Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Tudor Make over

I wanted to show you my calendar make over for this year.  Every year my husband gets a work type with semi trucks on it....I am a girly girl....I don't like trucks!  These calendars are great because they show 3 months at a that.  So I feel compelled to cover up the trucks with something pretty.  Last year I made a tutorial on this...on left side bar.

I covered the trucks with old book pages and clip art of the the Tudors.  I am a fan of the Tudors long before the show.  I find them interesting because of the ambitions of became their downfall.
I added a tag below Henry VIII....since he was the King.  I also glittered them sparkling things up!
Now I can enjoy my calendar all year!

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  1. I Love The Tudors Also! And I Love The Calender! Great Idea! Hugs,Tee