Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun with an old typewriter

This is the new (old) toy in our home.  My daughter and I found it at an Antique store....the Vintage rabbit.  we went in together for it, since she only had half the money.  It was $45 and I wasn't sure if it was over priced or not.  It is a Corona junior...1937 model....everything works including the ribbon.  It came with a case too.
My daughter loves it...she types alot and knows how to do it well.  She was the one dying for it...but I must say that I have been having tons of fun too! There was no "#1" on the keys ....because it is the "l" instead.  that is how they all came.
I like typing fun sayings on these small tags.

This is one of my favorite sayings lately.....from "Hairspray".

This is a good one for the bad economy. 

I love my orange bowl I got from Goodwill.....I got it for Halloween, but it is cute no matter what time of year.

I just stuck the tags in the typewriter.....and went crazy.

My husband loves this one.

I am sure I will be playing some more....I am enjoying the ride!


  1. I LOVE old typewriters!! They were my first fav. thing to sell back in my starting days...now they are hard to find, so you got a great deal...and I love, love, the typed tags!!! HOpe some are coming to FJ!!=)

  2. What a great idea Shirley, love the tags! Happy typing! Deb

  3. I have a little white brother typewriter that we found for £2 at a carboot/flea market last year.. my son and I use it all the time its a wonderful thing to play with.