Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Harmony...fabric designs

Hello friends!
I just wanted to show you a peek at my two fabric collections...Summer Harmony and Spring Harmony!
Above I made a hexie flower from some of the repeating designs.

Summer harmony is sunny and bright!
Almost like a lemonaid stand with cherries in the drinks.
I drew all the designs first in my sketch book...then added them into the computer. 
I then illustrated them and lastly made repeating designs with them.
These can be more than fabric...they can be a shower curtain, pillows, notebooks, stationary, a bedspread...and so on.
They can even be wallpaper.
In designing you also need some simple designs....because not every fabric can be the star.
This makes them go together better.
I can also change how big and how small the designs can be....very easily.

**Just a note:  I don't want to be rude....but these are not freebies...they are my designs...and mine alone.  I can't allow you to use these in any form.  I had a few people think that they could have my surface patterns to use.  This is why I am explaining it....because I really want to show you what I am working on.
I always give a freebie on Friday and they are usually my sketches/doodles or a vintage postcard.

This is Spring Harmony!
I love hexies....lol...I am addicted to them.

Here is a peek at this set of designs.
The pink main design is my very favorite.
This makes me think of cherry blossoms blooming and all the plants coming to life!
This one reminds me of buttercups!
My purple here is very much like a wallpaper I had in my kitchen....it was 4 layers down underneath others.  It was a dark green with motifs kinda like these....very cool. 
My daughter Selina has more products in her etsy shop and through Checker Distributor.
We made this package cover recently for her 3 pack mini hexie ring blanks.  It comes with the heart flower pattern design.
These rings are addicting to make...most of the time I simply put cute fabric in them...which takes seconds...and then viola....
so easy!
This is her mini hexie pendant blanks package cover....it comes with the bunny embroidery design.
I am always getting into her stash for these.
I can never get the mini hoops for myself anymore...they sell out before I can grab some! 
and lastly ... this is her Tags pendant blanks.
It comes with the kitty cat love embroidery design.

Oh boy...gotta go to dentist yet again...fixing my bite...sounds fun huh!
Oh well....another of life's tasks.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Mini Hoop Tutorial

This is my daughter Selina's Free mini hoop wood pendant tutorial...it show just how easy it is to use her hoops to make very pretty necklaces. 
On this video she just adds a piece of fabric to it!
Mini hoops come with this free design above. 
All her blanks come with a free design and how to sheet.

A lovely lady, Michele Goggins of Mg Doodle Studio, Made this gorgeous fabric and made the purse and used one of Selina's hoops as a zipper pull! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Selina makes all these shapes...from pendant to rings to brooches.

One of her latest....owls! 
I just like how sweet just plain fabric can be! 
This little owl is from Jo Ann Fabrics, fabric. I just added little french knots on the center of the eyes.

This is how my Spring Bunny banner turned out....this is hanging on my mantle.
I painted the painting and then scanned it...turning it into little banner shapes. Plus some of the other artwork was done on adobe illustrator. 
I think I shared how the collage sheet I was working on looked...but this is the finished banner.

Well I have been to the dentist twice this week...so I am way behind on things...better get cracking!
Have a lovely weekend!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Vintage Easter Mini Quilts

It's time for a Vintage Easter...remember those days long ago....Springtime with family and friends.
Children in their fine attire...hunting eggs and watching for the Easter bunny.
This brand new pattern...is the perfect way to dress up your Springtime decor.
This bunny has the sweetest and softest face!
The pastel colors in the fabric...really evoke feelings of spring.
I love the simplicity of the bunny face.  
The egg mat is great for shelfs and as a mat on your table. 
Wouldn't this be wonderful in a baby's nursery as well! 
There is an egg mat, hanging banner bunny head and a Easter landscape on a larger mini quilt. All three feature wool and fun fabric. 
Egg mat quilt design measures: 11" x 4"
Bunny head design measures: 11" x 4" 
Spring landscape measure: 16" x 7 3/4" 

I am always stitching on a rainy day...it makes staying inside bearable.
Hope you have a sunny Sunday or lots of projects to do!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Life is good freebie....

Life is good!
I truly believe this...although we all have hardship in our lives....the good always out weighs the bad!
Stitch this up to brighten a friends day!
click on pic...copy and save....print.

 *Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make a couple finished goods (no mass producing) and a couple gifts...they are still legally my designs.

This week on the surface pattern design
instagram photo challenge....
This is my work in progress....which I finished a little later...into a spring time banner.

This is a simple pattern...just my little posies on a purple background.
I love these colors and seem to always drift back to them!
Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower...every since I was a kid and our double lot was full of them...I have been in love.
I remember cutting big bunches for inside...they were always so top heavy.
I made this color palette from this pic we took .... nothing better than nature to get great colors.
This is a focal point pattern...the star of the fabric line - if it was a collection...which I hope it will be.
It is Cherry blossoms.
Finally...these are some coordinating patterns to go with the Cherry blossoms.
They can be changed in scale and also in color....very easily.
I like this one the best!
Soft and sweet!

Have a 
Happy Fri-yay!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's day to you...party O"Animal!

I just want to wish you a 
Happy St. Patrick's day!
If you are Irish ...or not...
Have a happy day!
Above is a little embroidery I did...fits perfect in my daughter's hexie pendant blank.
I love making these...it really is quick...lots faster then some embroideries I work on.
But I do love stitchin in the evening! 
Hopefully you won't be pinched...wear you green! 
I already had a gift of a dead mouse this spring....by my hunter...
yep...it was Trix!
She is so sweet!
I keep telling her I like money or flowers...
but she gives dead things....yuck!
St. Patrick's 

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. Patty day & Easter Decor!

Well it is almost St. Patrick's day!
Last weekend I saw some pretty nutty people living it up downtown...all in the craziest get ups...lol.
All in the name of St. Patrick's...well I guess it is a reason to party.
For me It is a reason to decorate!
I added alittle green to two areas of my dining room.
I love my little leprechaun on a stick from my pal Sue!
I have a party hat and some hearts.
The hat was made from my party hat pattern.
This is my favorite display...so green!
My mom is in the background (in her glamour photo trench coat)... and I have a tart warmer with my stained glass shamrock.
Pom poms on a string are from target.
I have had this little pitcher forever...I can't ever part with it.
I did the rest of the house with Easter...I didn't put as much up as I usually do...I think it looks better this way.
I love my dorky bunnies.... and chenille chicks.
My favorite bunny ever...I bought it at a craft mall many years ago...probably back in the early 90's.
My piano display....I pick up flowers at thrift stores.
They really have some good ones...inexpensive too.
My daughter....with a cute troll bunny!
Easter felt chicks!...and one blue bunny.
I really enjoy putting up these seasonal goodies...but each time I pack it away...there is a little sadness.
I want it to last longer!!

I have had a hollow white chocolate bunny already...it was to die for!
Do you have a favorite Easter goody?
Leave a comment and share what you like best!

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