Thursday, December 1, 2022

Happy December to you!

It's that beautiful time of year....Christmas is coming and Hanukkah too.  All the lovely holidays.
We just got a ton of snow here in Eastern Washington.  It's like a winter wonderland.  We got a snow blower just in time.
Things are feeling much more calm for thankful for that.
I love peace and tranquility.

The above calendar is great for your Ipad, tablet or phone.  Click here for the download.

This is the desktop version.... it comes from my own retro style artwork. 
I tried  some unusual colors.

I made a new christmas collage sheet called Christmas is...
I hand drew all these on procreate....some of my process videos are on my instagram.

You can print them off and use them over and over. Print these on photo paper, sticker paper or matte presentation paper for best results.

This is a sheet with super cute characters: a Santa girl with her cat, Frosty the snowman, candy cane tree, retro angel, stocking, happy tree, candles, gingerbread man, baby its cold outside snowman, lil ornament, fun sayings and words.

I made them into fun ornaments

Sweet Santa girl and her kitty

my favorite ... the snowman with candy cane tree...

Retro Angel...

Happy tree..

I have made a fun free video on how to make them into ornaments....the example is an easter collage sheet of mine , but the tips are the same 

Supplies you may need are: scraps of cardboard (from a box), glue stick, scissors, glue that dries clear, trims and glitter.

You can print these however many times you like and use them for years.
I drew all kinds of shapes and sizes.

I printed mine on sticker paper and cut them out.

Then I started wrapping and used the gift tags ....peeled off the sticker back and all done.

They are fine on regular card stock too. I keep my gift tags in a little box on the table when wrapping.
These are some other pieces I have been working on...
Snow miser and heat miser from "The year without a Santa Claus".  
I love that show when I was a little kid.
They cracked me up!  
I loved how they would fight until mother nature stepped

This is part of my candles and my snowman.... I took classes on procreate on skillshare and have really learned alot.  I have never had an Ipad before.  I have had a lot of adobe illustrator though.
I just made another rug...a snowman and tree.
I have the rug tufting gun to do it...look on Amazon for the supplies or Youtube to see people's videos.

You put your fabric on a frame and draw the design...and get your yarn out and rewind it into a cake ball.

Here is mine next to selina's one.... she made her cat Midnight. See the yarn balls?

After completing the design you have to glue it.

I add a nonskid backing and shave it.
Crazy huh?
It's so much fun.
Then I made...
I hand painted some ornaments....
they are in my etsy shop now.  If they sell out I will make more.


These are plastic so they won't break.
Lil Davy is wishing you a wonderful holiday season...

Trix says to be careful when driving in the snow.

I'm wishing you JOY!

Friday, November 18, 2022

Big Black Friday Sale


It's time for my annual Black Friday sale!

In my Etsy shop now thru Nov 26th.

50% off 

patterns, collage sheets, flash cards, coloring pages and more.

30% off finished goodies.

This is a great time to make gifts for Christmas, for upcoming birthdays and 
for your own home decor.
You can pick from Christmas...

kitty cats...

Dogs and cats....
There are all kinds of pincushions and make dos.

Punch needle patterns...

Popular Ornaments...

Tons of embroidery...


Oldies but goodies....
Tags for all seasons


Flash cards...
great for photo props for guests to hold or in your home decor.

Collage sheets are great for making stickers, journaling, collage and artwork.

and for tag making.

My daughter Selina is also having a sale in her etsy shop.
now thru November 26th.

Needle minder....

Ornament blanks...

Finished goodies...


Mini hoops....

Have a wonderful holiday!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Hello November!

Wow...It's November!
Time for Pumpkin pie, raking leaves, staying cozy under a blanket, having soup and a fire in the fire place.
It's also craft show season and holiday shop hop time.
And who can forget Thanksgiving? 
I love this time of year!

I also created the desktop here to download this one.
Both calendar's were made from my pumpkin pie artwork.
Recently I went to an antique shop (1889 in Spokane) and fell in love with this gutted out Vintage TV.

I took it home and cleaned it up, painted the inside and Selina added lights inside the center.
I love it!
I am going to decorate and display all decorations items ...for each holiday!
Selina is going to make some fake dials for it.

The lights really make it come alive.
I also got this cool owl TV lamp at Two Women antiques store.

It is rare and super cool!
I didn't know there were TV lamps....our TV only had the antennae.
We had a wonder WSQ Quilt show this year...for two years it was cancelled because of Covid. 
We had are double booth....which was great because it was super hard to fit it all in. 
The booth is basically all my patterns with samples to show each design. Plus my daughter Selina's her mini hoop pendants hexies, and needle minders.

We had a great turn out and great sales. Our ladder display is always a hit.
The window frame in one of my oldest designs..the pattern sold out and I had to print more in the evening.

I signed my two books and sold dolls too.
It was alot of fun!
Halloween is my favorite and my customers agree.   Even though it was getting close to Halloween...everyone wants to work on projects.

My daughter was amazing at hanging things stroke I had 2 years ago makes my balance a little off. I still feel like I have the Frankenstein walk, but my daughter disagrees.

These are some of Selina's products....ornaments, necklaces, pins...all made from wood and embroidery.

These are some of my newer designs.... everyday patterns...lots of dogs and little dolls.

I couldn't do any of this without of besties~ 
my husband and daughter. 
They help me in everything!
Davy is growing!
He has the softest fun...and he is still naughty.

Here he is picking out his vacation destination for next year....
lol....he is really playing with my map I use when playing Jeopardy.

He is a total stinker....he toots!
I miss Froy very badly but Davy makes it easier.
I bought an IPAD.
It's my very first apple product...I was scared that I wouldn't like it.
But I did!
I subscribed to much fun. I made this kitty....trying out different brushes.

Played with drawing this lil girl.  It came to me really fast...but I have experience in Adobe Illustrator.

Then I took a class...with mushrooms and flowers.... I am hooked.
I hope to create on these chilly days coming up.
Cute scarecrow I bought from Sweet meadows farms
I had a rough 6 uncle died, my dad got sicker and sicker, my aunt died and then 4 days dad died.
It has been intense and tested my strength (which seemed weak at points) but things might get a little easier soon. 
I also lost Froy and Lucky( my cats) this year.

Next comes a celebration of life for my dear dad.


Let's enjoy this November....
have some tea or coffee...
sit and reflect....
hug a loved one and a pet!