Friday, July 28, 2017

Whatever!!! freebie

Have you ever just wanted to scream...
I do all most
This little girl is sweet yet sassy....
copy and save.

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Things that go bump in the night , Skulls and bats pattern
Sorry, sale is over
It is only $2.99....this week only.
Isn't this bat cool?!  
I love hanging them on twigs and branches.
These take simple supplies!
These prim bats and skulls make a spooky feel to your Halloween decor. They are simple, fast, and take little supplies. Put them in a bowl, hang them around, attach to a wreath, or tuck them on a shelf!
Spooky skull!
a close up...
Skull measures: 5" x 5 1/2"
Bat measures: 11 1/4" long x 3 1/2"

This week I worked on some repeating halloween Franky and his gal pal..
they are holding their treat bag and doing some serious trick or treating.
It was fun playing with colors and changing things up a bit.
I drew this and watercolored it on sunday...while by my sister's pool.
I love bringing a small watercolor pad and just making something up on the spot.
I can always sell the original, scan it and make it into a print or tags, or I could make it into a repeating pattern design...
the sky's the limit.
This is going to be make next pattern...but it won't look like this when you see it next!
I also was playing around with raw edge much fun and so much texture!
I will share more about this next week.
Have a terrific weekend!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Shine bright...freebie embroidery design

I love glitter!
This is my freebie this week..."Shine Bright".
I stitched it using a darker pink floss and added seed beads on the dot areas.
It fits perfectly in my daughter Selina's hexie pendant blank.
Selina has all kinds of wooden pendant blanks and more in her etsy shop and on her website.

I added glitter to this...just some glue and pink glitter....the picture didn't show off the glitter has cute as it really is though.
Copy and save...
This is her hexie 3 pack....and it comes with this bunny design.
She also has tons of other packs!

We share a I just walk right on over to her stash and choose what I want...I am spoiled!
Time for another sale pattern of the week!!!
It's only $2.99...this week only ..until next friday.
These are great to use up those small scraps of wool that you just can't throw away!
My favorite is the large pumpkin face.

I have been working some logos....just my name and some illustrated flowers

This one is soft and muted.

This one is a study in

I love this pink one...

but even this darker one is cool...
so many decisions.....

Sneaky peaky....
Of my next pattern design. 
Coming soon!

Be sure to ...

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Friday, July 14, 2017

It's five o'clock somewhere...freebie friday

It's five o'clock somewhere...yay!
This is the Friday Freebie this week!  
This design is perfect for my daughter Selina's mini hoop pendant blanks.
This is super easy to stitch and fast too!
Just copy and print out.
Transfer the design with a light box or window onto muslin using a disappearing marker.
Put your muslin in an embroidery hoop and choose some floss colors.
For the center are of the design...I added little tiny wool scraps...I just added a french knot center and stitched down the edges.
Then I removed the marker with water.
Then popped it into the pendant blank.

Her mini hoop packs comes with instructions and a free pattern...."Hello". 
They can be necklaces, pin/brooches, magnets and even a key chain.
I love how this turned out and it kind of reminds me of the watch the white rabbit holds in Alice in wonderland.
Spooky days ahead...
My Witch Mannequin dress form pattern is the sale pattern of the week!
These are some of the mannequins I have made in the past...all sold quickly.
Each one can look different....choosing different fabric, photos, embellishments...etc.. 
Notice the glittery stars...just cardboard with glitter on top! 
The skirts can be paper, yarn, ribbons, and string. 
The shawls are cheesecloth.... 
This one has a tulle skirt and an "EEK" badge.
This is a great craft show seller!
I have four in this series of mini quilts...halloween, christmas, valentines and easter...
I was thinking of doing one for Thanksgiving...What do you think?
These are some kitties I have been working on for repeating patterns....
Cats going this way and that!!!

Have  a very happy weekend and try to stay cool!!

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Friday, July 7, 2017

You can never have too many cats....freebie

I know you can have too many cats...I had five once and they were at war at all times....that was too many for me.  I have three currently...they get along
I would love to have another baby....but Froy will kill me (Froy is my baby cat...8 years old)

This would make a fun tag for a cat lady friend or yourself of course.
Copy and save...but please share this with others....tell them about my freebies every Friday!

Forget the's all about the pumpkin seeds!

This is my sale pattern of the week!!!
Sorry the sale is over!
 Peter Pumpkin doll and kitty cat pal pattern- #337.

Have a horribly happy Halloween with this adorable skinny Pumpkin doll...he has a candy corn button, a leafy collar and a sweet kitty in his pocket. This is a fun mix of Prim & cute. Fast, takes simple supplies, & is easy! Comes with 6 tags for the doll to hold.
Pumpkin doll measures: 21" long, 5 1/8" wide
I wanted to share something I made years ago....It was supposed to be a bird feeder full of seeds...
It is a scrap of a wood 4 x 4 post...hooked onto a round cake tin.
Then I painted it and added butterflies too.
I just could never bring myslef to put it outside because I knew it would get yucky!
So I added some buttons to it and it looks great in my studio!  I have this orange wood spoon to scoop with.
Cute huh!
I love raffia too...makes fun bows.
My birthday was last week....I wanted to show some of my goodies....
I got a beautiful birdbath and Gazing ball from my Sister Cecilia and I put it in the courtyard by my studio!
My friend Sue gave me this cool Halloween cat candy container ...
and a cool chenille skeleton pin.
My sister Angie gave me a very old game....
Charlie McCarthy''s flying hats....from the 1930's. 
My cousin Virginia made me a very funny gift....a mannequin head...that represents the outdoor movie we watched...called The Frozen dead!  The eyes light up and everything!
Here is the movie poster...we had a projector and huge screen to show it on...right in our backyard!
It is scary and campy!
I was so afraid of this movie when I was a little is 50 years old too.
Sue gave me this funny book too....right up my alley....
I had to show this one...cracked me up!
funny old cards too.
I also got a value village gift card, lovely yankee candle, easter plate, furry chair, blanket, my sister Julie gave me a box of old valentines and letters, sewing machine and some sweet moolaa!
I then went shopping...haha...
This is a fun camper wallhanging kit.
I can't wait to make this....
Plus they gave me a gift card for next time....
I got some patriotic fabric....
lots of strips of fabric...
dirt cheap at a thrift store.
I got this pattern...not for the pattern but....
I wanted these orange fabrics inside.
Ans I also got some vintage patriotic characters...
I will have to take more pics later....I am too tired now...
It is super hot here and wiping me out.

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