Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preemie Mini Valentine Flash Cards

Cute is in the air....these lil flash cards are so sweet....perfect for Valentine decorating.

They look so cute amongst your decor...and also make a great statement in doesn't take over the page.

I cross-stitched that heart years ago....I was sure nutty over cross-stitch....still think it is sweet.  ***These are great tucked in a card, MAKE AS TAGS, sweet in a dolls hands, use in altered art or collage art, bookmarks, and much more.

The mini flash cards are on my Etsy.  The words you get are: Cherish, Heart, Aphrodisiac, Smitten, Roses, I'm yours, Romeo, Juliet, chocolate, sexy, U R GR8, Beloved, Precious, Passion, Love, Sweet, Cutie, Bliss, Desire, Hugs, BFF, Kiss, Hot, Romance, February 14, Valentine, and Cupid. Each one comes with a number. They measure: 2 1/2" x 1". Only $3.29.

Snowing here...first snow fall in a long long time....yikes!

Come join the fun at Whipper Berry Friday flair....see so many pretty projects from a bunch of talented people.....beautiful site....I follow it all the time!

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