Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday strikes

My sale continues.....until Dec 4th...just a few more days left.
Everything is 40% off!!!

in my etsy shops....use coupon code


when checking out....
 If you are unclear about how to use coupon codes click here 

I have wonderful digital signs....that are instant downloads....u print..and frame in a flash.

There are patterns for all the holidays and everyday in between.

Wall hangings and pillows!

Wool and felt projects!


Sweet Vanetines....

This is the embroidery part of the wallhanging above!

I have alot more in my shop than patterns.....I have fun signs and flash cards!
Collage sheets and artwork


Feminine designs...


Holidays wearable pins!


Patriotic projects...

This is a great time to get patterns to make into gifts for Christmas..
and also projects to make throughout the long winter months when you are stuck inside!

Wristcuff can use any fabric and center the cuteness of the fabric in the center of the pincushion!

Like this! 
Summer times goodies too!

This is my biggest sale of the year....after Dec is over :(

The sale is also in my Mrstiddlemouse etsy shop
which has finished goods
which has artwork
Use the same coupon code!

If you have a question.....just contact

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