Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today is a bad day

I knew today was just plain bad when I woke up.  I feel awful...flu or something....and then my hubby texts me that Davy Jones has passed away.  I loved him....he was so adorable and I love the Monkees.
When their show aired I was not yet born....but in the 80's they replayed the series and I loved them!!!!

They were funny and Davy was the Justin Beiber of the day.  So cute.  I am sad that he is gone, and only 66.....what a shame.  :(

Monday, February 27, 2012

Peaches and cream please

Peachy Pink Tissue Paper Pom Poms - 7 Piece Set - More Colors Available
Here is another wonderful treasury I am a part of on Etsy!
Peaches and yummy!
wooden hearts shabby chic pink cottage decor style wedding decor
Beautiful wooden hearts
Paris Photography - Dreamy Paris Trees Park Scene - Paris Tuileries Garden Dreamscape - Fine Art Photography  8" x 12" peachy wonderful
Paper Flowers - Set of 15 - Blush Pink Paper Rosettes - Custom Colors Available
Who doesn't love fabric flowers
Life is peachy enjoy the ride sign digital   - peach inspiration NEW art words vintage style primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
My life is peachy sign
woodsy flower halo in peachy beige- The Darcey sweet
Ponsenby Owl- CREAM
Pretty owl
Romantic Paris Balconies - French Windows - Blush Pink Black - 8x10"
More Paris art
Vintage Long Silk Scarf for Women by Echo - Salmon Pink - 36
Sweetest scarf! 
Come over to Etsy and see these goodies!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Irish banner

Happy St Patrick's Day Lucky Irish digital banner pdf - party garland green 2 sheet collage
Here is my new St. Patrick's day banner on my etsy.
There are 6 rectangles in this set.....saying Happy, St., Patrick's , day, lucky, & Irish. Just print them using white cardstock or photo paper (matte). Cut out around rectangle. Using a hole punch...punch a hole in each corner of the rectangle. Thread on ribbons, seam binding, raffia, jute/twine, yarn, or small/tiny tinsel garland. Each rectangle Measures: 7 3/8" x 3 5/16".
Happy St Patrick's Day Lucky Irish digital banner pdf - party garland green 2 sheet collage
This set is $3.69.  Have a great rest of the weekend.
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cat quote of the week ...fabulous

This is my cat...Princess Fiona....she was pregnant here....just a couple days from having 4 kittens.  I can see my cat, Trix, is her little sad that Fiona disappeared without a trace. 
She was fabulous!
Hug your cats today.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be ready for the bunny

Marshmallow Bunny Adjustable Ring - Easter
This is a lovely Etsy Treasury....Be ready for the bunny!  What a cute set of bunny rings above!!!
Primitive Chubby Baby Chick Bowl Fillers-Easter-Spring-OFG TEAM
The sweetest chicks ever!
Little Guy SPRING EASTER Necktie Tie - Aqua and Green Collection - (4- 6 years) - Boy Toddler - Wedding - Photo Prop -
OMG....I wish I had a little boy so I could have him in these ties!
Floppy Rabbit Ear & Cottontail Easter Hat (Newborn, Toddler, Child)
Adorable Bunny hat....looks cozy too!
Easter Wood Block Set home seasonal spring easter bunny egg chick gift personalized shelf sitter primitive block set photography prop
I always love wooden blocks ....all painted up!
12 Large Easter Phrase sayings Flash Cards - vintage like signs chick bunny egg peeps happy spring words pretty scrapbooking digital
My Easter flash cards.....super sized.
Easter Bunny Garland, Easter Bunny Banner, Easter Decoration, Spring Decoration, Bright Purple Yellow Pink, Easter Photo Prop
What a springy garland
Easter Basket PDF Sewing Pattern Tutorial .. NEW
This is a pdf pattern for this lovely Easter basket....must check it out after I post this.
Rabbit in Green Jacket Scrabble Tile Pendant Easter Jewelry (ITEM S281) Free Ball Chain Necklace or Key Ring
Cute lil vintagy.  Please check out this treasury and other Etsy many talented people are there. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Keep Calm..Now panic and Freak out!

Isn't this a good one!!!  It flips the "keep calm" sign much fun!
Here is alittle preview picture of the new movie "DArk ShaDows"...which I can't wait for.  I have been watching the old tv show on addicting.  I saw them as a kid...but they were reruns.  I love playing the Dark Shadows game with my daughter and husband.  Hopefully this new movie will be good...I love Tim Burton movies. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mixed media artwork

Hi everyone!  Did you have a nice weekend and President's day?  I took my daughter to the orthodontist...great fun way to spend the afternoon....and then her bracket fell off that they just worked on and then they can't see her until next Tuesday.....I was not a happy camper.
But....I must let it go for now.
Here are some more new paintings....mixed media....I use lots of papers, acrylic paints, and different inks.

I am a big fan....of things that "Meow".  I have 3 tabbys....they are so much fun.  Right now they are snoozing it up.

This gal's hair reminds me of "Hairspray"....I love both movie versions.  

Sometimes just a one word statement is all you need.  
I have got to get busy...I have a huge list of things to do and I know I can only get to some of it today.  Have a pleasant afternoon!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vintage goodies....found

I went shopping yesterday...we had alot of fun...but we walked some rather scary parts of downtown Spokane to see all the little stores we wanted to see.  The above picture is a of a Avon kitty perfume holder....sweet honesty is inside.  I had this when I was little...I really treasured it....but it was long gone.  This one is like brand new!  With plenty of perfume that still smells sweet!

When we were little we went to the Hillyard Variety store...a 5 and 10 cent store.  All of us loved the perfume...Ben Hur.  We have been trying to find it for years....I scored it yesterday for 4 bucks.  Everytime I saw it on ebay they wanted a fortune for an empty bottle.  Boy...does it still smell great!

This isn't vintage...just cute! lol   This is my cat Froy ....doing what he does best...snoozing!

I found these old pipe says to make toys, favors, and novelties....boy do things change.

It is full of lovely colors...look it was once 10

This cheesecloth was wrapped around some cardboard to look like a small bolt of fabric....pretty cool!
I design alot of patterns using I always need more.

I love the Dennison company....and I love labels....25 cents for it only went up in price a few pennies.

This was in a bag....just a bag of goodies...I love carpet thick and useful....think whiskers!!!

We went to a thrift store too... I love pansies and stamping.  Plus I can always use another star punch.

Old French cool.

I don't know what it says....I took French in high school but I was always laughing and joking in that class...I don't know much about French....oh well.

These lil ladies are so cool...and dramatic!  I am always looking for cool old pics....I even got a Halloween party picture...but I am saving that til Halloween comes closer.  
Today we are reorganizing some of the rooms in our house...and I am spending a little time goofing around blogging...HE HE HE!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life is.....

I just love this quote from Mother wonder she was so wise!  I made this little sign with her quote to share with you.    It inspires me so much!  
Have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Friends- new painting!

Here are some of my latest paintings.  I had a blast combining papers with paint...there is something amazing about seeing your talents grow...slowly over time....because each time you practice or make some kind of get better.  For first embroidery....a kitten with a butterfly ...was a every respect!!!.  But embroidery is very nice.

I love banners....I love flowers.....I love the light sky blue.  I have so many old books that end up in these pieces.  They are beautiful in their own right.

Life is good!  This is a large big to scan. This one makes me really want Spring...bad!   I will have most of my new paintings on red bubble...a print shopping site.... soon.  
Hope everyone had a fab Valentine's day!  I did!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I hope you all have a Very Happy Valentine's Day!!!
We celebrated Sunday by shopping and going out...had a blast.  Got some cheerful painted daisies days ago.  We gave our daughter a box of chocolate kisses (her fav chocolate) and a cute pink monkey today.  
I am weight I don't want a big box of chocolates staring at me.  Lost almost 15 pounds...yay!
Isn't this kitty funny....he has baby cute!  He looks alittle most kittens.  
Celebrate love today!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spring is coming....hopefully

new 2011 Easter Egg bunny Mouse Stitchery E Pattern - email Pdf primitive embroidery pillow pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck
Here are a few springy designs of mine....I want to think spring!  Snowed here....yuck!
Here comes Peter Cotton tail Easter sign digital - purple bunny rabbit uprint NEW vintage art words primitive old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
Here are some of my Easter is coming...yeah!!!
Easter Bunny Rabbit Egg E Pattern - pdf email sayings words seam binding ribbon brooch retro fabric felt wool pins doll spring
These are so they are shown in Amy Butler fabrics.
Easter Bunny Chick Tags - altered Fun scrapbooking Labels digital uprint primitive paper old
These tags are so fun and pretty.
Prim spring eggs E Pattern - quilt Pdf primitive chick bunny altered art embellishment mixed media
These eggs are easy...makes a great display.  Letters are included in the pattern
12 Large Easter Phrase sayings Flash Cards - vintage like altered art vintage signs chick bunny egg peeps happy spring words pretty scrapbooking digital uprint primitive
Easter flash cards are fun for taking pics...have your family or friends holding one and take pics.  They are also great to put around your house and place on a table setting.
new 2011 Easter Egg bunny Chick Stitchery E Pattern - email Pdf primitive embroidery pillow pinkeep tag pincushion tuck
Bunnies, eggs, and springy.
Bunnies, Kitty, and Posies Wool Pins E PATTERN-  rabbit sitting kitty Pdf cat flowers summer spring felt jewelry
I love making these pins.
SWEET Easter Pins E Pattern - wearable jewelry brooch PDF primitive embroidery FELT bunny chick egg
Big eyes!!!
Everything in life perfect sign digital - pink inspiration NEW art words vintage style primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
This is brand new!
Prim wool Mouse Pinkeep Shamrock E pattern - Big pincushion wool fabric pdf clover primitive sewing notion day Irish sign pins
O'dorable...isn't he!?!

new 2011 Shamrock Mouse Stitchery E Pattern - email Pdf primitive leprechaun Saint Patrick's day  St. pillow pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck
Let's all think spring....maybe it will come faster that way!
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