Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grape flowery

Hello ladies!
I have been busy with a number of thing is practicing these surface pattern designs.
Above are some doodle I did in adobe illustrator.
There are alot of random drawings here....but I picked out the grape hyacinths and a few other items for my design.
All these are the exact same pattern design...only in different color combos. 
It is amazing to me how different they can be. 
Ooohhh...I love this one!
Changing the colors is totally addicting! 
I love how soft it can look... 
and then how earthy it can be. 
This is a favorite too 
Always attracted to lime green 
I tried to add patriotic colors for this one.
Black and pink! 
Seems like the look is never ending.... 
This one reminds me of summer....and Popsicles!
Plum goodness!
Here is a screen shot of my program I work on.
The pattern is developed with my drawings ...on a square.
Everything must match up exactly on the outer lines of the square.
It also has to be where you can't see where it repeats on the finished project.
I recommend the Bonnie Christine surface pattern class on Creativelive....if this is something you want to do.
I do think you have to be computer savy...otherwise it will all be way to hard.

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