Monday, September 28, 2015

Halloween goodies...score!

It is getting quite spooky around here!
I went to some vintage flea markets, antique stores and thrift stores and got some awesome Halloween goodies!!  
It is fun to find just the right pieces. 
I Love these jack o'lanterns,
I know they are reproductions....but they are soooo cool.
They are well made too.
I used to have some vintage ones, but sold them during hard times...
these are a good replacement for me. 
Look at the cool old book...only $3.
It has the sweetest pictures.
I love the orange tinsel. 
Candy corn colored bottle brush trees.
My husband was with me and said I was there to have I went with it! 
This is a light up pumpkin. 
Kitty cat tree topper.
Love it! 
This is HUGE, but this pic doesn't do it justice.
It is so cool....hand painted. 
Cute scarecrow head with darling owl.
I love paper products.

including this witch with honeycomb pot. 
The book's them. 
It had all kinds of lovely pics...but I focused in on the Halloween ones. 
This is not the greatest pic of "Freaky"...but it is a wonderful one of a kind creation. It is big.
I just love the freaky letters. 
I have a whole collection of skull like decor...I don't like them gory....just

I feel real spoiled right now.....I also just got this original Danita painting...
I love Halloween!!!!

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Hoot hoot freebie

Hoot hoot....another freebie for you!
I am really corny lately....can't help it.
This is a fun owl to stitch up...perfect for Halloween.
Please share this and let your friends know that every Friday is a new freebie.
I just got another child's I have 2!
My first is green and now I have this sweet yellow one.
It is cute....with a cutting board too. 
Lots of space for some goodies to be stored.
I always wanted one when I was a kid...didn't get one...but I did get the best gift ever one Christmas
The barbie townhouse!
It had an cool! 
I recently got this awesome stack of moda fabrics....perfect for some projects I have in mind. 
I love the ribbon it came with! 
I also got some Boo crew fabric. 
I love the crazy monsters 
So cute and sassy 
I am not sure what I will make with it....but that doesn't matter! 
It is like candy for grown women. 
Here is a sneaky peak of a new pattern coming soon...
I added an old feel to the picture for fun.
Look for this and it's companion pieces soon!!


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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tomorrow is FALL!

Fall is in the air!
I love when things change....the cooler air, the colors change on the is magical! 
The summertime craziness is over....fall has a more relaxed quality.
I also love all the pumpkin spice harvest scents in all the candles and such. 
I just love the orange, brown, yellow and reds of this time of year. 

I need to put away some everyday decorations in my house clear the areas for 
I love this saying!
My sisters don't mind...they just laugh.
The witch above is Agatha Willow...a doll pattern of mine.
She is a forest witch. 
My pumpkin pin cushion....lil pearl teeth and a twig nose! 
My witch ornies....the pattern comes with the witches faces. 
I love pumpkin is my favorite symbol of Halloween.
They have a good time together! 
This is sweet harvest...a little stitchery and easy.

Fangs for the memories....this is a goofy yet sweet vampire.
The bats on the design are felt.
Witch to wear to a party if you don't want to dress up.
Artwork for 6 different designs are in the pattern 
I loved making these pumpkins and the owl...perfect for a grapevine swag. 
He is just muslin 
And so is he! 
This is an older design....but One of my favorites!
I stitched these on old tea towels instead of white muslin and then framed or put in to a pillow.
I have lots of HAlloween on etsy.

Can't wait to start decorating!!!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

A most jolly halloween freebie

A jolly a free pattern from me to you!
I was a guest stitcher a while back with Bari for all of you that missed is the free pattern I gave away.

I bought some cool Halloween stuff at the thrift store yesterday.,
My pictures are not very good. I got this cool black shelf, a funny pumpkin witch, and a Yankee candle tart warmer...which matches some stuff I already have.

and canisters!
Pumpkin coasters, plate, vintage candles, and light up bats!

Cool big box.
 I also got some hanging skulls that light up and flash, tons of fall foliage, and little die cuts.

I feel like decorating...but I have some yard work to do.
Have a sweet Sunday!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Lets start with forever....freebie

Sappy yet...cute.
This is the freebie design for this week.
What a perfect wedding gift to stitch up.
I can see it made up with pink floss and the finished design in the shape of a heart. 

*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs. 
I have a brand new pattern out!!
It is part embroidery...part small quilt. 
The design looks like a spooky yet friendly field with a scarecrow and his kitty pals.
Of course he has a pumpkin treat holder full of treats.
On this night of Halloween, many a strange sight may be seen, Jack O'lanterns! Black cats too! May they bring good luck to you! 
Celebrate a Merry Halloween...this sweet embroidery quilt design is perfect for your spooky home decor! The banner is super easy to make.
This is a fun project.
Finished design measures: 15 1/2" wide x 12" tall
Embroidery design: 6 3/8" wide x 7 3/8" tall
This pattern is also on my is a printed/mailed pattern.
Have you noticed leaves changing?
I have seen some awesome colors already!
Hope your weekend is lovely!!!

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