Friday, January 1, 2016

Fresh Start freebie!

Are you ready for the New Year?
Are you ready for a fresh start?
I am ready....nice to get back to the usual routine.
I love the many special moments....but
you can't have that lifestyle forever because then it wouldn't be as special anymore!
Stitch this saying up to remind you of your fresh start for 2016!
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs.

Here is my same design...with some added color and pattern in the background for texture.
I love to change it up!
I get carried away!


This saying cracks me is one of my signs....pretty funny!
I am not sure what kind of resolutions I will write up....gotta brain storm!

This was my best nine instagram photos this year....which really means the photos that got the most "likes".  I started instagram during the year not knowing much about it...but I sure love seeing all the inspiring pictures and it really is fun to look at...especially when you are bored stuck in a line or something.
This is my instagram...say hello to me....I would love to hear from you!!

While my sister was in town ...we had an artful day!
I like thinking about the next big holiday.
This drawing is done with a stabilo pencil...not erasing using this when you make a becomes part of the art.
I had fun with aceo cards....they are blank paper the size of a playing card.
I used prisma colored pencils to get some nice blending.
Here I was waiting for my daughter to get back from I drew the Queen of hearts!
She is pretty fancy and a little prissy...oh well.

Hope 2016 starts out great!!

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