Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sneaky peak & what I've been up to.

Happy Wednesday to you!
I am always happy for Wednesday (survivor is on!...still addicted to it!)
I wanted to show you a sneaky peaky of my next pattern.....
It is a Needle punch!
I love Americana....and adding to my collection of Americana decor is fun.
This will be out soon.
I have recently started Instagram.
It is all new to me....but I LOVE it!
You can follow anything and everybody.

It is amazing to be inspired by all the artists out there....
see pics of your favorite stars...
follow you family...
see what is the coolest in vintage finds....
see new fabric from designers....
it goes on and on...
Anything you are interested....there will be an Instagram for!
Above I showed how one day I had a great time with art supplies, magazines and a, 
I drew on little ATC cards...just goofing around. 

I went to a plant sale this past weekend... the vintage coffee can with flowers was 3 dollars...the rusty flour sifter with plants was 2 dollars....cant believe it. They look sweet on my outdoor table.

Lilacs are early! Love how fragrant....great is good.

I just picked this tulip and put in a vase of water...she opened up big happy!

I went through some of my piles of drawings...maybe I will use some for my surface pattern designs.
I noticed some I used to make patterns of
like the bee...
and I used the chick for this Easter pillow... 
Never throw your drawings and art away...
You never know what will inspire you or what you can use later.

So...that is some of the things I have been up to.
Hope you get some time for you today!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mom...let's celebrate

I love Mother's was a sweet time back when I was a kid...coming up with a card or gift for mom.  Then when I got older us kids would out our money together for a better
One year she wanted a wicker patio set....we all made it happen.
It was fun to see her excited face...she just loved that wicker!
Now she has been gone a long time....17 years...the same age my one and only child is...17.
When my daughter came into this mother left 20 days later.
She had a terminal lung disease.
It think of her alot...hoping she is proud.
Now I get the gifts....and it is so sweet.
I love how my husband and daughter spoil me...can't wait for May 10th.
These are some of my Mother's day products/projects in my etsy shop.
My collage sheet tags are so sweet....all these tags fit on one sheet.
You can print them over and over....add string and ribbons. 
I use old photos, paper and create my artwork... 
Sassy.....and sweet 
I love true! 
Being a mom is tough yet so rewarding 
I added this tag to a can that I covered in vintage book paper. 
This one I added to a huge jar of clothespins. 
I have badges for this time of year...a pattern to make all of these.
The best mom in the whole world award. 
Also is fathers day, birthday, super kid, and wedding.... 
This pattern has four embroideries... 
Thans mom...I put this one on a wooden spoon. 
Flash cards....they make sweet banners. 
My newest sign....made with my surface designs...

Here is my mom...back in the early 50's. She was so pretty.
I put her picture in a Deflecto frame....and added a simple "Mom" banner.

Here is a little freebie for you!

Happy Monday!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Sleepy baby girl freebie

Friday yet again!
This matches last weeks sleepy baby boy!
Perfect for the nursery or baby shower.
Sometimes when I see the baby clothes or little girl outfits at walmart or target...
I just can't wait for the day to be a grandma....but I have to wait a
I put some of my paintings in my art etsy shop! 
These are originals!
Piercing blue eyes! 
This sweet strawberry blonde haired beauty is offering hope....she is giving her love. 
I made this artwork to bring joy and love into your home! It is a painting on canvas board. I painted with acrylics and pencils. It measures: 5" x 7" 
I love her crown! 
Sweet face 
My bunny is sold...sorry :(

I really love her...she is with a great friend who will take care of her.

Purple power!
This one is very lovely...small but so cool. 
Lastly...this garden girl.
The good weather is here...birds chirping....the warmth of the sun....she is in her garden..enjoying...
Have a super fun weekend!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015 them!

I love shopping at antique stores....this one called 
in Spokane Washington
is definitely one of my favorites!!
I love the bike wheel....full of vintage postcards 
Old babies....I wonder what their story is... 
same here...
Who loved them and what happened? 
This is a chair's seat....a crazy quilt with some embroidery....1901, 1897, 1902... old. 
two thumpers! 
These crack me up....reminds me being on the phone with my sister Cecilia. 
Dramatic isn't she!
I would love the mannequin head...hehehe 
They really have a knack for displays 
Ok...I really loved this....too bad there was no mark to go with....
it is adorable!
I can just imagine the happy boy wearing this Halloween night! 
Cute mouse measuring spoon holder! 
I think that is how you spell
owl and froggy 
I LOVED Miss Piggy in the 70's when I would see her movies, collect stickers...etc...
There was something about her bossy aggressiveness that was so opposite of me.

This weekend is an antique show in town....
More shopping!!!
Happy day to you!!

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