Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's Mew? - Cat quote of the week!

Hi y'all!  This is Princess Fiona when she was a baby....she is mommy to my current cats...Lucky & Trix. My little Fiona disappeared one day....never found her.  She was cute and gave me 2 huge gifts- her kittens.  I hate to say this...but..... she had the personality of a wet rag.  I loved her alot though. 
She is saying "What's Mew?"...I know it is corny...but with all the corny Christmas records I am listening to goes with the territory. 
Survivor is on tonight....yay....I love that show!  I have always been on team "Coach"...Ozzy drives me bonkers. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bah hum bug!

No Peeking Santa knows everything sign digital   - Christmas uprint NEW 2011 art words  primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame sayingI wish thee a Christmas of joy sign digital   - uprint NEW 2011 art words primitive vintage paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
Let is snow Winter sign digital   -  Christmas uprint NEW 2011 art words vintage primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame sayingBah hum bug  Scrooge sign digital   - Christmas uprint NEW 2011 art words vintage style primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
Make Cupcakes not War sign digital   - Pink uprint NEW 2011 art words vintage style primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame sayingBrr Baby its cold outside Winter sign digital   -  Christmas uprint NEW 2011 art words vintage primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
Naughty little elf just be claus Christmas sign digital   - uprint NEW 2011 vintage art words primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame sayingNever Never give up sign digital   - Purple uprint NEW 2011 art words vintage style primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
My signs are now only $2.49 on my Etsy.  These all are sent to you via email as a PDF waiting for the mailman.  You print and frame.  These would make really inexpensive gifts to give your friends...think dollar store frames(8" x 10").  Add a little glitter...OOh la la!!!
There are many more designs on my etsy too. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Art of Christmas!

Felted Christmas Ornaments 10 red toadstool mushroom decoration woodland tree handmade nature white Hanging Aice in Wonderlandchristmas candy cane photograph / holiday, hands, peppermint, stripes, child, winter, red, white / candy cane girl / 8x8 fine art photo
ON SALE Garnet Red NeckwarmerBig Candy Canes E Pattern - fabric primitive holly new pdf Christmas Old Grubby banner
Felted Soap Green Soap with Holiday Flower (Hollyberry Scent)Printable gift wrap paper - leafs and flowers
This is "The Art of Christmas"....a wonderful Treasury on Etsy.
There are all kinds of artists selling their wares on Etsy....everything you could think of!  I love the treasuries....not only are they lovely to look at...but it shows you items you might never have searched for, but when you see it in a's cool!
There are lots of finished goods and lots of collage sheets and patterns too!
Have a great Cyber Monday!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let it snow- Freebie pattern design

I am super late on my Freebie Friday.....I blame the Thanksgiving/black friday weekend.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving...and good visit with family....shopped at thrift stores and Antique stores on friday instead of all the craziness of Shopping at malls and such. 
This lil let is snow snowman makes a great wearable pin...stitched up of tea-stained muslin with a 1" border of fabric strips around it. 
I am organizing my studio....looking good!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful...for alot!

Wow..Thanksgiving is basically here!!!  Seems like yesterday it was Halloween! 
This is the perfect time of year to think about your good fortune and what you are thankful for.  Here are some on my list:
I am grateful for a wonderful Husband, daughter, and father!
I am grateful to own my home.
I am thankful for having a fabulous job where I can make money at home.
I am grateful for my husband's job and that it is not stressful.
I am thankful for good health.
I am thankful for always having enough of what I need.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I can't be creative and tidy too!

This is sooooo me.  When I create I have stuff everywhere~  it is like a cyclone hit.  After I am done I try to tidy back to normal....but sometimes it builds up.  Today I have a nice small flood in my basement....yay....I love this kind of stuff!  Some of my records got wet....thank god it was only Steve Lawrence(I like him...reminds me of watching carol burnett as a kid) and some classicals that were damaged. I can always keep the records and ditch the covers.  I guess if I had kept the records tidy I would not have this problem...I will never learn.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Angel Snowman - freebie stitchery design

I already know what I am grateful for.....that it is going to warm up a bit before Thanksgiving and this snow will melt.  The weather has decided it is winter now....yuck!  But the snow is pretty. 
My freebie friday is late because of the show I am in.  We have had some long hours the past few days. 
I have had the best time talking to other vendors this much fun and laughing. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My booth at the Custers arts and craft show

This is my booth this year....took a long time to set up (yuck)...but it looks cute.  In the center is my chandelier of Christmas ornaments...hope it draws attention! 

I like to put up my shelves full of goodies...lots of girly items of course.

I have my mannequins and french themed decor.

I had a blast making these rocks!

I know it is alot to looks at....I cram alot in.

Love making fabric flowers!

Here is my cubby hole...which I have already told you....but going to mention it again....was only 5 bucks.

I have burlap all around my booth as a backdrop.

I love filling the cubby hole with all kinds of items...from decorative bottles, to spools of ribbon, to lil burlap pillows.

I love changing old pics and making them all wear Santa hats!

Tags, Tags, Tags!

Another shot of my booth!  I hope you can come and see it....and if not....I hope you enjoy a craft fair in your home town!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Custer's Arts & Craft Show this weekend!

 Custer's 35th Annual Christmas Arts & Crafts Show
features 300 of the finest Artists and Crafters from across the United States covering 78,000 square feet of exhibit space. This is the largest show of it's kind in the Inland Northwest! Join us in this holiday shopping tradition!
Hand Blown Glass, Beaded Jewelry, Watercolors, Quilted Wall Hangings, Hand Thrown Pottery, Whimsical Painted Furniture, Metal Sculpture, Fabric Santas, Photography, Woodworking, Candles, Felted Hats and much, much more!
Nov.18-19-20, 2011Spokane Fair & Expo Center
Dates and Hours: Friday, Nov. 18 10am - 9pm.  Saturday, Nov. 19 9am - 7pm.  Sunday, Nov. 20 10am - 5pm.I will have lots of my girly fun shabby chic, but also my Christmas decor, badges, Thanksgiving, mannequins, Flash card signs, mice, ornaments, necklaces, rings, french goodies, and much more!!!
This is going to be my last craft come and stop by!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving puzzle

Hello everyone....Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Are you secretly playing Christmas music?   I do because it makes me create 
This puzzle above came from an old magazine from is strange because the puzzle is to try to find the Indians....not so nice....but it is also strange because ...I can't find them.  Can you?  Maybe I am just not looking hard enough....but I can't see one. 
I also keep looking for things in my studio, can't find them, and then find them right in front of my

Monday, November 14, 2011

Making Christmas projects with an old quilt

I had this quilt that wasn't really old, but had seen better kept splitting at the seams and such.  I decided it was time to craft with it.  I took pieces of it and gave it the strong coffee treatment and let dry.  I love making tags....and I always use my copies of old photos I collect.  Just by adding a Santa hat...she looks ready for Christmas.  This is a simple bag shape, with wire hanger and glued on cotton batting for a trim.

This one is very similar to the first one...I added a yarn and cheesecloth covered wire (candy cane).  I added some old pine twigs.

I love using old candle stick stands from goodwill.  I made a star shape with open bottom, stuffed it, and then plunked it down on the candle stick stand.  Add a tag and wrap with string. 
I have made alot from this quilt and still have more to use.  It is the never ending quilt!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keep & Meow on!

Keep calm and sew on!  Just print and frame it.

I used to watch Mister Rogers neighborhood....and in "make believeland" there was Henrietta pussy cat.....she was the cutest cat puppet.  Anyway she talked funny...she would say..."Hello Meow Meow Mr. Meow Rogers"...I decided that was pretty cool and so I did it too...I was like 4 years old.  My sister still makes fun of

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day- Freebie Friday

Happy Veteran's day everyone!!  I am a disabled vet from the Air Force. Bet you didn't know that! Other Veterans in my family are my husband Dana from the Air Force, my dad (royal air force), my mom from the Navy, My step-son from the Army, Uncle from army, another uncle from the marines, and cousin from army.

These cool pieces of art come from World war 2.  They came from envelopes.

I didn't have time to crop them nicely....sorry.  I went to the movies today with my daughter....we saw "Jack and Jill".  It was so a silly way....which is what we love!  We had fun...girls day out kind of stuff.
Thanks to all the Veterans out there!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cat quote of the funny!

This is funny isn't it!  This is my cute pic of my cats when they were babies!  On the left is Trix, the middle is Lucky, and on the right is Goldie.  They were all on top of a kitty condo...determined to not be shoved off.  Lucky has spent his whole life doing cute things in case a camera may capture 
Have a great day.... pet an animal today too!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Creating for Christmas- oh the joy!

I have just created some Christmas fun....Digital signs....only 3.49 on my Etsy.
I love and inspiring are my favorite...but I love any sayings for any holiday!

These look great framed up....think dollar store frames or frames from walmart too!

Put on some Christmas music while gets you making stuff faster than Santa's elves!

Yesterday I went on a walk with my husband and was COLD!  I would like one more day of indian summer please! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Give Thanks turkey pocket pillow

Good afternoon....really gloomy here...but I am trying to keep a sunny disposition. 
I have a new pattern out today..... Give Thanks pocket pillow stitchery pattern ...on my etsy
This one is fun because you can fill the leaf pocket with my "I am thankful for..." tags filled out by your family and friends(the free tag is on the left side of my blog).

The turkey has a sweet naive quality. 
I put up my Thanksgiving decorations took me forever.  We had to work on the hot water heater....then my husband cut himself badly....not fun.  We took a walk in the sunshine which was lovely....but chilly.
  I am going to have some pumpkin spice warm up!  Lots of great teas at the many options!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Naughty or nice?

Funny isn't it! 
We went to 3 craft shows today....we had to dash all over town to do much fun.   There are so many people who are artsy!!!  I saw 3 different items made from my patterns...all awesome!