Friday, January 29, 2016

"I love you' bookmark freebie

Another week has flown by!
This is today's freebie...a little bookmark I made.
I love hexies...they are so sweet.
Just copy, save and print.
Add a ribbon though the hole!

*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs.
I have spent most the week in a fabric design workshop, processing orders and also getting dental work done.
I didn't blog because there was never enough time.
I even couldn't go to a meeting this week that I always looks forward too:(
My husband took good care of me...he is a treasure!
Above is a set of shamrock patterns in hexies!!

Gotta work on some designs now...see ya later.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Be YOU tiful freebie

I have been doodling and illustrating a lot this week because I am in a Fabric design workshop.
I drew this in a few minutes...and was very pleased with how cute it turned out.
Sometimes things that are easy and free spirited turn out the coolest. 
This would make the sweetest embroidered pillow tuck on a little shelf!

Copy and save...and please tell you friends about my blog...where every friday is a new freebie!

*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs.

These are just some of the motifs I have been working on this week.
This is a screen shot of the work.
Before you make fabric designs or repeating patterns...
you have to make the elements or motifs for it. 
I love working with these colors...they make me happy.
Plus it reminds me of a party!
I want to tell you to run, don't walk, to Target!
They have the cutest Valentine stuff in the dollar section (usually at the front of the store)! 
Everything was only $1. 
Cute little jars of glitter and push pins 
So darned sweet! 
Cute stickers! 
Banners, doilies, fabric tape...clothes pins with glitter! 
Clothes pins with felt that look like arrows 
Spools with colored jute. 
Yarn on clothes pins 
Tags of all sorts. 
This is a large spool with jute and clothes pins...this was $3. 
I think the spools would be great to wrap ribbons on. 
I wanted 10 of each....but I did control myself... a little!  lol
Have a 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

12 mini hoop embroidered pendant designs

Oh my gosh...I am thrilled about this new collection of embroidery designs!
I loved how these turned sweet...but mainly so fast and easy. 
This was a dream come true...working with my 18 year old daughter...and making these mini hoop pendants.  She makes the mini can find them in her etsy shop: Selinahudsondesigns.
I made the embroidery designs into a pattern.
I am super proud of her...she has been the best daughter anyone could ask for!!!

There are 12 designs in this pattern.  There is a project for every time of the year! Two designs can be customized for your needs- Pattern includes 3 alphabets.
There is: Love with roses, a deer, Hearts, Boo pumpkin, wreath with monogram, dashed lines with monogram, Hello with flowers, big blue flower, cross stitch Christmas tree, Merry Christmas, Blue bird and Heart with arrow.

These are my daughter Selina's pendant blanks..with nothing in them....yet!
It makes finishing the designs soooo easy. 
They are much easier than other pendant blanks I have used in the past.

This "Hello"design comes with her pendant blanks...and helpful hints. 
There are 2 for Christmas...perfect for holiday parties or gift exchanges. 
Three designs featuring love.
They are great for Valentines....and any day really. 
Designs in blues...sort of a nature trio. 
I love I had to do at least one for that season. 
I love the deer silhouette.  This could be done in any fact all these designs could be changed dramatically, just by changing the colors.
This is the dashed line can add your initials or monogram.  
Again... any colors could be used.  
Who knows ... maybe I will do another companion pattern...with 12 more designs.

Right brain is hooked on Valentine's...I went to my favorite antique store searching out vintage valentines...I was in heaven looking out for all things red and pink.

If you have it in Pink...
I'll take it!

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Owl you need is love....punch needle

Have you ever seen a pink owl?
usually they don't come in this color ... and this one is ready for Valentine's day!
Celebrate being in love...this punch needle design is perfect for your holiday and home decor or great as a gift! Learn how to make the sweet and super easy heart pins too. 
What a cute box topper and handy to store little supplies or treats. This punches up fast and is very easy. The box is paper mache (1 Dollar at jo ann fabrics). The gold trim is lovely....just a scrap needed.
Here I have the owl in the center of a berry wreath...
You could change the colors as well and make it fit any home decor. 
Finished punched design measures: 3 1/8" x 3 1/8".
I love using these little paper mache boxes with punch needle...they seem to go together very well!

This pattern will be ready tomorrow!
12 designs in one pattern...all the ones showed above.
The mini hoops are in my daughter Selina's etsy shop.
She makes them herself!
She cuts the wood and puts it together.... I am so proud of her....
Did I mention that she is in the 12th grade!
She has a business mind already.
I gotta show you my Valentine decorations next time!
Happy Sunday!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Love is in the air freebie

This week I doodled up some cute heart balloons... 
"Love is in the air"
I am corny!
Copy and save...please share this and the blog with others.

*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs.

My daughter Selina has two new pendants in her shop...
both have hearts and bright fabric!
This one is my favorite.
This is another of the 12 designs that will be in a new pattern of mine...coming soon!
Last week I bought this sweetie from Maureen Mitchell Mills of Sweet Meadows Farm.
This raggedy is soooo cool...holding those hearts. 
Lovely face!
This is a one of a kind and won't be a pattern....I was just lucky enough to get her!

I worked on some valentine designs this week.
I made some doodles, a pitcher of flowers, hearts and more....then colored them.
Making the repeat was a little frustrating because I kept on accidentally moving parts of the design. 
Then I played around with color...which is so fun.
I do like brights! 
***Please note...these repeating pattern designs are not a freebie...I am just showing you what I am working on.  The freebie is the top design..."Love is in the air".
This purple is sweet and reminds me of conversation hearts. 
Pink is fun too!
I am working on a Birthday theme next....after all
I do love balloons!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Valentines...a wonderful season

Tis the season to be...
in love!
This is a closeup of my embroidery design... "Love...Be mine"

The pillow turned out sweet and is really easy to do.
The hearts on the left side are wool...secured with buttons!

Do you remember the song "Don't go breaking my heart" Elton John?
I remember singing to it...loved it. 
I like to add a little glitter to a pillow one will lay their head on it and it adds a little sparkle to the piece. 
Sweets for the sweet...I love kittens.
My cat Trix has green eyes. 
This design has a small pouch for suckers or treats to be in. 
Here is the whole design...with some rick rack embellishment. 
Sometimes I like a super easy these chenille stem ornaments...that has the artwork included in the pattern. 
I drew the artwork up in adobe illustrator....then colored them and then made them into the circle pieces of the ornaments. 
This is what the sheet looks like.
They also come with the banners and you can make the ornaments into star shapes or hearts.

This kitty cat is very whimsical...made from wool felt and chenille stems for arms and legs.
She is holding a sweet valentine...that says "Love U".

This pattern comes with all the old lots of sayings and words.
The shapes include hearts and envelope (open and closed).
This large patchwork heart is an eye catcher...comes with pics too, plus the cool banner.
It has moss and sweet Annie...but could be filled with other florals.
One of my first designs .... is still a favorite.
The valentine bouquet is super quick, yet striking.
I am a big fan of Raggedy Ann....she was a doll I played with alot and of course her man, Raggedy andy.  Here she is as a cupid.  This pattern comes with 2 other projects too.
This is my Cross-stitch design..."With fond love" also comes with the red hearts with cheesecloth hearts.
This mini pillows are so cute....and very easy!
They make great ornaments and shelf tucks.
Look at the little snowman in the middle!
This is a close up of my Valentine treasure pocket pattern.... I love the pocket with a string of white buttons.
The heart is big and reminds me of the candy boxes of the past...with crepe paper type fringe....the fringe is really party streamer.
You get the artwork shown but you could also fill it with your own mementos! 

Hope your Wednesday is wildly Wonderful!

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