Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Making my space more me...

I probably said this before...but bear with me. 
My studio is a huge building right next to my house.
To save on a huge heating bill...I decided to have an office in my house during the real cold months....since I am working on adobe illustrator most of the time anyway. When I want I can heat the building...and craft up a storm...haha.  So far our weather has been pretty darned nice.
I guess I am a thrifty Scotswoman.
I made my new office as cute as can be ....and the sun shines brightly in it most days!
I started organizing it...looking better all the time!
I got some wonderful wall pockets from Deflecto....My hubby put them up in a flash.
My house was built in 1921....plaster there is alot of wallpaper!
I kept this yellow retro and cheery.
I added more stuff to my bulletin board.

Here is another wall pocket...right next to the door.

I put my DMC thread chart in there and my tablet and also the latest mag I am in (my project is n the cover)

My daughter gave me a cute butterfly print for Christmas along with some other goodies.

This file holder is handy for my idea files and also pattern info.
Nothing gets bent or it.
Here is my one of my lamps...made from a goodwill lamp (olive green and mustard yellow base when I saw it).  I painted the base white....took off the awful fabric on the shade.
Took strips of a flowery vintage sheet and tied it to the shade....instant shabby chic lamp.
I have my old computer handy and printer.
It truly feels like my space...inspiring.
I have my artwork above my is nice to see all together like this.

This organizer has an inside divider so pencils/scissors can fit it without sliding around.

These fit great on a small wall space area that was even used before.
It is nice to have things easy to reach for.

Very handy.  They are strong too.
Selina (my daughter) and I went to Goodwill....there were these artist pens just brought out by a gal.....these are premium double ended side a marker brush and the other a smaller tip...Tombow. A ton in a big blue basket. 5.99......SCORE! All new
Pretty all grouped together!
Normally these pens cost 3.19 a piece.
I felt so lucky to get these.
We are going to play around with them on her break!

Life is art
Paint your dreams!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Valentine Sneaky peak

The wind is howling here....very cold now.
Winter decided to show up after Christmas.
Above is a sneaky peak of my next pattern...I really love it!
It will be available very the meantime....
here are just a few of my Valentine items on etsy.

Sweet kitty pillow with pocket to put treats in.

A lovely round embroidery pillow...I want to be loved by you.

Valentine treasures pocket....reminds me of the old valentine box of chocolates....yum!

A cross-stitch heart....looks like it is vintage.

Kitty cat make do ....purfect as a pincushion or a treat box. 
Love me, love me not heart

Valentine scrappy heart pins


Tags....with fun sayings

My create a banner....which you could make this banner with.

Valentine flash for decor and picture props.
There are many more in my etsy shop.
I have several Valentine ideas I am working on....gotta get back to work.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Resolutions sheet

Hey...I want to share another freebie I made....
a 2015 Resolution work sheet.
Just think of your goals...anything you want to work on this year...whether it is personal or professional.  
Brainstorm on a scrap of paper.  
Then when you are sure of what your resolutions are...grab a nice black marker or pen and write your resolutions done nicely on this worksheet.  
(copy and save and print this above)
Hang it in your office, kitchen or anywhere you will see this.
You may even want to brainstorm on each idea...think of how you will make each goal happen!
Share this worksheet with your friends too!
If you need a quick New Year's eve party hat....I made a pattern for a very versatile one.

These small hats are super Easy to make, Fun & Quick, take only small amounts of fabric( soooo inexpensive!), and can be made for ANY TIME OF THE YEAR or occasion. The hats are great for New Year' Eve parties, Birthdays, Christmas parties and gatherings. Each hat can be uniquely different or you an create matching hats. They are light, extremely comfortable, & clip on snuggly. No longer do you have to have a strap or headband to have your lil party hat stay on. 
20 different banner are included! Measures:3 1/2" x 5 1/4"to 5 1/2" x 6 1/4"...depending on embellishments. These are for Adults and kids!
****This pattern also includes: Banner artwork- Happy New Year's, Happy Valentine's day, Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Easter, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day, Congrats Grad!, Happy 4th of July, Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, Bride, Groom, Happy Birthday, Over the Hill, Happy anniversary, Give Thanks, Party Girl, Happy Holidays, Life is good!, and Let them eat Cake.
There are also instructions for the kind of party hat above...with fabric banners that you can personalize and make the brim very fancy as well. 
I made some for everytime of the year...Its fun to have them on hand....
especially for a Birthday girl. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Squirrel freebie

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Hey...did you know my nick name was sister Angie did that...instead of calling me Shirley.
She is a fun person...always a laugh.
I used to get all kinds of squirrel figurines from friends.
They are packed away... like so many things...because there is never enough room for everything!
This week's freebie is "S is for Squirrel"
Remember ...these would be sweet to stitch up in a kids quilt or on lil pillows.  For earlier letters in this series...go back to my past Friday posts. Fun to color as well. Copy and save.

Next week will be: "T is for ____"
Be the first to guess the correct answer to what "T" could stand for ....and you will get a sweet prize.  Just make your guess in the comment section of this blog post.
One guess per person to make it fair! 

This was our tree on Christmas eve night....all a glow!
Here is my daughter Selina and our cat Trix (she loves any box). 
Selina got Frozen jammies and a sweet necklace... 
from her boyfriend...very pretty. 
Her big gift was a big TV.....she is in heaven.

I had to share this fun gift from my daughter....a Planet of the Apes desk set....a tray with sand, statue of liberty and a small figurine of Charleton push a button and it is him funny.  I love the old Planet of the Apes.  I got lots of nice gifts...we all did!  So thankful!
My husband Dana made the best Roast beef darned good. 
It was a fab Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cats & wool

I got some old craft pictures off my old to look back at what I was making and selling.
I was really trying to get family pics off the this was a nice surprise.
Please excuse my lame
I loved making little wool pins....especially with cats on them.
Above is jumping kitty....I made a pattern with this one in different colors.

These were so fun to use up tons of tiny scraps.

3 kittens in a basket.
Cat and wild!
kitty with bird

This is my favorite.....I love the flowers with the kitty

I made soooo many and sold them all. 
But I made this all kitty cat pattern so I don't have to make tons of these...and it still sells!
Sometimes crafts are timeless.
Have some time for yourself....if you can work it out!

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