Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

Is anyone staying up for the royal wedding?  I want to watch it, but I am already sooooo sleepy.  I must DVR it for sure.  I made this cute pink Britannia flag honor it all.  In pink of course.  My family's heritage comes from dad is still a citizen of the UK.  My mom used to threaten to call someone to deport him....when she was mad at him.  They became the best of friends ironically. 
I watched Charles and Diana years ago when they got sis and I stayed up late for that too...which was naughty because I was in middle school. 
I can't wait to see the dress and how pretty Kate will be!

New Patriotic Ladies American tags

Hi....This is my brand new set of celebrate our Patriotic spirit.  They are available on my a pdf file...u get it fast and u print!  You can use it over and over.  Only $3.69!

I make the artwork form my large collection of old photos.

I love giving these pictures new life.

This is a natural blonde!  lol  Believe it or not...blondes are hard to find when looking for old pics. 
Today is the WSQ meeting.....going to be a good one!  Gotta go!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Looks like a monster....doesn't it!  It is my collection of "google eyes".  What should I do with these babies?  Why do I have so many?  I just like them. 

It is one of those craft supplies you pick up at thrift stores or garage sales.....I might have to make some really corny pencil remember those pencil toppers with fake long bright colors...with google eyes on the fur to make it look like a monster.  lol.
Ok...back to work!

Monday, April 25, 2011

It was a fabulous Easter!

Here is the cake my daughter Selina made.  She is thirteen and loves to bake!  She did everything except the flag banner on the cake.  She is very good at anything artsy.

These are her photos of the flowers in our yard.  She is good at photography too.

These are everywhere, so cute.

Here is Selina frosting the was killing her to let the cake cool before frosting it.


We couldn't find "peeps" at our local grocery store so she took chicks we had and m&m's.

So happy!

Selina fixing her cake....she carefully held it all the way to my sisters house....where we had 16 peeps for ham dinner, a great game of kickball, and lots of laughs.  We ate outside on a very long was so warm and sunny.....had dogs stealing food, people doing the hula hoop, and other games like horse shoes.  The kickball game was girls against was almost even when my neice got injured on the fence(she is tough!).  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Freebie Friday- Easter images

Here are some sweet Easter the simple yet so cute.  I would love to have some chickens, but maybe in the future someday.

Colorful eggs....please ignore my cropping

These eggs are sort of creepy yet amusing don't you think?  I got my daughter some items for her easter cost me a fortune!  When they get older it seems everything gets sooooo expensive. 
Have a wonderful Easter and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My studio artwork

Hi, This morning I just want to share a few paintings I did which are in my studio.  I like to have my artwork(including my samples from my patterns) mixed in with things I love and other artists artwork.  It makes for a very happy place.  The painting above is my current fav.  My daughter glittered this heart for me!

This little girl I painted up as an a painting looks on old music paper.  The result is.....yes I like it.  Her eyse are HUGE.

This lady is among my pink tickets, pink girl figurine, old photos, and eiffel tower.

I have tons of containers for my markers, brushes, colored pencils, and so forth.  In the center of it all is my half painted lady....alittle bizarre, but fun!
It snowed again today....but it didn't stick....where is spring?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I have a pattern distributor!!!! It is Petersen-Arne.  I am so happy about this!!! They are a top-notch company! This is the news I have been holding for a short while.  I can't wait to tell my Home Ec. teacher about this....(yes my Home Ec. teacher from high school...way back in 1985). We see each other at the Washington State quilters meetings...she inspired me so much and she is so proud of all I have accomplished so far.  I would have loved to share this with my Mom and Grandma(who I was named after)...but I am sure they are watching over me!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday sale printable- Small Easter flash cards $1.49

These are my sale printable of the week...from now until next monday....only $1.49 on my pattern cupboard.
It is a pdf file that you get instantly!  Just print on your printer....makes great Easter decor, Easter dinner placecards, and cute for tags on baskets.  More details on the link above.

Each have a sweet definition as well.

Yesterday my tulips were blooming and happy looking.  My daffodils are just starting to open and I have already had lots of other spring flowers like hyacinths....which smell so terrific.  Let's here it for spring!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Freebie Friday- Bunny stitchery

These are some naughty bunnies....horsing around! 
I thought you might like to stitch these babies up before Easter.  Here are some tips to good stitching (atleast I think so)....  use a disappearing blue marker to trace design on already tea-dyed muslin (quilt stores and fabric stores now carry this).  I love my light box for tracing (don't know what I would do without it!). I usually put cotton batting behind the muslin when stitching (it gives a nice very slight pucker).  I use colors that show up on the muslin....lay your floss over the muslin, if it is hard to see...don't use that color. The more you stitch the better you get at first stitcheries were a mess.  Rinse out the disappearing marker when done stitching and lay flat to dry.  Adding blush to cheeks with a cotton swab adds sooooo much!
 Boy do I have a headache this is close becoming a migraine.  Yuck!  I better get my work done and relax!  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sweet salt

This cute picture was from way back.....before salt intake was a concern.  I like salt, but I do not like too hubby and daughter love to salt everything.  I never salt my dinner until I taste no salt on my margarita please....I hate salt on the rim of glasses. 
This little girl is so darned cute!!!!  She reminds me of a little girl I know named Taylor!
Gotta get back to work!  Have a good one!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Old gimmicks

I found this in an old magazine I bought this past weekend.....It is from 1928!  I cracked up reading all the cure alls and gimmicks they were selling towards the back of the magazine.  This one is creepy! (sorry it is slightly tilted).  One cream cured if they are just horrible.  There were alot of corn healing products (do people get corns anymore?).  Of course there were money making schemes....just like today!  So the more things change...the more things stay the same!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

REtro BuNnies

These bunnies are so cheerful and wildly retro....they are bound to make you smile.  I love making animals in bright vibrant colors. 

These are all Amy Butler fabrics, she very generously gave me these fabrics to design with.  She is really nice, I met her at Quilt market.... she is soooo talented!

Look into these big blue eyes!

I have a big nest (it is huge!) and I have fun putting springy things in it.  This is my pattern: 242- Egg-stra cute bunny rabbits pattern....available on my website, on my patternmart, my pattern cupboard, or my etsy.  They are super easy and make up quick...still time before Easter.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Enjoy the little things

Let's all enjoy the little things!!!  Let's be kind to our own selves.  Let us each find our voice.  This is our life....we are in control of only ourselves....let's make it count!!!  I have had some very good news....I will share with you shortly.  It has made me very happy.  I hope you too are feeling the warmth of Spring and the new beginnings.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Giveaway winner is.....

The giveaway winner....for all the french goodies is.......
Thanks to all who participated....above is a little graphic to share!

Friday, April 8, 2011

FREEBIE FRIDAY - Keep calm and party on!

Hi, This Friday in Spokane is SUNNY!  This poster above is it looks like white on white.  Copy and paste if you like. 
I love chocolate!!  I never met a chocolate I didn't like.

Here are some of my artwork on ETSY

I love making flash cards for everything!!!!

Collage art- digital sheets

I make tons of a pdf print and as many times as you like.

Every season in tags

I love working with my old pics!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Time Birds & Eggs book

I had a blast making this spring time book....from an old accounting book from the thrift store ( no one would ever be looking at this book again!).  I used the GRAPHIC FAIRY's Images....the eggs and the bird on the medallion badge.  First I ripped off the cover of the old book (this book was from the 60's...not old enough to be weathered either).  I printed the eggs graphic on an old dictionary page.  Change your printer page setting to fit the page size of the dictionary. Glue it onto the front of the book.

Print off the bird image...about a 2" size.  Cut into a circle and add a party streamer ruffle.  I have designed tons of patterns using this technique to make all kinds of pin badges for all year round.
I also typed out a little tag from my old could also just print out a saying on your computer and glue it on a tag.  I stamped the bird image on the tag.

Wrap burlap and ribbon around the book.  Glue everything in place. I love adding moss to a project with "Nature".  I added a few dried flowers here and there.  Also ...white buttons are swell with any project. 

All in was very inexpensive to make.... looks great on a coffee table and I hope you make one too!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Freebie Friday- Chick

Isn't he cute!  I love this little can't be mad or angry while looking at him!  Just click on him and save.