Thursday, October 20, 2011

Needle felting fun for Halloween

Hello feels like fall now....that chill in the air and the changing colors on the tree!
I just wanted to show you projects I have made by needle felting....for Halloween.
Needle felting is fun and use a barbed needle and poke wool roving (loose hunks) into wool or felt or just blending the fibers together.  Wool fibers have jagged can't see it with your eye, but it does.  This needle hooks the fibers together.

I made this witches head by blended wool roving together...even her hair is wool roving...attached at the scalp area.  Her eyes are so funny!

I love making pumpkins and then needle felting the pumpkins features.  Plus I love using twigs and sticks from my yard in projects.

This pumpkin man's head is needle felted and I gave him a fabric body with felt collar and feet.

This toothy guy makes me laugh.

This is one of my patterns....lots of fun.  I went alittle nuts making tons of them.

This crow looks

This witch doll is 100% needle felted wool was a challenge.
   I had to keep her.
Another one of my patterns.....this is one big crow...he was just at the quilt show.

This huge skull sits on my bed...I made a Halloween quilt and he just looks like the centerpiece. 
If you have never tried needle felting...I encourage you to try it....poking a needle into wool is a satisfying is like a lil bit of magic!


  1. I have that pattern and have made and sold most of them..they were alot of fun to create.:)

  2. Love the pumpkin with the crow on it and the other 2 big crows!