Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas gift

Merry Christmas!!
I thought you might like a small gift...some freebie designs 
from me to you!
Just download and trace onto muslin....stitch and have a 
wonderful day!
Set your love for Valentines.... 
Get your happy on....
Our love is on display. 

Life is crazy good.

Remember to relax, enjoy family and friends...
and take pics!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Merry Christmas....Elf designs and ornaments

I have been very busy and I bet you have been too!
It's just that time of year!
They are easy to stitch up and makes fun little gifts.
Here is a closeup of one...makes me laugh.
That movie is just so cool.
These are all inexpensive.
This design reminds me of baking cookies....especially when I was a kid watching my older sister make the most mouth watering cookies on the planet....those were the days!

I have also been making some fun Christmas ornaments....using prints of my art!
These are all hand made by me.
They are on wood and have a gold wire some seambinding ribbon.
I added glitter to this one!  She is a sweet red head Santa baby.
I only made 21 ornaments total this this is it....when they are gone , they are gone.

I love this celebrate life one....the colors are my kind of colors.

This is a very lucky girl....with her shamrock.

I have these best friends...
and several more to boot!

Now I am off to celebrate my 22 wedding anniversary!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Happy December!'s the last month of the year!
We are getting really close to a the year 2019....are you ready for it?
I made these sweet candles ...which remind me of retro Christmas designs of the 60's.
Here is a free tablet/phone calendar for here for the download.

and here is the Desktop calendar for your computer.
The left side darker blue area is perfect for you icons to be seen.

This is a busy month...I hope this makes keeping track of the days easier.
I love stitching...and small projects are so satisfying.
I decided to buy this cute design for Wild Olive/ Mollie Johanson
This design is one of many in a pattern called Teeny tiny occasions.
It has lots of little holidays- right up my alley.

I used C & T publishing wash-away stitch stabilizer.  
You can print your designs onto a sheet....cut out the shape or design and stick it right to the muslin.
Then you stitch.  After that you rinse the stabilizer away under plain water.
No tracing.....easy peasy. 
It was soooo fast.
I then put it in my daughter Selina's mini hoop pendant blank. 
These are super easy to use...just pop in your design.

I made a simple little red embroidery floss tassel to add to the chain.
I will have to make a small tutorial for it soon...super easy.
I added blush to the cheek's of the wreath to make her come alive.
I can't wait to wear it!

Just letting you know that this "It's the most wonderful time of the year" mat pattern is now in my Etsy shop. 
This one is cute on a shelf or as a candle mat.

On ladies decided to watch a watercoloring class and get painting.
It was a lot of fun and we all had a very different lady after we were done.
The left was my sister Julie, and middle was my daughter Selina's and the right one is mine.

I gave her curly hair.
While the men watched football, we were creative.
I want to do this again soon...hopefully with all my sisters together.

This is a closeup of another girl I painted...I love her
Painting can really become addictive.

I thought you would like this vintage Santa postcard sweet!
Happy December!