Monday, April 30, 2012

Times have changed!!

I got a couple old magazines from the early 60's for a buck each at an antique show ....SCORE!
They are soooo much fun to look at......boy have things changed!  I am from the late 60's....born after these it is amazing to me.
This is a Breck girl....wouldn't it be funny to make up your hair like this?   lol

This is super hold hair spray...remember when it was a stinky aerosol can that practically made you high?

I just bought some life cereal....which is still really good.  This is a fun ad.

Save 7 whole cents on a package....WOW!
Here is the very valuable coupon....I would love to try to use it....he he he

Ok...the food ads are usually pretty sick!  I love canned cranberry sauce....but this is funny because of the presentation.

Here we have an ad for pots....because we women are really interested in pots.
The other page is American Touristor snazzy.

Kraft Mac and Cheese...looks good...except the background looks gloomy...I am always happy when having mac and cheese....and I never light a blue candle.

Coke always has great Ads.....makes ya want one doesn't it!

Yikes!!!!  Just make a vat of Spanish type rice and throw some hotdogs on top....presto...your dinner is done!  Don't forget that garnish on top!

This is a fashion spread.....the hair cracks me up....I told my daughter I was going to do that to her hair and she started running.

This dress is kind of cool....reminds me of what a gal would wear....waiting for Barnabas Collins to appear.

I don't even know how they got their hair like that.....

I have never seen Campbell soups look so strange....these are Men's favorites apparently.  These food ads don't tempt me.

Good old Jerry Lewis....he is winking at you!

Look at the camera.....ha ha ha
Times have changed!!!

I remember my grandma constantly buying flash cubes....things are so much easier now.

Here is your dinner for tonight!
Cook up a roast with assorted veggies....and then when no one is looking.....throw in the hunts tomato sauce........and it is ruined!!!   lol.
These magazines are totally worth every penny!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Freebie friday- kitty & women

Isn't this kitty the cutest?  I love to see a farm cat pic....reminds me of all the pics my mom had taken when she was a teen in Oregon....always with a cat in her arms.
These are my freebie Friday pictures.  This cat could say "Iz a great mouser!"

These ladies are sewing a patriotic!  They look like they could use a night of a margarita and a whiskey river burger at Red Robin...he he he.

Love these fashionable ladies....mother and daughter.  I should have had a picture of me and my mom done like this....oh well.  My mom and I had matching dresses once..I was 2 at the floral dresses she had sewn up.

I have used this pic many times in my artwork....I like how she is looking at you....she can see you! 
Don't get spooked out....she is friendly. 
Today my daughter is planting trees in ecology class....she is in middle school.....I don't remember having the option to take Ecology?  What ever happened to cooking or sewing?
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life is not like the brochure

I love this saying!!!  I love collecting sayings too.  I really get alot from them....when they inspire, are funny, make me think, make me feel sentimental, give me happy thoughts, and when it evokes warmth for a holiday.
I use them for all kinds of crafting!

I used to solder all the time...I was addicted!  I loved creating little pieces of art and putting a saying on each one. 
I got a rush completing each one....with the silver shining and the art tucked safely behind glass.

I love using old photos for pendants...I collect old photos...and have willed myself to be really choosy now.

Above is my mom....she was a free spirit.....someone who got the fuzzy end of the lollipop...but she always made the best of things.

I love the is something my mom passed down to me...always look forward to something!

Gotta love cats!  Atleast I do....he he he. 

Moms do have special daughter totally believes it.

Fun isn't it!

All my pendants have sold except a couple....I kept a few for myself.  I made over I did burn out.
I might have to make a few more for old times sake!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 for $10 sale at Hudson's Holidays

Hi everyone...I bet you are all enjoying your is sunny and warm here!
I have just put on a sale on my ETSY !!
This is for a Special LIMITED time sale......5 COLLAGE SHEETS or FLASH CARDS or DIGITAL SIGNS ...for only $10. This is a BIG savings.

Here are some examples of the items for the sale.

You can pick from any of my collage sheets, flash cards, or digital signs....just purchase on etsy and in the comment section list the 5 digit numbers of the items you want. The five digit number always begins with 34.....(ex: 34391). If you look at any of my will see a five digit number in the description ....that is how I identify what you bought.
You can Pick from collage sheets...
tags and labels.....

Flash cards.....

Digital signs.....


Sweet flowery girls! 

Have a good day.