Friday, April 6, 2012

Kitty cat in a basket- freebie stitchery design

It's freebie Friday again!  Here is kitty cat in a basket.  I have made this up in a wool pin...using my many small scrap pieces of wool I have ...that I can't seem to throw away!  Do you have fabric scraps that you just can't part with? 

Yesterday I saw Titanic in 3d....very good....I just love that movie.  In the lobby was this great display....
My sister Cecilia and my daughter close to Johnny Depp...AKA Barnabus Collins....he he he.  Selina was trying to give him a kiss....but she couldn't get close enough.
Have a great weekend and find as many eggs as you can!

Come to the party at many cool'll love it.

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