Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Oh yeah, I love this meaningful.
No more waiting on the sidelines!
What have you been waiting so long to begin?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sweet kitty cat Valentine

Here is Sweets for the sweet embroidery pillow pattern...available on my etsy
This little kitty is giving Sweets to the sweet. There is a heart pouch to fill with goodies for your Valentine. What a fast, easy, and fun design to make. How fun would this be to receive on Valentine's Day? 

This little baby is holding a flower heart.

This is the heart pouch ...I bought heart suckers at walmart...only a dollar for a bouquet of them.

Finished design measures: 9 3/4" x 7".
Embroidery design: 3 7/8" x 5 3/8".

I also want to show you another mini is on Etsy.  It is the finished product. I made this a week or so ago when I made the Valentine mannequin that has sold.
This one is colorful and fun.
What a sweet sewing room treasure...a small dressform to keep you pins and thread handy.
This is a one of a kind!
This is the perfect size of pincushion to have near your sewing machine or on your side/coffee table while you work on projects.
Mannequin with stand: 3"(at shoulders) x 8 5/8" tall.
It comes with pins, white buttons around neck like a necklace , sweet tulle skirt, "Sweet" banner pin, blue thread, and a bright cheerful pom poms filled stand. The ribbons are pink scrunched seam binding and pink glittery yarn. The fabric I used is the sweetest pins fabric...a white background....with pins that have colorful heads. 

Here is the back of the mannequin.
I design the pattern for is on my etsy too...called Mini mannequin pattern
I have to end with a great quote:
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
Marilyn Monroe

Monday, January 28, 2013

Thrifting with Sue

On Saturday...I went Thrifting with my pal Sue.  It was an entire day of laughing, scoring cool items, and enjoying ourselves.  We had a blast finding cool supplies to sew and craft with.  I want to share some of the things I got!
One store had great quilt books and patterns.....what a steal ...I mean deal!

An antique store had these sweet Valentine hankies. Only one dollar!

These hands crack me up....the whole section of this thrift store had old plastic doll heads...arms and funny.  I should have taken a picture.  My daughter thought these were pretty creepy.   I have no idea why I got them.

Buttons!!!  I love white buttons...they go with everything.

I make tons of flash cards for every holiday and occasion.....but I love these ones too.....I have a big collection.  I guess I love how helpful they were when growing up and they are so sweet.

I like these tiny wreaths.

Charms!  49 cents....for all

Sue got this for my daughter...she is a freshman in high school  It really made us laugh!

This cracks me up- How to make a success of your teen years....this is from 1953....every bit of info is out of date or not
Look at the authors name....poor guy probably got teased like crazy.  My great great uncle was called Gaylord....can't imagine how that went. 

Oh yeah...that is how dances are....NOT!

I LOVE Peanuts and Charlie Brown stuff.  This was a whole dollar.  I love the saying.

I had to glitter it up and tie a Martha Stewart piece of glittery yarn to the top.
Now it is sitting in my Valentine decor...yeah!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Move Forward in your life

Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life. What is it you would let go of today?

Mary Manin Morrissey

I must think about this....long and hard.  Releasing fear is so difficult, but so is releasing hurt sometimes.  So much of what stops in our own mind!
I want good energy~
This snowman is stretching out and releasing love!

This pattern is Be Mine snowman...on my Etsy

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Days of Heaven- a movie fav

One of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen is:
Days of heaven.'s Richard Gere...back in the late 70's.
When you watch this.....your really appreciate living now... life is much more fair now.  People really had to work hard...just to survive!  But the movie shows how lovely life is...those simple moments that we overlook.

It features lovely music...Listen to the opening song

The cinema photography won an Oscar....they soooo deserved it!
Love the farm house....yes I will take that!  It needs a tree however!
Love the little girl in this...she is the narrator!
I won't tell you what happens....but it involves love, what is right, and the hard life of 1916.
I just thought I would share this with you...I will share more movie favs from time to time!  In the past I have talked about "Midnight in Paris" and "Picnic".  I love all kinds of movies!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Remember who you wanted to be

Let's get inspired!
I hope you are going for your dreams...and making it happen.  Sure sometimes things get in the way.  Sometimes you have to hold on to your old job while you also pursue your dream job. Sometimes you need to brainstorm and break it down in small steps... to see what you need to do.  
 I used to think I was too old to follow my dreams.  That I was passed it!  I swear I considered my prime to be a few months when I was 21!  Now I know.... I am 45 and I can go for what I want! I think we are sometimes are own worst enemy.  Going for what you want takes baby takes going for one thing at a time.  I have a painting I made that sits in my says..."One day at a time"....I didn't make it for the TV show (which I used to love!).  I have to remind myself of this...each day is a gift too. 

We also need to have fun each and everyday!  Sometimes the simplest pleasures make the greatest walking in the snow with your family, laughing while watching America's funniest videos, dancing to the latest crazy song...played full blast, making dinner together, and playing a fierce game of monopoly.

Lastly....Let's be bold and love ourselves fully.
Whenever I am feeling down....I get myself pumped up (on purpose).  I talk to my family/friends and try to vent alittle (not too much)....and give myself my own pep talk....remember how wonderful you are and all that you are thankful for!  
Truly madly deeply sign is on my etsy.
I hope you go for your dreams and live your life to the fullest....WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN?

Monday, January 21, 2013

sneaky peaky- sweets for the sweet

Hello everyone!
It is MLK daughter is off and we are considering a walk in the cold though.
I guess it should be cold in January....but sometimes I wish for a heat wave!
This is a sneaky peaky of my new should be ready very soon!  I just love stitching up sweet sweet faces.  There is something so soothing about hand embroidery.  

I keep doing extra fun stuff instead of things I know I need to get you do this too!
On the weekend we enjoyed shopping, making a beautiful cake, a movie "Django", cooking Cornish game hens, being silly, watching football, taking pics, and much more!  
I did do laundry....he he he.

These geese from Riverfront park seem to enjoy the weather...they looked at us like we had spiders dancing on our heads!
I asked the white one how he she keeps her whites so white....still thinking about my laundry!
Gotta get doing my duties!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Valentines- corny sayings

Oh My!!!  I love old Valentines...but I especially love the CORNY sayings on them!
They always have a way of using a Scent and changing it up for cent....with the valentine above.

Valentines are not like this anymore...too bad!
The drawings are so cute too.  Look at the cute pudgy arms and legs.  

This one from Germany has a different feel.  He looks goofy!  

Now that is a fan!  These are proof that the world isn't always getting better....somethings were better back in the day!
Here is the first valentine without the script.  What a cutie she is!
Have fun with these!  

Come to the Whipperberry Friday Flair is fun to see all the talented projects

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine Dress form mannequin pinkeep

I'm feeling that is "Love" is in the air.  I am ready to decorate for Valentine's the dreariness of winter can go away. 
I made up a mini VALENTINE mannequin dress form pin cushion from my
 This lil gem is for sale...something I rarely do.
I usually don't have time to make up extras of my patterns....but I wanted to "Play" yesterday. I had some much fun goofing around....I mean working.  The pattern is fun because it looks completely different depending on the fabric you choose.
I love the banner pin and heart charm!
This is the perfect size of pincushion to have near your sewing machine or on your side/coffee table while you work on projects.
Mannequin with stand: 3"(at shoulders) x 8" tall. 
This is the back...cute huh! 
I added a red thread and the base has sweet lil white buttons. 
It comes with pins, heart charm with safety pin, sweet tulle skirt, "Love" banner pin, red thread, and a button filled stand. The ribbons are red scrunched seam binding and pink thick yarn. The fabric I used is from my stash...valentine fabric that you can't get is a cream background with pink and red hearts with a touch of gold...just like Valentines had in the day!
I remember just loving shopping for Valentines for the class...only wished they didn't say all those lovey-dovey sentiments....who wanted to give someone you barely knew (and who had boogers on his face) one that said "Valentine ...I pick you".  LOL~

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sweet Berries in the snow

Beautiful,snow berries photo - 8 x 10 frame Print Art Photography
Good Winter day to you all!
I had to say something nice and positive about this season...he he he.
I wanted to share some more Photos from my daughters Etsy site....Peacock Gumdrop!
She took the berries and snow pic in our yard.  I just want to confess one thing...I am not a gardener and always wish I would get my yard pulled my daughter "finds" beauty in our yard with her camera!
Beautiful,Colorful ice photo - 8 x 10 frame Print Art Photography
I love this one!  We went on a walk by the Spokane River....where no one would in their right mind would go...and we spotted these huge rocks with moss and icicles.  I don't no how the moss stays green in such cold temps.
Old Fashion Barn photo - 8 x 10 frame Print Art Photography
Selina changed up her barn photo to make it look like a very old photo.  I need to remind you ...that she is 15!  She knows how to use the computer in every way!
Old looking Kitty photo - 8 x 10 frame Print Art Photography
Here is lucky and she altered it to look like a canvas....our cat should have been a model....he thinks!
I am so proud of my daughter...she wants to live her life to the fullest and dream big dreams!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun Valentine Hoop art

 Hey Everyone! 
Are you thinking Valentine's day?
I got a new sewing machine for Christmas...and started playing with it.  It has a free motion quilting feature....I think a lot of sewing machines are coming with this now.  I decided to whip up some easy Valentine hoop art. 

 I just ironed some cool fabric and lowered the feed dogs on my sewing machine (that is the little edged area that gets the fabric to move along in the sewing machine).
I put on my quillting foot instead of the straight stitch foot.
You might want to practice this with scraps of fabric. 
I cut out hearts to lay on my fabric.
I just stitched like a kid....very random and crazy.  It is important to hold the fabric tight.
See my crazy stitching.  After I was done sititching...
I put the design in a hoop...pulled very tight...and tightened the knob at the top of the hoop.
 I cut down the excess fabric in the back to a 1/2" inch and then hot glue the fabric towards the back hoop.  The little banner is just stamping words (Stamp pad and alphabet letters) on tea-dyed muslin....cutting into a banner shape. I then ran clear tacky glue along the edges of the words and sprinkled glitter on the edges and let dry.

I then hot glued the words on the hoop art.
I love I added a red glitter heart to one of the hearts in the hoop.
This is a fun project...and easy. 
Have fun!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bridal festival time

This weekend is a Bridal festival in our Spokane convention center...I am going with my niece who is getting married and a bunch of girls in the family.  I have a few things like signs and wedding flash cards in a booth.
If you are looking for my link to my wedding items on Etsy....please click HERE!
I have lots of patterns and artwork on etsy.

Remember when the justice of the peace or pastor would say..."I now pronounce you MAN and wife"?  Well if you don't then I know you have been born in modern 
My flash cards are great to use as photo props for your wedding, at your bridal shower, scrapbooking, if your are a photographer for weddings and gatherings and also at the wedding on guest tables.

They are a u print inexpensive.
 This was my wedding cake topper...16 years ago. I keep in in my china closet...for safe keeping.

I knew my veil would come in handy again....for a backdrop. 

 These are badges to make for the bride and groom.   The Wedding set includes a badge for both Bride & Groom...great for bridal showers and bachelor parties. The cake pokes are so fun too.

I lots of romantic signs.  U easy.
Come to my Etsy shop to see all my goods.
Have a happy weekend!!!