Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas decor & my new office space

I don't know about you, but putting up the Christmas decor is harder and harder every year.
I guess it is because I keep collecting more and I want my house to look awesome! lol
I have a fridge with a chalk board front. I love marking it up.
I took my Deflecto chalk markers and had a blast this morning...goofing around like a kid.
These markers come in 5 colors. 
These are my two mice I have had for about 20 years.  Someone made them and put them in a craft mall....when I saw them ....I had to have them.  They were expensive at the time....but I was so over the moon with them that it didn't matter.  Who ever made them....I say THANKS!
I will take more Xmas pics later.
I made myself another office is in the studio I have ....which is in a big building right next to my house that used to be a paint and body shop.
But I wanted an office that was more handy in the winter.
This is my little yellow room....very old fashioned wallpaper....but I like this room alot! 
I just put up my bulletin board....I stuck up my banner, some signs, and a few Christmas hoop projects. 
My old wooden frame just has sting stapled to the back with clothes pins...another place to hang up stuff!
In the center is my childhood stocking....I love the nutcracker with Baryshnikov back in the late 70's.
My sister Julie made us stocking from felt...all different.  Mine was the coolest!!!
One downfall...not much could fit into 
These are the paintings above my computer and work space.
I painted them all except the top's a kelly rae roberts.

Here is a sneak peak of another cute pattern coming soon....this is a favorite of excited to release it.

Have a Marvelous Monday!!!
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