Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Someone came to my house....

Happy hump's Wednesday!!
Around here it is like spring...55!
I think it will be another year of no white Christmas.
I live pretty close to Canada Washington would think we would have cold temps.
When I was a was always snowy here. 
Things are warmer now.
I will stop bellyaching
How's your weather?
Above is my latest sign....I made this and others with Adobe illustrator.
So much fun to learn new things and expand on it.
"Nice...until proven naughty" is in my etsy shop.  
I also made this brand new gift tag set.
Isn't he a jolly happy soul!!
There are 8 to a sheet...just download instantly, print, and cut.
One side is pinks and the other reds.
My pal Marilyn plans to glitter hers up!
I took a pic of my lil pumpkin which I never used in a project this fall.
I decided it needed to hang out with this chick for a
See the glittery elephant?
Go to thrift stores...grabs some plastic animals and dinosaurs....paint elmer's glue on them and glitter.
Let dry.  Kids can do this easily and it looks so cool after the glitter treatment.

I got some awesome products from Deflecto this month ..including a team shirt and personal gifts.
They are such sweethearts!
Can't wait to share my pics with you.... a Little later.
See this sweet little Raccoon?
His little face is sweet and those eyes could melt your heart ...right?
This was trying to enter our cat door the previous night!!
I live in a city.....near businesses and a small airport!
I had a skunk this summer and fall trying to get in....we have tons of prairie dogs part of the time running around eating my I have this bandit!!!
My big cat lucky....
Wouldn't let it in....he threw a fit and was hissing and getting his fur bigger.
This cat  is over 25 pounds....he is a large large cat. Everything about him is big.
So he is the HERO!

Fortune favors the brave

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  1. Yay Lucky! I think you're also lucky to have such a brave cat. He is beautiful too!

  2. Thank you Agravette...he is special and wonderful....I love him so much!