Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter phrase flash cards

You must know by now how Cuckoo I am about Flash cards.  I just made up Easter phrase flash cards....great to set amongst your Easter decor.  I also use these kind of flash cards for Photo taking....this would be perfect for your Easter guests to hold up while you take their picture.

I love peeps....I don't like their taste so much ....I love how they look!  I am a nut for Cadbury creme goooood!

This bunny is a chick magnet....I's corny!

I love the animated/claymation show.....Here come Peter cottontail....It reminds me of being a kid again.  Remember getting your Easter basket and Chocolate bunny.  My mom gave these weird sugary eggs that were hollow in the middle....I gave them to her because I thought they were awful and she liked them.  I don't think they make them anymore.

Here is the 12 card set...available on my etsy...under my Easter section.  It is $3.69....and uprint and enjoy.
Today is another gray gloomy day....I can't remember what the sun feels like!!!  I have to look at my spring decorations to boost my spirits.  My hubby bought me flowers yesterday...that is always terrific!

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  1. Too cute Shirley, what a great idea! My downfall is the Cadbury mini eggs, love those little devils! Hope the sun comes out again soon for you but enjoy those flowers in the mean time, what a lovely hubby you have! Deb