Saturday, June 23, 2018

The monster squad is here

I spent some time this week making these cute Halloween dolls!
I really needed to just have fun and do something was just the right set of projects.
These dolls are painted in are the dolls with a base coat.
My favorite is the mummy!
All my dolls are in my etsy shop: HudsonsHolidays
This is my Zombie girl....she is holding some
I made it from fabric and free motion stitching.
It was hard to keep her eyes looking vacant...I really wanted to paint them in.
She is wearing a badge that has a pinback on the back so you can wear it.

See her green glittery shoes!

She has green eyes and lovely green skin!
She also has a small broom...her ride!
He also has a pin badge...look at his

Each doll has a detailed painted face.

he is a sweetie!
He has his favorite music in his pocket....and a monster mash bingo card.

Gray tabby cat...with fall on her mind.

Such big yellow eyes....and a leaf pin too.

Here they are on my steps....hanging out.

These two are besties.

This kitty has climbed a tree.

Two spooks, ready to pounce down on someone.

I hope you like seeing my collection...and they are ready for adoption.
If they are not in my etsy shop, that means they sold out.

Have a happy Sunday!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Patriotic Tea Party!

I have created a Patriotic Tea Party!
This painting was a lot of fun and actually helped me get through some stressful times.
Art is very healing.
Sometimes just getting out the supplies on a big table gets you going! 
I always start with a large canvas (hobby lobby was packs of them at great prices)
I take old papers and with a matte medium, apply them to the canvas.
Some of my old papers crack me up....I guess they lied about dieting stuff way back!
Terrible how this kind of fraud was allowed, but it still is really.
I like adding recipes and cartoons too. 
Sometimes I glue some tissue paper too. You just have to apply these carefully so they don't wrinkle.
I drew a few ideas down....
from my sketch....I think it is a good idea to do this before hand.
I started adding paint...letting some of the old papers show through. 
I really wanted the teapot to have a flag...because usually teapots have flowers or sweet designs...
I wanted it to be different. 
I work on one area, and then go to the next while it dries. 
I sketched a spoon at the bottom.
Adding greenery. 
Folk art is very
It's ok to make mistakes or be a little sloppy. 
Things are coming together, but I didn't like all that space around the teapot. 
Lots of shading.... 
coffee or tea? 
I added a patriotic banner! 
I slipped it in and I love it! 
This is my process and I had so much fun.
This is a perfect project for a rainy day!
My daughter Selina ( with a fox camera app)....
She is a happy girl because she has a new laser machine and it works like a dream.
Her other machine broke down and caused all kinds of trouble... right after
quilt market!  Now she is almost completely caught up on all the orders and feeling much better!

When it rains pours!
It's almost Father's Day!

Makes the perfect gift for Father's day 
or when baby is born and there is a new daddy in the family.
Looks great hung up in the man cave.
This is a dollar store frame...painted easy!

Hope you have an amazing weekend with your dad....your step-dad, your father in law, uncle, grandpa or cat

Thursday, June 7, 2018

More from Quilt Market- Portland

Portland ... city of Roses...big and beautiful.
Quilt market had some lovely quilts on display....but the market is really for making business deals, so I loved seeing these beauties that were chosen!
Here is a wide shot of the roses quilt.
Drool worthy!
This fantasy quilt made you look it over fro top to bottom.
a cool dragon...
I always wondered how this guy could climb hair...crazy! 
Here is a witch, a hansel and gretel candy cottage and a valiant knight. 
The floral appliques were amazing. 
yellows and grays...who knew they would look so great together? 
All those small blocks...I would have gone crazy making pretty. 
The color is could look at this forever. 
Cool old truck! 
This looks so real. 
From the suburbs ... to the inner cool! 
Wow, this reminds me of snowy winter days ... but its so hot out right now.
I love the silhouettes. 
Modern art flowers...and great quilting. 
Amazing how much you can do with fabric and thread. 
Beautiful elephants...another amazingly real looking quilt. 
This quilt is from TILDA. 
This quilt is so awesome....totally white....the quilting says it all.
Here is the mad hatter....
This is the entire quilt. 
The white rabbit.... 
cheshire cat 
The red queen 
Alice and the story telling...perfect! 
Designer quilts...Corey Yoder. 
A fun Halloween sweet treat quilt.
what a fun display! 
McKenna Ryan...everything was perfection! 
A yummy Halloween quilt! 
A fun quilt by Lori Holt. 
Cori Dantini....I love her paintings ( and I have three prints...she is very nice too!)
Her fabric is terrific!

Buyers get to see these cool books to make their fabric choices. 
Everything she does is so cute! 
What little girl wouldn't love frolicking around in this? 
Love love love
Princess Leia....amazing quilting! 
Naughty Han Solo
What a sweet Christmas collection! 
My booth, now I am going to hang this banner in my studio!

I hope you like seeing these photos.
I had a blast.
I feel so lucky to have had a chance to wonder around a little.

Have a great weekend....I hope you find time to relax and take some "Me" time!