Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Happy August...freebie

Yay...It's August!
Hottest month of the year...but such a sweet time of summer.
There is still time to relax, swim, camp, vacation...and more!
Please enjoy these freebie designs I made for you!
Just download and make this your wallpaper.

The left side is perfect to still be able to see all your desktop icons!
I made it sunny yellow with lots of flowers.
I designed another Halloween embroidery doll and mini quilt pattern...
A Good Witch!

Isn't she cute under her quilt?!
Stitch up the sweetest little witch... perfect for your Halloween decor.
She is carrying her treat bag and has her own mini quilt. This is the 2nd of a series of Halloween dolls... embroider up the whole collection!

She can clasp it with her extended hand...with the help of a little gold safety pin.
For a printed and mail pattern go to my website

This mini quilt is so easy....just a couple steps.
Finished Embroidery doll measures: 4 3/4" x 9"

Mini Quilt measures: 5 1/2" x 6 3/4"

Imagine the kids playing with these characters....there is already a pumpkin man pattern.....and more designs are coming very soon.... Frankenstein, vampire, and zombie.

Frankenstein is almost ready...he is really cool!

Enjoy these summer days!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Halloween Pumpkin Doll!

This pumpkin doll tricked and treated...

Stitch up this really sweet guy....who is has an easy to make mini quilt. This embroidery doll is very fast to stitch up....and makes a great addition to your Halloween decor. The quilt is super cute safety pinned to his hand or placed under the doll.

....or imagine the kids playing with these characters....more designs are coming very soon....a witch, Frankenstein, vampire, zombie and more!

The lil quilt is easy...and makes up quick.

This is the first in a series of Halloween dolls!

Finished Embroidery doll measures: 5 3/4" x 8"
Mini Quilt measures: 4" x 7"
I have made many witch mannequins from my pattern throughout the years....

Each one is different and has a different character....the mannequin fabric can be any halloween or fall fabric.  Making the skirt is really fun...and adding different embellishments are fun!

They are fun to make for gifts, craft shows, and for friends.
All the prim secrets are included in the pattern.

Poor Lucky got stung by a bee this past weekend.
He snapped at it and it stung his mouth.
He was swollen but in good spirits.
Now he is much better and I have very happy!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

My fabric collections

All the fabrics shown in this blog post are available...
....and until Sunday, fat quarters are half price!!!!
And that is for ANY spoonflower fabric...so I ordered myself some Johanna Parker fabric too...lol.
I have the boo crew fabric...

All of these are in the collection.
I love this black one with the whole Halloween gang.

The characters are sweet...not scary.

This one is my favorite. 
Here is a closeup of some of them.

Zinnias and bees...
I love this blue

Here is the green background

This one is surprisingly beautiful printed on fabric.

This would make a sweet tote.
Crows are so majestic.
It is like there is an old soul inside them.

All these are in the shop....part of the crow collection....they all can be purchased separately of course.
I have always had a passion for pansies...I used to collect all china and vases with pansies....and my mom named one of our cats pansy because she had a pansy face.

Here are some closeups....
Sweet harmony....they were inspired by some cherry blossoms.

This is sweet and simple.

More closeups...of that collection.
I have a cats jumping over each other...

And this sweet little lady.

Have a great day....enjoy the sunshine if you can!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy July!

July is here.?can you believe it?
Just click the link and save to your desktop.
The blue area is great so you can see your computer icons still.
This design is my jumping kitty cats ... in red, white and blue ...and also yellow.
I hope you enjoy these!

My daughter and I designed and made this for my neice's wedding gift...a cute christmas ornament for their tree.  

It was fun to make and watercolor it!

We went to a baseball game on my birthday....dana and Selina posed here.

And then selina's boyfriend showed up.
They have been dating 3 years....but friends for many more.

Thanks for the birthday wishes on Instagram!