Friday, May 29, 2015

Mushrooms ..freebie

Mushrooms...or should I say toadstool.
Either way, I can imagine a fairy or gnome under one.
Have fun with this freebie.
It is gonna be hot this weekend in Washington state....87 on Saturday!
Gonna break out my fans.
This is a sneaky peak of  my next pattern.
This is one of eight.
Patriotic ornaments....artwork will be included.
Just sharing some of my cloud pics....I am always amazed by clouds and how they get the look and shape they have. 
We have tons of farm land near Spokane....almost looks like big sky territory.
Seems like succulents are all the go these past few years. 
These came back from last year.  I planted them in an old ironstone pan.
I just put the whole pan in the shed all winter....then pulled it out.
They were fine.
I wanted to share with you some projects I made using Deflecto frames and Hot off the Press pretty papers.

On this frame I used HOTP 4235 and 4239 papers. I took an old photo (from my collections 

of pics) and gave her

 wings from the papers ...then glittered her wings and hair.

 I used the HOTP "On the Butterfly wings" 4235 papers. I took an old photo added the 

pretty papers and a saying. I punched out a flowers and leaves with the papers too and 

added it to the outside of the frame.

These were super easy and quick. 
I love how these ladies look like they are going to doing some shopping....or maybe...just change the world!!
I better get to the Garage sis wanted to hit some today!
I also want to see the new movie "Far from the madding Crowd".
Gotta run!

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

By the sea...the beautiful sea

By the the sea... by the beautiful sea...
You and me, you and me...oh how happy we'll be!
There was a song that went like that...
This is my newest design....a pattern which will get you ready for summer! 
This pattern is now in my etsy shop, patternmart, and if you like printed and mailed patterns...please go to my website.
In the good olde Summertime... the beach is the place to be. These bunnies are enjoying the summertime activities...swimming, playing with a toy boat and eating ice cream. Little bunny is sneaking up on the big bunny.

This is such a charming embroidery quilt quick, easy and fun to do. This is so lovely in your summer home decor or at your lake house. This could easily be made into a pillow.
Have a terrific Thursday!!!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's 1913

I got a cool's only 102 years old.
I love the fashions that were in it!
Just gorgeous!

This was right after the Titanic sunk....and there is an article in it about what happened to the
Astor baby.  John Jacob Astor died on the Titanic, but his pregnant wife made it.
I love I was in heaven to see this magazine for only 3 bucks.

Can you imagine stuffing yourself in a corset everyday?
No thanks!

These ladies definitely came from high class...they probably didn't do anything but charity dinners.

The outfits are cool...but soooo glad things have changed.

It just show you how different the world was 100 years ago.
Women were just ornaments.

This is some weird paper project...creepy clown alert!!!

I know it is hard to see...but this is the advice section.....

Here they tell you how to get rid of cockroaches....
I have never seen one in Washington state....I did in Texas.....but I think cockroaches would laugh themselves to death with this tip!! mom's favorite!
She made great chicken with it.
I love how this ad shows doughnuts....yum!
So now you know the latest.....from 1913 that is!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Tomato pincushion freebie

Thank God it's Friday!!
and the Memorial day weekend is here.
To me...this is the beginning of Summertime!
Above is a fun freebie...a sweet pincushion.
Stitch it up into a
I love how profound this statement is!
I also love the simplicity of this design. 
I made the repeating star practice...and It turned out well. 
Another great saying!
Being a veteran makes me feel proud. 
I love to display these all summer long.
My wool pins and necklaces pattern is fun to remember your loved one....I give old photos in the pattern though in case you want to use them.  
These are fun and easy to do. 
I love how they look vintage. 
Wool and wool felt are perfect for these...especially since they take scraps....and we all have a bunch of scraps.  (I hoard them
If you want some Patriotic inspiration....check out this Pinterest board!
Let's all take a moment this weekend to think and remember our military!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grape flowery

Hello ladies!
I have been busy with a number of thing is practicing these surface pattern designs.
Above are some doodle I did in adobe illustrator.
There are alot of random drawings here....but I picked out the grape hyacinths and a few other items for my design.
All these are the exact same pattern design...only in different color combos. 
It is amazing to me how different they can be. 
Ooohhh...I love this one!
Changing the colors is totally addicting! 
I love how soft it can look... 
and then how earthy it can be. 
This is a favorite too 
Always attracted to lime green 
I tried to add patriotic colors for this one.
Black and pink! 
Seems like the look is never ending.... 
This one reminds me of summer....and Popsicles!
Plum goodness!
Here is a screen shot of my program I work on.
The pattern is developed with my drawings ...on a square.
Everything must match up exactly on the outer lines of the square.
It also has to be where you can't see where it repeats on the finished project.
I recommend the Bonnie Christine surface pattern class on Creativelive....if this is something you want to do.
I do think you have to be computer savy...otherwise it will all be way to hard.

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