frame in hoops separately
*Use designs in scrapbooking, make tags, cards, and tracing patterns and filling in with markers, paint, or crayons.