Saturday, June 23, 2018

The monster squad is here

I spent some time this week making these cute Halloween dolls!
I really needed to just have fun and do something was just the right set of projects.
These dolls are painted in are the dolls with a base coat.
My favorite is the mummy!
All my dolls are in my etsy shop: HudsonsHolidays
This is my Zombie girl....she is holding some
I made it from fabric and free motion stitching.
It was hard to keep her eyes looking vacant...I really wanted to paint them in.
She is wearing a badge that has a pinback on the back so you can wear it.

See her green glittery shoes!

She has green eyes and lovely green skin!
She also has a small broom...her ride!
He also has a pin badge...look at his

Each doll has a detailed painted face.

he is a sweetie!
He has his favorite music in his pocket....and a monster mash bingo card.

Gray tabby cat...with fall on her mind.

Such big yellow eyes....and a leaf pin too.

Here they are on my steps....hanging out.

These two are besties.

This kitty has climbed a tree.

Two spooks, ready to pounce down on someone.

I hope you like seeing my collection...and they are ready for adoption.
If they are not in my etsy shop, that means they sold out.

Have a happy Sunday!

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