Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hello July!

It's July!
Are you ready for hot hot days, backyard fun, BBQ's, gardening, and relaxation?
I know we are all trying to make the best of things this year.
It's strange not to be able to do all the things of previous years... but we can get through this!
Some things don't change... like the fresh air, having the many blessings we each have, the many ways we can communicate and a roof over our head. 
I like to go to sleep thinking of atleast 5 reasons to be thankful...from big reasons to very small....they all count.

I have a new phone or tablet calendar for here!

I also have a desktop version as well.... click here!
My last monthly celebrating cat pattern is now complete!
July is all about the America's birthday, BBQ's, fireworks, Waving old Glory and being together with family & friends.
Stitch up this quick design that features a sweet cat that loves
celebrating with a balloon.

The cat has little stars on his

I love making dolls.... and when a friend asked me to make Frida...I took on the challenge.

She started off plain, with some base coats....

And then I decked her out into a cool doll. I gave her a burlap scarf, necklace, palette (Selina, my daughter, made for me) and a paint brush. I had a blast making her.
Here is a close up...complete with her eyebrows. 
I used jump rings for her earrings.
My favorite part is adding accessories! 
Here I am making a lady liberty... she is bland right now.
Here she is all done...complete with tutu, torch, pocket with flag and her crown.
She is now on display in my home....I love having all my Americana up.
If you are interested in my dolls...
- - - - - - 
Getting back to being patriotic...
My July project in my book "Lovely little hand embroidery": features an sweet gal, dressed up for the 4th of July.  The patchwork pinwheels remind me of fireworks.

You can also order it on C & T Publishing,  AmazonSearch PressEE Schenck,  and Checker Distributors
There is 30 different projects in the book!

This is August's project.. a sunflower girl.

Here are a few more...a sweet witch and some smaller projects... like pillows, pincushions and mug rugs.
They sent out this promo...
of best sellers...yay!
Mine is second row, 2nd spot.
I am very happy about the whole process.  

I went shopping this past weekend...and had to share some amazing  patriotic displays!
A lot of effort and care go into these displays.

A cute flag covered mannequin...with old tool belt.

It really makes you happy seeing all the beauty.
I love the "go camping" banner... odd, simple items in red, white and blue too.

I had to buy these paint by number portraits of Lincoln...

and Washington.  I love them.
I did a complicated "Titanic" paint by was so much fun....time consuming, but well worth it.  These two paintings were 12 each.

Lemons are so popular now... I had to hang this sign in my coffee bar...with beautiful lemons.
So sunny yellow!
I have a big project I'm working is taking all my I better get back to it!

Happy 4th of July!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Big Birthday sale

It's my birthday this weekend...and I am having a 
Big Birthday sale!
50% off all my patterns, digital artwork, tags, flashcards and more.
This starts now and ends June 30th....only a few days!
The sale is in my Etsy shop: Hudsonsholidays
 There are ornaments for all the holidays...
Prim designs....

I have over 400 patterns...there are so many to choose from!

Halloween dolls with quilts

Wool projects...

Monthly cat pillows...all 12 months are available!

Sweet embroidery...

Fun designs...


and much more...this is just a sample.
There are so many projects to keep you busy during these unusual a great savings.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, June 1, 2020

June...the beginning of summer! of the loveliest months of the year!
We can enjoy the great weather, bbq's, flowers, biking, walking, swimming, sitting outside and chatting...
and it's not too

This month's calendars have a birthday theme.
This sweet white bunny is ready for the party!
Above is the phone or tablet wall here to download.

The desktop version is downloadable here.
My birthday is at the end of the month... so I have always gotten patriotic gifts....which I love.

I have been busy with pattern designs !
Welcome June!

June is all about summer time, ice cream cones, lady bugs and vacations!
Stitch up this quick design that features a sweet cat that loves
celebrating with a balloon.
Make it up in a cute pillow adorned with easy to make felt & wool flowers.

There is and will be more in this available for each month of the year.

Make it up in a cute pillow adorned with easy to make felt & wool flowers. Cluster these super easy flowers on the corner of the pillow....these flowers are soooo popular now! Pattern pieces for flowers and instructions included as well.

Embroidery design measures: 3 1/2" x 4 1/8"
Pillow measures: 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"

All you need is love ... and these guys.
During these tough times... we need a laugh!

Stitch up these "important"items for a fun & quick project.
There are 2 sizes (of the toilet paper, mask and wipes) and 8 different sayings to choose from.
Alternate sayings for embroidery are:
2020 The year of the essentials, Be safe... be strong, What a year this week as been, Your best buddies for 2020, Who knew you would want us so much, All you need is love... and these guys, 2020 - Most likely to succeed, This too shall pass.


Kindness matters!

Words of wisdom: Always be a little kinder than necessary.
Stitch up this quick design that features some sweet flowers.
Use dark fabric to create a modern feel.
This pillow makes a great gift!

Embroidery design measures: 3 1/8" x 3"
Pillow measures: 6 3/8" x 6 3/8"

We got a new living room rug....
Here is Froy ...enjoying
I captured him...mid yawn.  He looks a taxidermy animal. 
Here he is being his cute self.
When I got him at a pet store...11 years ago...he was trying to charm me by grabbing at me with is paw... he must have seen the word "sucker" on my forehead.
He has been spoiled ever since.

My daughter Selina now has pink mini hoop packs
These mini hoops are just the perfect way to finish a design and make the sweetest gift! 
With this pack you will also get one design pattern .... the "Kitty Paw" design. You will also get a "how to" sheet with helpful hints.

These are so sweet... I just love the cat paw... and any design would look great in these.
My book... called "Lovely little hand embroidery" which is out now ... is a dream come true for me....I'm so excited about it.  These mug rugs are some of the 30 projects in the book!

You can also order it on C & T Publishing,  AmazonSearch PressEE Schenck,  and Checker Distributors
One of my mother's day gifts was this awesome Gold mug... I was so made me feel fabulous!
I have lots of flowers this really helps during all this stay at home....covid19 thing.
Sometimes I just sit outside ...breathe deeply (the air is so sweet and fresh) and just relax.

This pink color is so beautiful. 
My lilacs smelled amazing 
Geraniums.... my mom always got one every mother's day from our church. 
Happy faces! 
Petunias are one of my favorite....but the darned prairie dogs eat them like candy!

Poppies....such big orange red babies! 
mine were huge and very healthy this year!
Take time to care for yourself!
It's not's very important for you and your loved ones!