Monday, July 1, 2019

Hurray for July!

Happy July....
summer time, 4th of July, picnics, camping, vacations...
relaxing and plain old fashioned fun!
Above is the free phone or tablet wallpaper....especially designed for July. 
I made the repeating pattern using some simple really brings out the fun of this patriotic month!

Just download, save and set as your wall paper background.
Going to a 4th of July BBQ or independence day party? 
It includes the artwork in the center of the badges, just print on much as you like.

They take simple supplies like ribbons, party streamers and old book they are super easy.
I painted these and have made them into a fun and inexpensive digital printing file. 
Just print, cut out and hang a ribbon on them. 

They come on three sheets.

They are sweet and charming....a great quick decoration.

These are all girls... all with a different look.
I created a new set of Halloween dolls.  Dracula has sold.

These 2 guys are still available.

Here is the whole gang.
each doll has something to hold like a party sign or broom.
And just to let you know, just because someone has put it in their shopping cart does not mean they bought is still available.

I love making these...I never know how it will turn is a lot of playing around.
My studio is the biggest mess when I get done.
The cool wolfman is sold...he was my fav! Look at his
I have been doing a lot of painting lately....having a blast.
I love painting on tags....its just a little canvas!

Most of the time I just go with no plan...and just paint.

I will be making them into digital tags soon!
I recently painted....with watercolors....this handsome young
I want to show you some of the process!
I start out with a basic sketch with a brown pencil that reacts to it becomes like a soft drawing.
I started out with franky, building the face in layers of watercolor.

Here I have more done with a black stabilo pencil....and more depth in the color blending.

I then started on the bride and pumpkin stem...
while one section is drying I work on another.
Ohhh....she is getting scary. she is
When I am near the end I add colored pencils for texture ... like in the background.
I find much peace in doing is a nice break from designing.
Every year I try to go to the Farm Chicks here in my home town.
As usual .... it was so AMAZING!
I used to be a was so fun and makes great profit....but I can't do everything I want. There is not enough time.

My daughter Selina dressing up...lots of people do.
She was pretty in pink.
And she got herself a cute pink cart.
Her theme was strawberries.
The front had a cool vintage car full of fresh flowers!
There were lovely displays and this great americana themed set....loved it!

My daughter and I got some journals made from old disney books.

It had blank pages and story pages.

Cool art how these stand up.
vintage beautiful.

Halloween ephemera...right up my alley.

I fell in love with this cat made of felt....its a sweetie.

I used to collect these seals as a kid....

still love them, but they aren't so cheap anymore.  I found this one however for only a buck!

Had to have some yummies! 

I went to a cool art in the park show and got this glad I makes me happy just looking at it. 

Happy July to you!

Friday, June 21, 2019

1st day of Summer - 40% off sale

Happy Summer!
It's is officially no longer spring.....but glorious Summer! 
I am thrilled because the weather is getting better and summer is such a carefree, weekend fun in the sun, children playing, pools and beaches, and the sun takes a long time to set giving us a seemingly endless day!

It's a great time to work on projects in a lounge chair or under the patio.
40% off everything...
except my dolls (which take too much time and work to discount). 
There are all kinds of projects....I have embroidery ornaments for all the holidays!
I have a white skinny tree I keep up all year round...I just change it out for all the holidays....right now mine is full of patriotic goodies.
I got the tree at hobby lobby.

I have also created mice projects for every holiday...they are cute and won't run around your house! 
Christmas is always good to start early, because there really isn't much time to create in October or November when you are trying to make gifts.

This turkey is really muslin...painted (simple painting) and is on a plate and glass candlestick from the thrift stores.
I love halloween sooooo much.  It reminds me of the fun trick or treating days when you could finally have your own stash of yourself!

Valentines bring vibrance and color to a cold winter's day...I love the uplifting spirit.

I have quilt patterns, pincushions, necklace designs, pillows, dolls, and hoop art.

I painted these and have made them into a fun and inexpensive digital printing file. 
Just print, cut out and hang a ribbon on them. 
12 different tags and sayings for only $2.93.

These were made from some collages I did with old photos.
The sayings are quite amusing.

Do you have scraps of wool? 
I love using every bit up since wool is not cheap.

So hop on over to my etsy shop for all these deals...
Sale is going on now until June 29th.

My new cat wall hanging pattern is also on sale!

Happy Summertime to you!