Thursday, March 24, 2011

Memory collages - celebrating sisters

I love to do altered art is like playing around with art supplies when we were kids.  The above collage is for my sister Angie....she is closest in age to me...4 years apart.  I was the youngest of 5 kids...the other 4 had a different they barely knew:(
I spliced together their pictures on the 6 of hearts card.  There was never any real pic of her dad holding her. My mom is on the 5 of diamonds (she was a diamond!)  My sister loves this!

My older sister, Cecilia is 8 years older than me and we do lots together....always shopping and all.  She was like a second mom.  This sister was a total blonde and into her dolls...she still is!  It is hard to see, but I made a paper dress with hanger for her collage.  I like taking the old photos and making something unique.  She had alot more pics than Angie and I did.  I think my mom was economizing as much as she could....we had a huge house on a double lot...what a great childhood home. 
My dad was more of a father to them than their real father.  They only saw their dad a few times and then he died later without getting to know his children.  It is sad.  Our mom was great though...she did everything for us and was so strong.  My dad misses my mom alot.....they were good friends after they  He would fix anything that went wrong with the house or cars...and she would cook a huge meal.....fair trade. 
My dad is having computer problems....imagine an 80 year scotsman talking to an AOL customer service guy in funny!


  1. Love the collages!!! What a wonderful sister you are. They are such beautiful keepsakes!!

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  2. I love your sister collage...what a great idea!!