Friday, May 1, 2020

May day! Welcome new month...

I think April moved along a little faster than March did. 
Maybe it was Easter....or getting into the rhythm of the new world...that made time go faster.
Or maybe its just me feeling this way.
In any case...I am happy we are into another warmer month!

The above calendar is free and is for your phone or tablet....get it here.

This free desktop calendar wallpaper can be found here.
I chose some uplifting colors and kept it simple.
May kitty cat

May is all about beautiful flowers, Mother's day, birds tweeting and warmer weather.
Stitch up this quick design that features a sweet cat that loves 
celebrating with a balloon.
Make it up in a cute pillow adorned with easy to make felt & wool flowers.

There is and will be more in this available for each month of the year.

These little felt or wool flowers are super easy to make...instructions are in the pattern.
  It only takes scraps!

My daughter Selina Hudson has a new class on skillshare.
Here is a little about it:

Great Photos are key to selling your products.
Have you ever taken a bad shot of your products and it doesn't sell? Getting a great photo can be very difficult. Its so frustrating and wastes time.
Do you want to keep the cost down in your business and sell much more?
In this class you will learn:
  • How to make lovely backgrounds using inexpensive supplies.
  • I explain tips on photography just using your smart phone.
  • You will learn about props and how they help sell your items.
  • I will be explaining how to use a free editing photography program called Pixrl X.
This photo shows the backdrops you can make... taking the pics with your smart phone and using easy free photo editing.....making a lovely pic for your etsy shop or ebay listing.
Check out skillshare because they have thousands of useful video for a month.....9.99 after that....a great way to use your quarantine time.

We have been making masks...I bet you have too!
I love using the sweet fabrics in my stash.

This is my first attempt.  I luckily had a stash of elastic.

Selina made one using her fabric designs on spoonflower,
There are so many types of masks....I used this one.

My book which is out now ... is a dream come true for excited about it. 
I had book signings set up, but the covid 19 came along...all will be rescheduled.
I look forward to seeing you at a future date. Come to my website to purchase a signed copy.
I love pincushions, so I included many in this book,,,along with mug rugs and pillow tucks ( little pillows on a shelf). 

Happy Birthday kitty cat pillow is in the birthday section of the book.
She is a sweet party guest!


My daughter Selina and I have collaborated to make a fun art kit!
You can make a hanging heart with fun artwork...perfect for mother's day, a friend, or for your own home.  You can choose from 1 heart or two.

This is one I made...before adding ribbons.
Check out the video here 
WE show how easy it is to make.

Selina cuts the wooden heart with a hole to hang it and a hole to add lots of ribbons, lace, and other trims....that dangle down.
We have a video showing you how easy it is to create.

This is the one Selina made with the kit.

I made this one.

I made the art work, just cut out and glue where you want to.
It also comes with a big wood heart and lots of trims to add to it.

The kit comes with 6 collage sheets...already printed. 
You only need a few supplies like a glue stick, scissors, elmer's glue and glitter.

I have been making a lot of art this past month.
Drawing is fun and my imagination is going wild.
I love cats so I had to make a jumping kitty in the garden.

I have been also drawing out of my comfort this succulent.

I have one in my I used it as a reference.
I survived through the winter in this little pot.

Have a wonderful weekend!