Friday, April 17, 2015

Sleepy baby boy

Isn't he a sleepy.
This would be adorable on a baby boy's pillow in the nursery.
Anyone having a baby boy?
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I am on Instagram now...I would love it if you followed me!
I am alittle addicted to it because...I just love the visual of it...
so many great pictures....from whoever you like or want to follow. 
It is really inspiring and gets your creative juices flowing.
These are a couple of pics I recently shared.
I never thought I would like another social media thing....but it is lots of fun!
I am going to be in the WSQ quilt show again!
Mark your calendar....if you live near Spokane is a must see show!
October 16-18, 2015. 
 I just love this show...great quilts and really fun is terrific! I here over and over how this show is as good as Quilt festival.
These are a few shots from my booth last year.
I try to fit about a million things in this space! 
It is hard to set up but is ohhhh so worth it and I love meeting you gals!  
Everytime I start chatting with a customer who has enjoyed my patterns....I just feel so warm and happy...totally makes me feel like I am on cloud nine.
Just seeing these pictures makes me want the show sooner....dang!
Gotta wait!
By the way....My cat Froy is now fully recovered from his absess from a cat fight.
It looked pretty awful when I got him home from the vets....all I can say is he looked like he was a soldier from "Saving Private Ryan" :(
He is back to his snooty self.

Happy Weekend to you!!

Come to the Pin me Linky party!  Come to the Party Bunch!  Come to thrifty Thursday!

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  1. So sweet baby. Thank you. I think I will make a pillow case with this pattern.