Friday, December 19, 2014

Rabbit freebie design

Today's freebie is "R is for rabbits".  
Do any of you have a real rabbit?
 Remember ...these would be sweet to stitch up in a kids quilt or on lil pillows.  For earlier letters in this series...go back to my past Friday posts. Fun to color as well. Copy and save.

Next week will be: "S is for ____"
Be the first to guess the correct answer to what "S" could stand for ....and you will get a sweet prize. I think someone should be able to answer this one easily!  Just make your guess in the comment section of this blog post.
One guess per person to make it fair! 
More Xmas deco pics

Just had to share with corny hokey center of my holiday decor!
It is alot of blues and pinks mixed with some favorite thrift  finds and craft show goodies.
These things remind me of growing up in the 70's....and my mom.

Corny angel music box on top.
It is fun to fill up a large container with glass ornaments.

We had reindeer like these as when I saw them at Goodwill....I was a very happy girl!'
I got the funny gnome last year.

The goofy snowman was from a pattern years ago...sure looks like Olaf from Frozen.  
I tried to change up the way I put out the harm daughter also helped alittle.
I have so much to do before Christmas...I bet you do too!
Gotta get busy!

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  1. Thank you for the letter R, is S for sugar?

  2. You are welcome! S is not for sugar though....sorry.
    Thanks for guessing!

  3. Sorry Paula, it is not sewing. Good guess.