Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter phrase flash cards

You must know by now how Cuckoo I am about Flash cards.  I just made up Easter phrase flash cards....great to set amongst your Easter decor.  I also use these kind of flash cards for Photo taking....this would be perfect for your Easter guests to hold up while you take their picture.

I love peeps....I don't like their taste so much ....I love how they look!  I am a nut for Cadbury creme goooood!

This bunny is a chick magnet....I's corny!

I love the animated/claymation show.....Here come Peter cottontail....It reminds me of being a kid again.  Remember getting your Easter basket and Chocolate bunny.  My mom gave these weird sugary eggs that were hollow in the middle....I gave them to her because I thought they were awful and she liked them.  I don't think they make them anymore.

Here is the 12 card set...available on my etsy...under my Easter section.  It is $3.69....and uprint and enjoy.
Today is another gray gloomy day....I can't remember what the sun feels like!!!  I have to look at my spring decorations to boost my spirits.  My hubby bought me flowers yesterday...that is always terrific!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You crack me up!

This is my new pattern: You crack me up!....from my new fast and easy line.  It is also inexpensive... at $3.69. It is on my etsy and my patternmart.
This bunny and chick are breaking out for Easter! The stitchery is the first of a new line of Quick and easy make up fast and very portable. Special aging and depth tips included. It makes a great pillow tuck set amongst your decor, primitive pin keep, framed up, or as a doll pillow. Design measures: 4" x 6".  Pillow: 4 7/8" x 6 7/8".

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun with an old typewriter

This is the new (old) toy in our home.  My daughter and I found it at an Antique store....the Vintage rabbit.  we went in together for it, since she only had half the money.  It was $45 and I wasn't sure if it was over priced or not.  It is a Corona junior...1937 model....everything works including the ribbon.  It came with a case too.
My daughter loves it...she types alot and knows how to do it well.  She was the one dying for it...but I must say that I have been having tons of fun too! There was no "#1" on the keys ....because it is the "l" instead.  that is how they all came.
I like typing fun sayings on these small tags.

This is one of my favorite sayings lately.....from "Hairspray".

This is a good one for the bad economy. 

I love my orange bowl I got from Goodwill.....I got it for Halloween, but it is cute no matter what time of year.

I just stuck the tags in the typewriter.....and went crazy.

My husband loves this one.

I am sure I will be playing some more....I am enjoying the ride!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Sale pattern- 12 month cat stitchery quilt

This is my sale pattern for the week.  This is a HUGE comes with 12 stitcheries representing all 12 months throughout the year.  You can make it into a quilt or stitched up separtely.  I have also seen customers use the pattern to make wool pillows or mats.
This is $9.99 on my patternmart.  It sounds like it is still expensive...but it is less than 83 cents per stitchery and the pattern has the instructions to make it into this pretty quilt.

The stitcheries are easy to stitch and quick! The kittens are doing something fun for every month and they love to celebrate the holidays around the year.  
You get all 12 designs for each month and clear instructions on how to make this darling wallhanging quilt! Each Design Measures: 3 5/8" x 5 3/4". Wallhanging Design Measures: 19 3/4" x 33 1/4".

Friday, March 25, 2011

Freebie Friday- vintage shopping day picture

I call this pic:  Shopping till you drop- 1915.  These gals are ready to get some killer deals at the mall and also hit the food court.  Should they get some body lotion, a latte', proactive, or nook?  Well....I am sure they had alot less to choose from when going out and about back then....and they probably had 10 times more work to do at home. 
This is a great picture ....I have used it many times....have fun!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Memory collages - celebrating sisters

I love to do altered art is like playing around with art supplies when we were kids.  The above collage is for my sister Angie....she is closest in age to me...4 years apart.  I was the youngest of 5 kids...the other 4 had a different they barely knew:(
I spliced together their pictures on the 6 of hearts card.  There was never any real pic of her dad holding her. My mom is on the 5 of diamonds (she was a diamond!)  My sister loves this!

My older sister, Cecilia is 8 years older than me and we do lots together....always shopping and all.  She was like a second mom.  This sister was a total blonde and into her dolls...she still is!  It is hard to see, but I made a paper dress with hanger for her collage.  I like taking the old photos and making something unique.  She had alot more pics than Angie and I did.  I think my mom was economizing as much as she could....we had a huge house on a double lot...what a great childhood home. 
My dad was more of a father to them than their real father.  They only saw their dad a few times and then he died later without getting to know his children.  It is sad.  Our mom was great though...she did everything for us and was so strong.  My dad misses my mom alot.....they were good friends after they  He would fix anything that went wrong with the house or cars...and she would cook a huge meal.....fair trade. 
My dad is having computer problems....imagine an 80 year scotsman talking to an AOL customer service guy in funny!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

The lovely Elizabeth Taylor has passed away.  She was one of my favorite actresses.  I watched her last week in " A place in the sun"...she was sooooo pretty and young.  But my all time fav movie of hers is "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf".  My family and I can quote this movie almost line for  If you have never seen should watch it....but it is sort of a complicated movie....disfunctional, but funny too.
She was a child star that made it all the way through to oscar winner.  She was a one of a kind!
We will miss her.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring arts and crafts show- spokane

Good morning!  I am just posting a few items that I made recently and were at a big craft show a couple weeks ago... I 've been meaning to show you, but our family was sick last I have to take kitty Froy to the vet today :(
This is my Chocolate mouse (sold)...I wasn't sure I would like him when I was making him, but he was popular.

Here is my mouse holding felted egg (still available). ..I have it so you can take the egg from his hands when it isn't Easter time. 

This little mouse is creative! I put him on a tuffet of the quilt block-cathedral window.  He is available too....just contact me if you are interested.  I also sell patterns for the mice too.

I love PARIS!  Using old music paper is one of my favorites.

I also love using my flash cards to make framed art.  This is one of my favorite sayings is soooo true!

I love "The Tudors" so I had to make king henry and anne boleyn.....on hearts with my crepe paper frills.

Here is some of my booth.....very girly.....but I can't help it!!

Here is my mannequin (my patttern) and flash card art.  Look how the mouse got into the picture...he is sneaky!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Sale pattern- Spring has sprung

This is....Spring has Sprung pattern #190....only $3.99 on my patternmart!

This wallhanging will bring the Easter spirit to your home. The bunnies and chicks are ready for spring. This is an easy set of stitcheries and the tag designs are included, just print and cut out. Wallhanging Measures:21 1/2" x 19 1/4".
Cute ...easy bunny...stitches up fast!

I love a simple chick....would make great pillow tucks set on a lil shelf.

I put up my Easter decos was no easy task!  I love having some spring in the house...because spring is not showing up here in Eastern Washington....I want sunshine!!!!  Is that too much to ask?  I guess it is.  Oh well....I guess it is time for a cadbury

Friday, March 18, 2011

Freebie friday- sweet birds!

These gals are doing some serious gossiping about the new bird in the nest 3 doors down.  Or they are talking about Charlie Sheen's latest wildness or maybe about who was kicked off American Idol.  In any case....they are ready for spring and so cute!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Egg-stra cute mouse- new pattern

This is an e pattern of: Egg-stra cute mouse Stitchery pattern, #261.
This lil mouse has put on his bunny ears and is getting ready for spring. The stitchery is easy and quick. Special aging and depth tips included. It makes a great pillow tuck set amongst your decor, primitive pin keep, framed up, or as a doll pillow. Pillow Measures: 8" x 7".Design measures: 7 1/2" x 6 1/2". COMES WITH SPECIAL AGING AND DEPTH TECHNIQUES...SEE PHOTO.
This pattern is available on my patternmart and my Etsy. It is also on my pattern cupboard
Here is a closeup of the mousey.  I love seam binding....I have all kinds of colors....check out etsy for seam binding (glitter and kitsch- she has great deals and is FAST)

I love adding a little definition to seed beads here. 

Happy pinch day!

Happy St. Patrick's day!!!
You better wear green...leprechauns will be out pinching!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fun Easter decor

I want you to see my cute felt eggs....These felt eggs are at Joann fabric the dollar section near the checkout.
I added my smallest easter flash cards (available on my get them to print out almost immediately)....some felt flowers with rhinestone (big bag of these are at hobbie lobby)...and I added scrunched seam binding (ribbon).
These are super easy...the kids could make these lickety split!  The sun is finally shining bright today....think spring may be getting here?  I hope so!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inspirational Flash cards

You are probably thinking...doens't this gal ever stop making flash cards?  Nope!  I just love them!  I have made some inspirational ones....cause I like to be inspired all day long.
This saying is right by my table that I do alot of paper crafting.  These flash cards are terrific just framed up with some old music paper background.  Old music can be found at thrift stores really inexpensively.
I love a simple goes a long way!
This set of flash cards (15) are available on my etsy....just $3.69...sent in an email to you...u print.  So easy!  I had these at my last popular!  Will this be the last of my flash cards?  I don't think

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday sale pattern!! Special occasions pin badges!

Sale!...$3.99 ...this pattern only on my patternmart...until March 21st!!!

This is an e pattern of: Special occasions pin badges & cake poke pattern, #226. They are super easy: print, cut, glue and done. It takes simple supplies.
These are super easy badges to celebrate Special occasions in our lives! The Wedding set includes a badge for both Bride & Groom...great for bridal showers & bachelor parties. Give Mom a Mother's Day badge & Dad a Father's day badge to show your love. The Happy Birthday badge tells everyone who's special day it is! All kids want a special award gives them great pride. Badges can be made in small & large size.
The cake pokes are also fun and sweet in a cake or in a vase with flowers. Ruffles are easy & inexpensive to make using crepe paper or party streamers. Make one for all your loved ones! large badge :4 1/4" x 9", Small badge:2 1/2" or 3" x 6".
Cake pokes: 3 3/4" round...not including stick length. All you need are ribbons/trims, old paper from a book, glue, glitter, crepe paper or party streamers, and pinbacks. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Freebie friday- Vintage wallpaper backgrounds

These are some great vintage wallpaper backgrounds....aged alittle too.
These are great to use as backgrounds for ATCs and other artwork.
I love the old styles of wallpaper.  My house is full of wallpaper in grandmother put it everywhere and in many layers.  She loved to change things up!
There is something peaceful in these era that is long gone.
I also use these background in soldered pendants and for making tags.  Have fun with these....I love them. 
I hope everyone in Japan gets to safety and they get the help they need!