Thursday, February 23, 2017

Big buns freebie and easter bunny chick

I wanted to make you laugh today!!!
Hope I did. 
I like big buns and I cannot
Just a reminder...I have freebies every Friday...and they will disappear over grab them each friday.  Click on it and save.
This freebie design would make a fun tag.
Come check out my instagram....and say "Hi".
I love checking out what others are doing...the inspiration out there is amazing.
I like to share fun pictures and ideas....
like this cute pic of my bunny mat.
I made a new surface pattern design...the New Easter Bunny!
I love the soft colors and sweet chick.
(These designs are not freebies...they are owned and designed by me...just had to clarify)
Here is a closer look!
There is a lot going on isn't there?!
First I draw some designs on the computer...first in black.....I colored the chick later.
Most designs start out plain old black. 
They seem kind of boring at first.
The butterfly, flowers and  doo-dads are in the finished design....

This is my drawing of the flower element.
I then put it into the computer....later I colored it.
When making a repeating design...I usually put all the designs on a square and make sure they are correct down to the last pixel.
The square is a perfect repeat...

I drag the square and things flowing over into the color swatches.
I can use the colors I originally chose....or change them.
It is fun to play with all of this...
before you know it...hours have gone by.
Spoonflower is a cool company that has tons of fabric...and you can make your own designs and have them printed on can also buy other designers fabric.
She has taken a course in fabric design...and she is sooo good at remembering everything.
She loves designing and is determined to be a fabric designer!!
My baby is only 19...she graduated high school in 2016.
Proud mama moment!!!

My favorite is Victoria dreamland!!!

I love the colors and the big rose!

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Lucky.... freebie!

I love faux cross just trace it onto muslin just like any embroidery design...and stitch the x's.  This way there is no counting the linen or aida ...and it is more prim. 
This would be darling stitched up....or colored as a postcard.
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still my designs. 

I am currently finishing some Easter designs...alot like the Valentine ornaments I just made into a pattern below.
I love this bunny the most.
I am going to a pin swap soon.... and I whipped up this hearts on heart wool pin.
Most of the little tiny scraps are whip-stitched on and a few embroidery stitches are added.
I used to make tons of these to sell on ebay....back in the day.
I really got tired of making them...but now since I haven't done one in a was fun again.
I always love to create new artwork each year for each holiday...
Sometimes they are simple this lucky plant poke.
I made this while watching a old episode of "The Munsters".... that show is older than me!

I have also been making some stationary....with hexies!
I made a happy go lucky and best day ever.
This is a better closer look at it.
I might need to keep going with these and create one for every holiday.

I had to add my daughter....we all went thrift shopping last weekend and she picked up a fake fur.
She looked just like Macklemore.... so we had to sing the thrift shop song! two cats turned 10 the other day!
I can't believe they are that old...but I saw them being born in our dining room so I know exactly the date!
It was gross....but they sure are super special. 

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Be mine today!

Sending you some love!!!  
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Happy Valentine's Day!!!  
Sorry the sale is over...

Friday, February 10, 2017

Shop kitty freebie

Why don't I look this cute when I am shopping?
Must be the fluffy tail and sweet sweet 
Hope you are having a fantastic Friday!
This freebie would look darling on a kitchen towel!
I am a very proud Momma!
This is my daughter Selina's first embroidery pattern! 
It is called Funny Valentine.
She designed it...stitched it and learned how to make it into a pattern. 
It is a sweet simple design....that can be stitched up fast!
I love the Antennae.  
She is working on another project....what will it be? 
I put on a couple coloring pages in my etsy shop.
This Love one is perfect for Valentine's day!
It was so much fun to design.
This is my new lucky coloring page...full of shamrocks.
Selina has a new hexie necklace in her shop....vintage fabric with an embroidered rose.
The hexie is painted green for a fun new look.

She sells lots of her illustrations and artwork.
She made some cool notes and the 3 designs fit on one page...which you can print off as many as you like. 
She made the cluster of flowers for all the designs...some came from her own photography.
She also has this sweet deer.
She loves to come up with new products to put her designs on.
I also love this fox!

I am having fun with my sisters this weekend....gotta get going!

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Kissy kissy kittens

Hahaha... I am cracking up.  These vintage kitties are so dorky yet fun... I added the Kissy kissy for fun.
My cats come up to each other all nice...and as soon as they look like they are going to have a nose kiss...someone gets all pissy.
It happens every time...they never learn.
My cats are soooo over winter...they hate being cooped up.  They can go out whenever they want...they just don't like ice and cold.
This is my brand new pattern:
These are super quick to stitch up! 
Love...simple and sweet.
My daughter Selina is my hand model. 
They make a great gift and look amazing sitting on a little shelf. Each ornament has a wool or felt heart on the back. Use bakers twine for a sweet hanger. 
This pattern is also on my website...if you like printed and mailed patterns.
Look how cute they are on the back!!
Pink wool hearts! 
Kitty power! 
I like balloons...I seem to draw them a lot.
There are hearts, a cat, bunny, little girl, flowers and more!
My favorite is this bunny! 
Here they are on a vintage pink tree. 
You could also make a darling little quilt with the designs.
Embroidery designs measure: from 1 1/2" x 3 1/8" to 3" x 4 1/2"
Finished: from 2" x 3 3/4" to 3" x 5" 
I love bleeding hearts and that is what this one reminds me of.
Selina is wearing an irish ring on her middle finger...a special gift from goes around and never stops.  She has a promise ring on her other finger from her boyfriend Jaryd. 

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