Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pom poms & tassels!

I am a gal who loves pom poms and tassels.
I thought you would like these little easy instructions...especially for this Christmas.
I sometimes add these to decor or gift wrapping.
On the pom pom....the hole in the center of cardboard should be larger, in my opinion.

Tassels made with DMC floss are so cool too. 
WARNING....cats love tassels and pom poms....and they love to ruin them too...hahaha.

This is a brand new sign I made....available in my etsy shop!
I have been learning Adobe Illustrator...having so much fun doing so.
I made the wreath to look like a glass ornament wreath...lots of pieces to it!
Just download, print and put in a easy. 
I also just made a digital set of banners.....both say "Merry Christmas", but in two different color schemes.  This is also in my etsy shop. 
I give easy instructions, u print....cut glue to ribbon/fabric strip/strings....add embellishments if you like ....and hang up. So very easy to do!!! NO SEW!
This is five pages. 
I finally got to use my glittery pom poms that I have been hoarding in a jar.

On this banner I took that thick pink yarn that is at hallmark for wrapping gifts.
When I was a kid, girls would wear it in their hair for ponytail bows.

Ornaments pattern coming soon
I know I am behind again.....tisk tisk...when will I be ahead of the game?

Come to thrifty Thursday and Come to the pin me linky party and the party bunch!

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