Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April... spring has sprung

During these hard times... 
I hope we all can find some happy days...
 look forward to the future and 
be healthy and well!

Let's get to the fun...
Just download and save.
It features a little chick with bunny ears....hunting eggs. 

The pink side is for all your computer icons.
I have been very very busy this past month....

April is all about Spring, Easter Eggs, Flowers, & Chocolate bunnies.
Stitch up this quick design that features a sweet cat that loves 
celebrating with a balloon.
Make it up in a cute pillow adorned with easy to make felt & wool flowers.

I have made august thru april....just a few more to do!
My book is out and my hubby said I should design a new business card that says Author.  I never even thought of that. I used vista print and it turned out pretty when I needed help there was a lady chatting to me...leading the way. 
The book cover fit nicely so I could add some text.
The back has all my info.
This robin is the project for June... in my book : Lovely little hand embroidery.
I now have it on my can have it signed if you like.

You can also order it on C & T Publishing,  AmazonSearch PressEE Schenck,  and Checker Distributors
There is 30 different projects in the book!

Life is crazy the project for May!
This would be sweet in a nursery or spring time decor.
Another easy quick project is this pincushion....Courage!
It is what we all need!

Sometimes I just need to play...I bet you do too!
When I do, it is usually something I don't make patterns of.
This time of year I think I made bunnies and a girl who is playing bunny.
I made five and all are sold except the girl.

This little gal has a hand painted eyes...a pocket...carrot...a chick and a lacy dress.

On this gal I added a crochet flower (that is also a wearable pin)... and big blue eyes.
These start out as plain muslin...I do use paint, pencils, pastels, and and more to liven them up.

I almost wanted to keep them....

But I decided to keep this
He is holding a crocheted clover and a felt rainbow.
This one really cracks me up!

Let's celebrate Spring time!

This is the pattern of: Springtime Pinnie- Embroidery & quilted pincushion pattern #408

Make these super easy and quick pincushions with scraps of fun fabric. 
There are 4 different designs: a bunny with basket embroidery, a skinny / long rectangle, Medium rectangle and large rectangle. 

Learn how to embroider a sweet bunny rabbit with a basket of flowers and an egg. Incorporate your small embroidery into a fun pinnie which makes a great gift. Sew up any of these cute sizes with tips to make them & machine quilt them in a flash! Each have a cute ribbon loop to attach your small scissors to it and decorative flower pins.
Warning: These are addicting to make! Make them in any color of fabrics you want as well!

There are many sizes...and I love finding fabric in my stash to use.

Notice the flower pins....extra cute!

*****Plus....this pattern comes with a link to an exclusive video tutorial I made....just for you****
For printed and mailed patterns ...please go to my website.
Ready to make some Easter home decor, ornaments and cards....super cute and super inexpensively?!

Keep your kids busy during all these days of confinement!

They are so fast and easy the kids and you will be making lots of pretty Easter items. 

This is a brand new set of Easter Collage sheets. It is a set of 3 PDF collage sheets...made from my own art- watercolors... that I created. You can print them off and use them over and over. Print these on cardstock or matter presentation paper for best results.

There is a sheet with super cute characters: bunnies, chick, eggs, flowers, carrots and more with a small rainbow section. Another sheet has a big rainbow (great for backgrounds) and one more sheet with soft flowers as a background and a section of fun sayings and words. 

Cute drawings right?!
Supplies you may need are: scraps of cardboard (from a box), glue stick, scissors, glue that dries clear and glitter.

I made ornaments too...just using the same techniques.

I put this one in my tree.


Free mouse pattern....available while we are in quarantine!
These pretty mice pin cushions will keep all your pins and needles close by. The mice are fast and easy...make some for yourself, friends, and as gifts. They take a very small amount of fabric...great to use up scraps from your stash! Mouse measures: 2 1/8" x 3 1/2" not including tail. these are addicting to make, so much fun!!! Make them in prim colors with button eyes for a change.

Another play activity for me is drawing with pastels. 
I feel like a no pressure.
I love this bunny girl.

Here I am working on one that is in my journal.
I sketch a basic design in pencil.
I always start with the face, the funnest part for me.

Once I have a good face...I know the rest will be easy.

Here is the finished girl.
I colored in her hair with white and then added the purple.
There are lots of pencil lines after I finished with the pastels.
I spray with workable fixative after I am done to set it.

One more thing to add....
If you buy 3 patterns in my etsy get one free. All you do is buy 3 and then message me which free pattern you would like and I will send it to you.
 I will remind you about the free pattern if you forget.

Try making something fun this month!
It really lightens the spirit.