Friday, March 16, 2018

Oh Blarney!

Oh Blarney ....St. Patrick's day is upon us!
I took a few pics of my holiday decor...this my cross stitch piece and two leprechauns.
I have a really long skinny tree that is perfect for any it is decorated with all my shamrocks and tags. 
I really is festive!
This tree was pretty cheap from hobby lobby during Christmas. 
I've had this leprechaun forever...he never gets into any mischief. 
I collect colored glass for my windows...
I put each color in a different box so I can get to the right ones when needed.
This is a fun father is the little boy in the photo.
And now for some random stuff I purchased......

and recently I went to a cool museum that travels the country....
it was fun, though I already know pretty much everything....I have a huge collection of books and other memorabilia. The coolest part was seeing all the objects that were found on the bottom of the ocean and brought back up.  
I had to have the teapot and cup glasses.

I got this sweet ballerina in a trophy at a spring craft cute!
I was always in awe of the jewelry boxes with them inside.

Derpy ugly its cute!

In a bag of easter items in a thrift store....I notices these vintage plastic easter bunnies and duckie amongst weird items.....99 cents for the whole bag.  I was in heaven.

I am alos a huge peanuts fan and found this sweet picture booklet.

The photo book is small but so darned cute.

a big wood bowl for my table top...perfect for my easter eggs!

Whenever I see orange and eyes go crazy....I love anything halloween.
This is the coolest art book for kids from the 40's.

Fun valentines....


and oh yeah...halloween.
4 bucks for this book full of goodies!
This week's sale pattern is....
It's only $3.99....this week only....ends next friday.
Lighten your spirit with this sweet hand embroidery quilt design.

What a perfect way to decorate your home, add sweet charm to a nursery or make it into a gift for a friend who needs some cheer!

Make the design into the small quilt as shown or a pillow! It is very fast and easy to stitch up!

There are complete instructions on how to assemble the quilt are easy to follow diagrams in the pattern too!

Embroidery design measures: 7 1/4" x 6 5/8"
Quilt measures: 16" x 18 3/8" 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Hokey... yet vintage St. Pattys day crafting

I love good old fashioned crafty stuff....
when people made things that were a different time and era.
Like who makes place cards anymore....sound fun, but whenever my family tried it...we all switched places anyway.

Nut baskets or containers usually hold about 9
No wonder everyone was smaller back only got a few nuts and that was it!

Cute...but another craft that might take too much time!
I think I am getting lazier!

Ok...everyone like a crown...this is the one I would most likely make!
You could be QUEEN OF THE GREEN!
My sale pattern of the week is....
It's only $2.99...this week only!

This is a sweet pattern, 2 chicks on easter day. Stitchery Design size is 6"x 6". It can be made into a pillow or frames up.
I have my baby cat Froy...he is a stinker!
I recently drew him in adobe illustrator...and put one of my pattern designs on him!
This design matches his fur the best.
and this one is a wilder design ....which fits his personality.
I love him so much!
But I love all my three cats...they each have a different personality and good points!
On last Sunday I made a funny little bunny doll....with chenille stem legs, arms and ears.
The egg she is holding is needle felted wool.
Some times you need a break from the usual stuff your working on.

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Remember to Relax today and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Designing and illustrating...

On this post I would like to share a little about the process of making repeating pattern designs...
designs that could be used on fabric, a shower curtain, pillows, stationary and so on.
Above is a flower pot design...very simple yet sweet.
I chose a gray background to highlight the vibrant colors I chose.
The line in the flower pot really isn't there....that is part of the adobe illustrator program.

I basically drew this flowerpot with flowers and colored it....on the computer.9
Sometimes ....It first starts as a line drawing in black, then I color it and in the diagram shown above... I got rid of the black lines outlining everything.

To make drawings seem less is good to add with these tiny dots and blobs. I added it to the flower pot and a different shade.
Here is a hexigon with a simple yellow background and white flowers....
then when I add background textures and different shades of flowers ...the repeating pattern becomes much more interesting and less flat.

Most repeating designs start with drawing and illustrations put on a background like this gray square.
Everything is mathmatically placed down to the create a perfect repeat.
The right side has to line up the left side and the top to the bottom.

Above is my computer screen with the repeating design....that repeats perfectly to infinity.

I put my profile on the corner and changed up my outfit to match the colors in this design.
This is just for labeling this design as mine.

Here is how this flowerpot design could look on products....a dress, lamp shade, purse, cell phone...etc...
Pretty fun!

This little diagram just shows how different a simple illustration looks with a white outline...from no outline on down to a big outline.  Sometimes it is fun to use so the illustration pops out at you and gets your attention.

I just thought you might be interested in my perspective of fabric design...there are a lot of classes on line....if you want to know more. 
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This is my pattern sale of the week!

These cheerful bunnies are ready for spring! They are super easy to create. Choose bright & vibrant fabrics or get a completely different feeling with sweet & soft fabric. These pretty eggs can be made into wearable pins with or without the 18 sayings provided. Bunny measures: 5 1/8" x 9 3/4". Egg measures: 2 1/4" x 3 1/8".

Sayings included:
Happy Easter, Welcome Spring, Hip Hop, Bunny, Cute chick, Spring has sprung, Bliss, Bloom, Giggle, Frolic, Joy, Miracles, Laugh, Tickled pink, Primitive, Rejoice, Egg-stra cute, and Egg-ceptional.
Here I used Amy Butler bright and fun colors....and it could be made in soft pastels to give a completely different look!
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

March calendar freebie

Can you believe it...March is almost here!
I am really excited because you know spring is finally coming and I think we could all happily say goodbye to winter right!

You know how I love to make surface pattern designs...well this is my Irish shamrock one....very green and cheerful.
This one is really pretty on the screen...very bright!

And speaking of more Irish goodies....
very inexpensive and easy...just download and print.
I love using a light box and a blue disappearing marker...these would make sweet ornaments!

Isn't this a sweet Irish bunny?!
I think green is so welcome in a month like March!
We want to see green outside and if it isn't there yet then we can have it indoors with decor.

My daughter Selina made some embroidery designs recently too her "Camping is the life".
It is a fun coloring page as well.
Lots of flowers, unicorn, deer ... easy yet sweet.
This is her pack on embroidery blanks with some finished designs to the left.
My Irish Lass is in my Etsy shop...I won't be making come check her out if you are interested.
She has fun green hair, a magenta nose and a fun pin to hold or wear.
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