Monday, April 9, 2012

Spokane Washington ... our spring break

This is our beautiful city...Spokane, Washington.  We spent a lovely day at our park...Riverfront park on our spring break last week.  This is the site of Expo 74.  We are the smallest city ever to have a world's fair. Our city is the 2nd largest in Washington state. 

The river is really high....and crazy full of water! In the background is the US pavilion.  It was once covered with white fabric....but it always now it is uncovered.

Under the US pavilion is an ice rink and carnival.

Here is part of the park and the Opera house

I love the clock tower!!

It is a beautiful tower...once part of the railroad....the site of the park used to be nothing but train tracks and yuck.

Lots of lovely sculptures.

Spokane Vietnam memorial

My husband Dana and daughter Selina

The clock tower chimes on the hour and sometimes sweet melodies.

Close up of the clock face....this is huge.

During expo you could go up to the top.....I was 7 and remember it...such a wonderful experience...we had season passes....which was lucky since we didn't have too much money.  We went down on the bus nearly everyday.

This is a part of the park kids just love...a giant radio flyer slide.
Sugar shack and Ferris wheel
This is the a look at the city...part of it anyway.

My new best

Isn't it cute when they tuck their head for a nap!

This is our love this too!

This park is HUGE...we walked all over...I was trying to work off my red robin meal

I love this is really close to the platform where President Nixon and Ford stood.  Later Carter came!
I will continue with pics tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting with me!!

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  1. Ayden and Johnny went down to see the falls last week, Ayden was so excited first time he heard the clock tower ring!! More exciting then the Carousel ride.