Monday, April 30, 2012

Times have changed!!

I got a couple old magazines from the early 60's for a buck each at an antique show ....SCORE!
They are soooo much fun to look at......boy have things changed!  I am from the late 60's....born after these it is amazing to me.
This is a Breck girl....wouldn't it be funny to make up your hair like this?   lol

This is super hold hair spray...remember when it was a stinky aerosol can that practically made you high?

I just bought some life cereal....which is still really good.  This is a fun ad.

Save 7 whole cents on a package....WOW!
Here is the very valuable coupon....I would love to try to use it....he he he

Ok...the food ads are usually pretty sick!  I love canned cranberry sauce....but this is funny because of the presentation.

Here we have an ad for pots....because we women are really interested in pots.
The other page is American Touristor snazzy.

Kraft Mac and Cheese...looks good...except the background looks gloomy...I am always happy when having mac and cheese....and I never light a blue candle.

Coke always has great Ads.....makes ya want one doesn't it!

Yikes!!!!  Just make a vat of Spanish type rice and throw some hotdogs on top....presto...your dinner is done!  Don't forget that garnish on top!

This is a fashion spread.....the hair cracks me up....I told my daughter I was going to do that to her hair and she started running.

This dress is kind of cool....reminds me of what a gal would wear....waiting for Barnabas Collins to appear.

I don't even know how they got their hair like that.....

I have never seen Campbell soups look so strange....these are Men's favorites apparently.  These food ads don't tempt me.

Good old Jerry Lewis....he is winking at you!

Look at the camera.....ha ha ha
Times have changed!!!

I remember my grandma constantly buying flash cubes....things are so much easier now.

Here is your dinner for tonight!
Cook up a roast with assorted veggies....and then when no one is looking.....throw in the hunts tomato sauce........and it is ruined!!!   lol.
These magazines are totally worth every penny!


  1. I enjoyed the magazine pictures! Royal Crown cola was good, way back when! I can't imagine putting tomato sauce on a roast, yuck! Thanks for sharing the blast from the past!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. I have enjoyed the post today!! I love that Barnabas Collins look too!! lol

  3. I so love the dresses and my parents had the same camera.