Thursday, December 31, 2020

Welcome 2021!!

January 2021 is finally here!
I think we are all glad 2020 is over.
It was a horrible year for the most part...thankfully there is always some good things..sprinkled in.

I had a stroke, found out I had diabetes, I had a watermelon size mass in my uterus (which they thought might be cancer), a mammogram that had suspicious masses (had biopsies done), and after hospitals stays and dr appointments...many tests on everything. My stroke is well taken care of...i'm probably 98% better or 99%. I have my uterus out and appendix cancer. I have a colorguard test that was no cancer and my breasts are cancer free. 
I consider all this good news (even though it was traumatic) I am losing weight and taking care of my diabetes.

The very bad news is that my sister in law died from Covid and my brother is in ICU on a ventilator and things are looking bad. My nephew is going thru all this and it is sooooo tough.

Let's hope this new year... is a much better year for everyone!

The above phone or tablet calendar can be downloaded here.
This desktop calendar can be downloaded here!
While recovering this Christmas season... I sewed up some goodies!

I made a Grinch doll...using some vintage green fur I have been saving forever.
I made him a simple santa hat like he did in the cartoon and a heart 2 sizes too small.
Plus he is holding a christmas sign and one ornament that he snatched away from the Whos.
I had to keep him!
But I made several Grinch

lots more!
I loved making the Peanuts gang! Everytime I had a new batch... they sold right away. 

I had so much fun...I think I will make some Valentine ones.

The cats were fun and I loved adding glitter. 

I made my sister Julie, Maleficent....her favorite Disney Villian.

I love hello kitty and my melody from my childhood. (I kept some for myself)

When I was feeling daughter Selina got me some unicorn flowers....sweet right!

I framed one of my watercolors in this sweet frame, just an old wooden frame painted with pink chalk paint. The tag says "Princess".

I started a new thread painting project.
A Valentine bunny.

It is looking more like a furry bunny, I can't wait to show you the finished design!
I have some of these Valentine pincushions in my etsy shop...ready made. I love going thru the fabric I have collected... it is so cheerful and bright. 

I hope 2021 will be an amazing year full of hope and new beginnings.
More than anything I hope Covid will be in the past with everyone getting a vaccine and back to being around people without fear.

Here is to a lovely January!