Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pretty string & yarn hoop art.

Did you have a good holiday?
I didn't real do anything "Special"...just tasks around the house, helping out my dad, hanging outside and enjoying the weather.
But I did have fun making these super easy string hoop art.
You have probably seen them before....but trust me...making them is so fun and when you see them swaying in your trees...it is magical.
I have lots of different supplies in my studio...I bet you do too.
I don't crochet...but this yarn from a thrift store really called out to me.
I gathered up a couple embroidery hoops, lace, strings, yarn and ribbon.

i just started winding the yarn around the inner hoop...like you would to roll up a skein of yarn into a ball.
Keep winding...more... until you like what it looks like.
Then put on the outer hoop (you could add glue to the inner edge to make even sturdier).  Tighten your screw on the hoop as far as you can.

Tie on lengths of ribbon, yarn, string and lace....on the bottom part of the hoop.

First one turned out so sweet!

Guess what...I had to do another one!
This time with some yarn that had some texture in it.

This hoop was much larger.

Lastly I gathered up a pastel variegated yarn and made the smallest one.

These hang easily from the trees...and gently sway with a breeze.

This is such an inexpensive way to add some sweetness to your yard.

Now I am going to keep them in my courtyard just outside my studio.
I think kids would really like to do this as a summer project.

Plus...these would look fabulous as decor at a country wedding.

I may have to make some for my big big trees in my backyard too.

Hope you try some!

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Take time to smell the roses...

All too often we are all busy...running here and there.
Multitasking everywhere we go.
Let's all take time to smell the roses....take a minute to breathe and relax.
We deserve to slow down...rest and do nothing!
Save this lil gem of a freebie.
And now for what''s new.....

At quilt market...
Clothworks did up my pattern "She lingers in the Garden"...
in their designer fabric called Frou-Frou!
It was on display in their booth!

My daughter Selina has a new item in her etsy shop:
Hearts and square buttons...so sweet and unique. 
They are just $3.49 a bag.
They come in a pack of 8 hearts and 8 squares

They are fun to add to any sewing project or even mixed media.
I watercolored mine....he he he. 
I love adding color!
This lil heart looks great on my kitty cat rug!
This is the sale pattern of the week!
it is only $2.99 .... for this week only....
next friday it will be off sale.
I love this one so much....I can't resist a patriotic kitty!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Get your happy on - elephant freebie

The circus is a thing of the past....but you can always relive the days of innocence and happiness.
Click on the elephant and save....stitch up or use as a tag.
Please let your friends know...that every Friday I give a freebie!

This week's sale pattern is:
This is a set of 3 Patriotic stitcheries, all fast and easy. The flag & basket stitchery sits on an old bobbin with a prim tag. Americata is the cute cat with flag pillow. Lady liberty annie is so sweet. Show your Patriotic Spirit!! Flag with basket Measures: 4 1/8"x 15"including Bobbin.
Americata pillow measures:7 1/4" x 7 1/2".
Lady Liberty annie measures: 6 1/4" x 9".
This design is so cute on an old bobbin.
This one is a sweet kitty cat...holding our flag!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * **  
I was looking after my sister....she had hip surgery....and I had a chance to go to this antique store...that has bags of political pins for $5.00.
So I got 2 bags...and got quite the variety...of both parties!
I like to put these out in my patriotic decor...plus there is something cool about knowing these were worn by people who were excited about a candidate.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I illustrated some new designs to go with my pansies....and put them in this star shape.
They are pansy buds and little Florette's.
I got to make them on my downtime this week.
Froy relaxing among the enemy...called dandelions!
He keeps getting into little fights with other cats...trying to protect his area.
He is gonna drive my nutty!

Sneaky peak of my next pattern....
coming soon!!!

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Dog Mom freebie

Today's freebie is for all the dog mom's or pet mom's. 
There are alot of mom's out there of the four legged furry kind.
We love our pets and they are family!
(I think wiener dogs are cute!)
(copy and save)
I am mom to Selina...my one and only ... she is the world to me! 
But...I am also mom to these three turds.
Froy in the first column, Lucky in the 2nd, and Trix in the 3rd. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
My daughter Selina and I have been working together on a new project.
She made the small wooden paddle board pendant blanks and I designed the needle punches. 
These mini paddle boards are just the perfect way to finish a punch needle and makes the sweetest gift! 

In her pack on etsy....you get 3 pendant blanks.....With this purchase you get 3 punch needle designs.... the Tudor rose, patriotic flag and Jack O'Lantern..... and a special "how-to" sheet with instructions.This is handmade in America! 
They are so cute and small!
Each paddle board is 1 5/8" wide by 3 1/8" long, the finished punch needle area of the pendant is 1 1/4" wide x 1 1/4" tall. 
This is the Tudor rose design
A sweet and spooky Jack O'lantern.... 
And a patriotic flag.
Draw your own designs for the punch needle blanks too! (a blank design square is given....you could use it for your own drawings!)
I LOVE these so much....I can't wait to whip up more.
They are very easy, fast and fun to do!
The last day of my daughter's big spring sale is Mother's day...
30% off sale!!!
You can get Any wood pendants blanks, Necklaces, rings, earrings, kits...everything 30 % off!!!
Use this code when checking out...if you need more info about using coupons...click here.

This is just a sample of what she has to offer.

Happy Mother's day!

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Toys freebie, pansies, tulips

And of course one of the toys has to be a creepy clown...lol.
Who knows what is inside the trunk too!
This design would make a fun coloring page.
The toys freebie is for you to have fun with....copy and save. 
My sale pattern of the week is......
For this week (until next Friday) this pattern is only $2.99!
Click the link for the deal.
I have been working on pansy designs...
one of my favorite flowers. 
I once has the cutest calico cat that was named pansy...she was a sweetie.
My mom said she had a pansy face.  
I also love these colors....purples and blues.
This one took me a while...I kept messing it up.
But I was determined.
This one is simple yet delicate.
Not every design needs to shine loudly.
I put them together to see how they look ....I like it.
Different colors combinations really give another fun look.
I like the combo of light background with all the bright pansies.
Now to buy some pansies for my planter!
(These pansy designs are not freebies...just have to be clear...sorry)
Just as a reminder....
My daughter Selina is having a Huge spring 30% off Sale!!!
You can get Any wood pendants blanks, Necklaces, rings, earrings, kits...everything 30 % off!!!
Use this code when checking out...if you need more info about using coupons...click here.
Starting now May 1st...until 
Sunday May 14th 11.59 pm (pacific standard time).
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Here is just a sample of what is in the etsy store...

There are al kinds of hoops...mini, teeny minis, tall ovals and wide ovals...
They all look like little embroidery hoops.
Here is just a sample of her jewelry supplies and finished items!

I love the holidays in hexies!
Selina is wearing her hexie halloween necklace and ring!
There is quite a variety to pick from in her shop!
The flowers are really blooming big style now!
My tulips are absolutely huge!
The smell in the air is like sweet perfume.

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