Sunday, September 1, 2019


Why hello September...We have been waiting for you!
I love this time of year soooo much.  The weather is still awesome but a little cooler. 
Kids are back in school, fall baking is upon us and I can turn off the silly air
I swear my eyes are getting so dry from it and fans too. 
* * * * * * * * *
Above is a brand new pattern!
September Kitty Cat Embroidery pillow pattern, #398.
This little kitty cat is celebrating. September is all about harvesting apples, crisp cool air and falling leaves.
Stitch up this quick design that features a sweet cat that loves celebrating with a balloon. 

There will be more in this available for each month.  I will be putting them all out soon!

Make it up in a cute pillow adorned with easy to make felt & wool flowers. Cluster these super easy flowers on the corner of the pillow....these flowers are soooo popular now! Pattern pieces for flowers and instructions included as well. 
I created a new design for the September calendars....which are free for you!
Download using this link:
I love the colors of this one...the black is quite dramatic!
And for the computer desktop design the link is here:
The black area on the left is perfect for your icons to be visible and easy to find.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I love to share my art experiences with you...
this time I started playing with pastels.
You know those little greasy sticks we all playing around with as kids....and then accidentally got some on the I got silly putty on them too...not sure what i was doing back then.
I made a baby black crow on a pumpkin...above. 
He is my favorite.
I love jack o lanterns....each face is fun and I never know what kind it will have.
Here is a redhead, I was inspired to make it after watching the mini series Fosse/Verdon.
It reminds me of Verdon.
I even had to draw Wolfy...the werewolf.  
I then made him again as an art doll...below.
These are my new set of Halloween art dolls. 
There is the bride of Frankenstein, Franky (her man), Count Dracula, Mummy, Wolfy, black widow spider, and The Creature from the black lagoon. Most sold yesterday and today....but I still have Frankenstein and a pumpkin man.   They are in my etsy shop.

I really love the creature, and I am not sure I can part with him.

Notice the black widow has her family with her...her eggs (pom poms).

I love creating these and painting the faces....its as if something magical happens along the way...and they turn super cute.

This couple is fun, but she is not likely to marry

Drac has fun teeth....ready for his next chick.
I design and hand paint these...add accessories and little signs.
They are signed and dated too.
I also created another mini coloring book for Halloween, this time.
My last one was a bunny book.
This Halloween book prints out on one piece of plain white paper. I give you the instructions on how to fold and make it into a sweet 8 page mini book. Plus we also share a video on how to fold, cut and case you prefer watching a short video. 

The mini book measures: 2 3/4" x 4 1/4".
This is Great for anyone who loves to color! Plus makes a great gift for trick or treaters. Kids will have so much fun coloring this sweet, not scary, book.

There are lots of pumpkins, a ghost, cat, witches and lots of moons and stars. Use colored pencils or crayons!
I had a blast coloring!
This is an instant download, u print it on your printer.....It prints on regular white copy paper, 8 1/2" x 11". It is a PDF file. You can print this as many times as you want! This is easy to can show the kids and make them together. 
I know...I am halloween nuts...but lots of people want it early.
Something spooky is in the pumpkin patch....
I have another new pattern....
Isn't this black kitty peeking around the pumpkin cute?!
These orange gourds are from a special pumpkin patch... creepy, yet cute. 
They are super easy to create... easy primitive sewing, no turning and the painting techniques are simple. You do not have to be a good painter to make these!

***Plus there is an almost 20 minute online video to help you along. It is private. The last photo shows part of the video lesson.

The pattern comes with easy to understand instructions and patterns for 7 different includes a black cat. There is also an in color eye painting easy.

Make a patch of them for you and your friends. These make great craft show sales too ( no mass producing allowed). 
Pumpkins measure: 
6" x 6 1/4" to 3 3/4"x 4" not including stands. 
7 different designs included.
preview video is here...its a sample sneak peak. 
So... Here is too a very beautiful month...
Hello September!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

August is here!

Hey Everyone… it’s August!  The temp is going sky high and air conditioners are running a lot! The bees are getting thirsty and a little angry.  I hope you are staying cool and getting some R and R.

For those who are new…. I am Shirley Hudson, designer for Hudson’s Holidays Designs. I live in Spokane Washington with my husband Dana and 21 year old daughter Selina, who is also a designer.  I have designed over 400 embroidery, quilting and home d├ęcor patterns.  I especially love making patterns for the holidays… all holidays. 

I am super proud to tell you… that I have been writing and designing a BOOK!  My first book…and it is by C and T publishing called “Lovely little hand embroidery”. 
It is coming out March 2020.  Books take a long time to create and I have been dying to tell you about it. This is such an exciting adventure and can’t wait to share the cover with you soon. 

I thought these colors screamed Hot ... Summer .... August!
Just set as your background.

Once again I made the left side bright pink so you could see your computer icons.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
This is the freebie that comes in my august newsletter....sign up so you will get the next one and future freebies.
This is how my design first started, just a doodle. I fix it up on the computer using adobe illustrator.
I thought it would be fun to have some bees wanting the bears flower. Usually the bears want the bees honey.
I have been really loving watercolor is fun.
When I start a watercolor painting...I basically use a water soluble pencil and wet it down with a brush and water.

I start adding colors and shading.... 
after many layers of watercolor....I get out my black India ink and pen nibs.
I found a cool antique brass ink well at an antique store for 20 bucks.
It has been so much fun to use, plus I feel like I am in another time using it. 
Here I was playing around with ATC cards....which I later painted with watercolors.

I inked up this lady....added color after my ink was completely dry....

Here she is all painted up. 
For my birthday, my hubby bought me a class I was dying to take....from Cori Dantini.
IT was awesome. 
You learn how to add old papers to wood...and draw using pen and ink....

I also was working on a plain box I got from hobby lobby.

At this point I am adding watercolors. 
Building up layers and ink. 
She ended up great!  Her dress was an old embroidery pattern.... that I beefed up.
I am really happy to learn more techniques.

My box turned out great too...wild flower garden.
I recommend taking online classes.... they are great to do at your own pace.
I made a stop at a fabric store....Bear paw in CDA for my birthday...
I fell in love with these Tim Holtz fabrics.  I am not sure who designed the cats though.

I spotted these Valentines...I love all the holidays so much! 
And camping fabric....oh so cute. It looks like my daughters camper.
Here is what's new for Halloween so far....
I made some One of a kind Halloween ornaments ...from muslin and they are painted.

They are primitively stitched and have sweet little bakers twine hangers.

I love this crazy guy.
If you would like one, they are in my etsy shop.
I just wanted to let you know...that I have reduced many of my older patterns in my etsy shop....they are all instant download and u print....but they are a great deal. 
I figure since they are not new anymore, that it makes sense and gives you a discount. 
 But they are still super cute!
There are great patterns from fall crafting...

And Christmas crafts too!
Plus many more of all holidays and everyday!
This baby grew in my garden, without me planting sweet to just show up....

Monday, July 1, 2019

Hurray for July!

Happy July....
summer time, 4th of July, picnics, camping, vacations...
relaxing and plain old fashioned fun!
Above is the free phone or tablet wallpaper....especially designed for July. 
I made the repeating pattern using some simple really brings out the fun of this patriotic month!

Just download, save and set as your wall paper background.
Going to a 4th of July BBQ or independence day party? 
It includes the artwork in the center of the badges, just print on much as you like.

They take simple supplies like ribbons, party streamers and old book they are super easy.
I painted these and have made them into a fun and inexpensive digital printing file. 
Just print, cut out and hang a ribbon on them. 

They come on three sheets.

They are sweet and charming....a great quick decoration.

These are all girls... all with a different look.
I created a new set of Halloween dolls.  Dracula has sold.

These 2 guys are still available.

Here is the whole gang.
each doll has something to hold like a party sign or broom.
And just to let you know, just because someone has put it in their shopping cart does not mean they bought is still available.

I love making these...I never know how it will turn is a lot of playing around.
My studio is the biggest mess when I get done.
The cool wolfman is sold...he was my fav! Look at his
I have been doing a lot of painting lately....having a blast.
I love painting on tags....its just a little canvas!

Most of the time I just go with no plan...and just paint.

I will be making them into digital tags soon!
I recently painted....with watercolors....this handsome young
I want to show you some of the process!
I start out with a basic sketch with a brown pencil that reacts to it becomes like a soft drawing.
I started out with franky, building the face in layers of watercolor.

Here I have more done with a black stabilo pencil....and more depth in the color blending.

I then started on the bride and pumpkin stem...
while one section is drying I work on another.
Ohhh....she is getting scary. she is
When I am near the end I add colored pencils for texture ... like in the background.
I find much peace in doing is a nice break from designing.
Every year I try to go to the Farm Chicks here in my home town.
As usual .... it was so AMAZING!
I used to be a was so fun and makes great profit....but I can't do everything I want. There is not enough time.

My daughter Selina dressing up...lots of people do.
She was pretty in pink.
And she got herself a cute pink cart.
Her theme was strawberries.
The front had a cool vintage car full of fresh flowers!
There were lovely displays and this great americana themed set....loved it!

My daughter and I got some journals made from old disney books.

It had blank pages and story pages.

Cool art how these stand up.
vintage beautiful.

Halloween ephemera...right up my alley.

I fell in love with this cat made of felt....its a sweetie.

I used to collect these seals as a kid....

still love them, but they aren't so cheap anymore.  I found this one however for only a buck!

Had to have some yummies! 

I went to a cool art in the park show and got this glad I makes me happy just looking at it. 

Happy July to you!