Monday, October 31, 2011

HaPpY HaLLoWeEN EvEryOnE !!!!

Happy Halloween everyone....I hope everyone with snow will still have a good time tonight...I know it must be strange to deal with snow before Halloween.  This is the pumpkin that Selina and I carved....she thought it would be fun to have some of the inside pumpkin shavings coming out its mouth!!  We also put plastic eyeballs in his big round eyes.

This is my daughter Selina....also known as Goldie locks and her one tiny bear!  She wore her costume to middle school today...I had to make sure everything was pinned up.  She had a BLAST at our Halloween party Saturday night....she and her friends lived it up.  I was dresses as Bewitched and my husband was Barnabus Collins from dark shadows.  It was a very fun party with lots to eat, Halloween costume contest, and dance contest. 

My cat Trix says.....Be Safe tonight!!!  I unfortunately will have no trick or treaters....we live in an area in the valley where no one comes....too dark I think ....with no neighbors

Friday, October 28, 2011

Turkey & Candy Corn - Freebie friday

Here is the Freebie for Friday this week....Turkey & Candy Corn.  You can easily stitch this up into a pin before Thanksgiving...great to wear while cooking your Turkey.  I don't know about you...but....I love Candy corn....I just can eat only a few because it is so sugary.  I have no tummy problems and I love sweets and eat sweets too much...but when it comes to Candy corn... alittle goes a long way.
I also love turkey, stuffing and gravy with taters.  I like to look forward to the differences of each holiday throughout the year!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thanksgiving subway art sign

Hi everyone...We woke up to frosty grass and very chilly air this morning....yikes...I guess winter is coming.
Here is my new Thanksgiving subway digital art sign ....available on My Etsy.
It fits in a 8 x 10 frame. Sayings and words included on sign: Gobble til you wobble, Give thanks, Autumn leaves, Harvest blessings, yum, November, Be Grateful, Fall, Family gathering, Turkey time, leaves, Indians, Pumpkin Pie, Pilgrims, Let's get stuffed, Happy Thanksgiving, and Abundance.  When I was taking this picture was "raining" yellow pretty and my cat Trix was getting so frisky.
This is  a very colorful fun sign...Going to make a Christmas one next. the sun is shining on the changing leaves....going have to take a nice walk.
Have a great day Everyone!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Heart of Halloween

LAST SET Halloween Candy Bar set of 8 jars filled with goodiesVintage Inspired Halloween Cupcake Toppers - Set of 12
Victorian Gothic Black Blood Red Halloween Skeleton Necklace - Silent in SolitudeRepurposed Book Upcycled Dictionary Art Vintage Book Print Recycled Vintage Dictionary Page I Want To Suck Your Blood Buy 2 Get 1 FREE
This is a Spooktacular Halloween Etsy treasury.  I love treasuries on Etsy because you see a carefully selected collection of whatever the etsy member picked out....this way you see lovely items you would not have normally come across.  There are some very talented people on etsy making unique handmade nice for Christmas gifts. 
Marie Antoinette 2.25 inch Circles for Pocket Mirrors - DigitalPerfection digital collage sheet 605Marie Antoinette  Let Them Eat Cake Crown
Marie Antoinette Of Our Heart-Impressive Photo Pendant Charm Bracelet-Available Only In My ShopVictorian or Marie Antoinette Style Necklace and Bodice Jewelry Set Custom
This treasury is...Marie Antoinette...bigger is better treasury.  This one is sooo Feminine and Fun!  There are tons of Treasuries on Etsy...all with different themes, styles, and colors.....check them out....great for inspiration too!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Freaky Franky Halloween freebie- stitchery design

Happy haunting....this is the Friday freebie pattern.  Franky has a thing for candy corn.  Between scaring the villagers and finding his mate...he eats candy corn.  This franky isn't scary, more goofy than anything.  He would make a cute pin or fridge magnet.  Next Friday I will have something for come back. 
Today is my hubby's birthday.....I love him sooooo much, he is wonderful.  We already gave him gifts, so we are going out to dinner later...going to have fun!!
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Needle felting fun for Halloween

Hello feels like fall now....that chill in the air and the changing colors on the tree!
I just wanted to show you projects I have made by needle felting....for Halloween.
Needle felting is fun and use a barbed needle and poke wool roving (loose hunks) into wool or felt or just blending the fibers together.  Wool fibers have jagged can't see it with your eye, but it does.  This needle hooks the fibers together.

I made this witches head by blended wool roving together...even her hair is wool roving...attached at the scalp area.  Her eyes are so funny!

I love making pumpkins and then needle felting the pumpkins features.  Plus I love using twigs and sticks from my yard in projects.

This pumpkin man's head is needle felted and I gave him a fabric body with felt collar and feet.

This toothy guy makes me laugh.

This is one of my patterns....lots of fun.  I went alittle nuts making tons of them.

This crow looks

This witch doll is 100% needle felted wool was a challenge.
   I had to keep her.
Another one of my patterns.....this is one big crow...he was just at the quilt show.

This huge skull sits on my bed...I made a Halloween quilt and he just looks like the centerpiece. 
If you have never tried needle felting...I encourage you to try it....poking a needle into wool is a satisfying is like a lil bit of magic!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giveaway from Cat Haven Crafts

I want to tell you about a great giveaway from Cat Haven Crafts.  The giveaway includes the 3 designs above.... deadline Oct 31st!  She is a very talented lady...she makes the CUTEST wool CATS!  Just look at her pilgrim cats on her blog header!
The colors are so lovely!
She stitched up one of my freebie designs is part of the giveaway! 
Go visit her will love it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Come see my WSQ booth!!!

I finally have some time to show you my booth at last weekend's Washington State Quilt show!

I love to have my Halloween set back in the was sparkly spooky.

I love my cubby hole (got it for 5 bucks at a thrift store!).  I stuffed the cubby holes with all kinds of goodies and supplies!

Keep calm and quilt on!!

Christmas patterns

Easter bunnies and wallhangings

I do alot of patterns featuring mice....they are a simple yet cute creature.

Pincushions are so popular...I think everyone is collecting them.

It was hard to fit everything in my booth, some things I had to put back in a box.

Ghouls night out!

I loved showing my new patterns

lil fun!

Halloween pins...I really enjoyed making these. know I love Halloween by now!  lol

I also love Christmas kitties and mice!

Chicks are so sweet

I love all the holidays

I love my new show off the products.

I want to thank all of you who came and said such lovely and sweet comments.  I felt 10 feet high after this weekend....and I am short!  It really meant alot to know that you like what I do and signing patterns was totally thrilling!


I love making items with old photos! 

Candy cute on your door.

This guy got lots of women touching him all weekend...he is happy....ha ha

My mannequins patterns are a top seller...I have them in 3 sizes.

I love what I do, I can't imagine a better job for me!

Gingerbread, a favorite of mine.

Kitties and valentines.....sitting right next to my husband who helped alot this weekend and my daughter who enjoyed shopping!
Thanks everyone for saying hi to me....don't forget to check out my freebies link at the left side column.