Thursday, November 17, 2011

My booth at the Custers arts and craft show

This is my booth this year....took a long time to set up (yuck)...but it looks cute.  In the center is my chandelier of Christmas ornaments...hope it draws attention! 

I like to put up my shelves full of goodies...lots of girly items of course.

I have my mannequins and french themed decor.

I had a blast making these rocks!

I know it is alot to looks at....I cram alot in.

Love making fabric flowers!

Here is my cubby hole...which I have already told you....but going to mention it again....was only 5 bucks.

I have burlap all around my booth as a backdrop.

I love filling the cubby hole with all kinds of items...from decorative bottles, to spools of ribbon, to lil burlap pillows.

I love changing old pics and making them all wear Santa hats!

Tags, Tags, Tags!

Another shot of my booth!  I hope you can come and see it....and if not....I hope you enjoy a craft fair in your home town!!!

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