Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ribbon spools- organize trims now!

I love ribbons and lace....all kinds of trims....just love them.  If you are like me....I get them at thrift stores and garage sales and they can be unruly.  I decided I need to contain them.  At first I wound them around large tags, but they slip off.   :(

I made a spool shape and cut them from cardboard.  Light weight cardboard or brown cardstock for seam binding and light ribbons.  Thicker cardboard for heavy lace and torn strips of fabric. 

Here lace is neat and I just added a large pin to hold it in place.

I love seam binding....these are so pretty.  Imagine your sewing basket with pretty little spools in them.

Here I add a hole at the top so I could hang them up.

Lastly are the shapes in various sizes.....just copy and paste...print out on cardstock and cut out.  Use them as templates for all kinds of spool sizes.  Small ones are great for thin small trims.  Large would be great for fancy yarns. 
Have fun and get wrapping trims up!  (I am so bossy today).

Come see the amazing talents at Whipper Berry friday many unique handmade much inspiration....just love this site!
Come also to Skip to my Lou...made by you monday.  Lots of creative people....wonderful site!


  1. I made spools for my ribbon awhile ago (inspired by the plastic ones I use for embroisery floss) but I like yours bettr. Thanks for the patterns!

  2. I saw you on craft gossip! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Thank you! These are going to be SOOO used!

  4. Thank you for the spool patterns, they should be a big help!

  5. Thanks so much!!! I was just thinking earlier that I really have to go through all my ribbons and organize them! :) You're great for sharing this!

  6. I take mine one step farther and put them in those craft organizer boxes by color.

    Sometimes they will get small creases from being wound, I keep a discarded hair straightener in my craft drawer, works great!

  7. I saw this mentioned on CraftGossip and I immediately thought of all my small amounts of yarn leftovers. These are better than the plastic things they sell because I can write at the top the exact brand of yarn and the color. If I re-use the "spool" I can cover the old note with a file folder label. This is "genius" with a capital G! I plan to blog about this and when I do, I'll come back and leave the link for you to see. Thanks for sharing this!