Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Valentine sweeties

Hello Friend!
The weather has been crazy hasn't it?!
We had fridged temps and I must say I hated it... but everything comes to an end... and things got better.
I also had my wisdom teeth pulled out and was pretty miserable for 2 weeks.  Usually I am not such a baby when it comes to the dentist but this took the cake!
I have to go back tomorrow..ugh!

On a happier note-
I have a new design finished.
Stitch up these easy valentine ornaments from scraps of wool or felt. 
This is perfect to use up your scraps!

I do love hexagons!
Use very simple stitches.
These make great pins or bowl fillers too.

6 designs in one.
There are hearts,flowers and more!
They make a great gift and look amazing on a package. Use bakers twine or string for a sweet hanger.

I love the softness of the heart vine.

I have so many scraps... I love putting them to good use.
I love making these in the evening while watching TV.
You could also make a darling little magnets.

I hand painted some valentine ornaments...they are flat plastic discs...there is a front and a back on each.

I hand painted these and the backs either have a saying or are painted with hearts.

All are signed and dated.

They come with a ribbon hanger.

Each one is unique.
I have a white tree I decorate for every holiday... I love ornaments for all holidays.
You could also hang them anywhere.
a black haired cutie.
little valentines
Bunny kisses.

Now ... I have to show you my Grand baby Jessica!
She is 2 months old!
She is the light of our lives and such a sweetie!
A friend is a Greenbay Packers fan and bought her this...
he was dying for her to wear it!

Her Grandpa is a Gonzaga Bulldogs fan and they dressed up for a game!

She is a good natured baby and smart (do I sound like a proud grandma?)

She is also fashionable...gotta wear it before she grows out of it!

Here is momma Selina and Jessica.
Selina and Jaryd are very good parents and seem like old pros at it.
I love babysitting and playing with her. It will be nice when the weather gets better for strolling around the neighborhood.


Friday, December 1, 2023

Christmas gift tags

Happy December to you!

I want to share the gift tags I made from some art I created!
The PDF file is here or you can copy the picture above.

Just print on white cardstock or a thicker white paper... cut on cutting line and use for gift tags. Print as many as you like. 

 This is a gift from me to you. 

I wanted to share the many emotions of my little grand baby Jessica. 
 She was born November 12th!
Here she is being pretty Angelic!
She is a total sweetie, what a blessing!
She is doing great and so is Selina... Dad (Jaryd) is doing great too!
I love her so much!

Happy Holidays!!!
and here's hoping 2024 is Awesome!

Friday, November 10, 2023

So much is happening!

My baby is about to have a baby!
My daughter Selina is past her due date and the little baby girl is being stubborn.
She is the size of a small pumpkin and about 19-22 inches long....7-9 pounds.
This is my first grand child!

I have been drawing weekly size comparisons of the baby as she grew...all of them were posted on my Instagram! It has been fun.

I have been taking time off from posting on my blog and newsletter, just to take a break and to prepare for this new stage of my life.  It has refreshed me. I always have been on Facebook and Instagram however.

I still design patterns and create art....that will never stop.

Being a grandma will be a new job and a very important job at that!
Recently, I had a new deck added to my backyard and a totally remodeled bathroom with a rebath jetted massage walk in tub/ deluxe!

I am having my big annual holiday sale in my etsy shop!

50% off all digital items

all patterns, collages sheets, tags, flash cards, etc.
Starting Friday November 10th- 24!

Here are some of my newest designs:

Plus my others....

 Fun Projects of all kinds



Soon My grand baby will be here!
I will post pics!

I am sooooo Excited!
Selina...when she was little...what a cutie!