Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vibrant Courage Flowers

Hello friend!
I have been practicing my designing skills....I want to make a fabric collection or have my designs on assorted products.  That would be heaven!  I have been learning adobe illustrator....which is fun and sometimes hard, but always worthwhile. Above is my bright pink zinnias.  I love pink!  I am drawn to vibrant colors most of the time.  These flowers give me the courage to press on with my dreams....sounds corny, but I feel its true.

Here is what this surface pattern design would look like on a dress, lamp shade, pillows, and hand bags.

Here is the same design...just in a different color combinations.
I do love the background shade of green.  

Here again is what they might look like on products.  I have practiced making surface pattern designs with Halloween drawings, but this is my first repeating pattern that is for everyday.
Now that I know what I am doing courage has gone up dramatically.
Are you working on something that makes you feel joyful and passionate?  I hope so!
Christmas is only one week away......I am not ready! 
Are you ?
Time for some lemon tea!

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  1. Hi!!!! No!!!!! I am not ready!!!!!! I love your designs!!!!! I love both color ways!!!!!! I think you have got two winners!!!! Yaa!!!!! Keep on going!!!!!! hugs