Sunday, March 31, 2013

Warm Easter wishes

Warm Easter Wishes
from our family to yours…
We hope you have a wonderful Easter,
filled with happiness, peace and love!!
Stock up on cadbury eggs while you can....I am nuts about them!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Don't bug me ..... Freebie ladybug design!

Yes....I saw a mosquito and a slug the other day....the bugs are coming alive!!!!
That is one thing I love about winter (in the pacific northwest) bugs!
I mainly hate mosquitos and flies....if one gets in the house then I am on the war path!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013 tennis player

Here is my Varsity Tennis player on the court of West Valley High school.
She was trying to avoid the camera...but HA I got a few pics in!
She loves tennis and we just love her to pieces!
Their orange and white tie dye shirts were made by all the girls.
is on sale today and tomorrow for only
$ 2.00
....just until Friday morning (3/29) 6 PST
Sorry sale is over
It is on my etsy....use the link above.
Easter Bunny Rabbit Egg PDF Pattern - sayings words seam binding ribbon brooch retro fabric felt wool pins doll spring
How do you like those eyes!
I love the Amy butler fabrics
Easter Bunny Rabbit Egg PDF Pattern - sayings words seam binding ribbon brooch retro fabric felt wool pins doll spring
These cheerful bunnies are ready for spring! They are super easy to create. Choose bright & vibrant fabrics or get a completely different feeling with sweet & soft fabric. These pretty eggs can be made into wearable pins with or without the 18 sayings provided. Bunny measures: 5 1/8" x 9 3/4". Egg measures: 2 1/4" x 3 1/8".
Sayings included:
Happy Easter, Welcome Spring, Hip Hop, Bunny, Cute chick, Spring has sprung, Bliss, Bloom, Giggle, Frolic, Joy, Miracles, Laugh, Tickled pink, Primitive, Rejoice, Egg-stra cute, and
Easter Bunny Rabbit Egg PDF Pattern - sayings words seam binding ribbon brooch retro fabric felt wool pins doll spring
The pins are fun....and make great lil gifts.
After Friday morning .....the sale sadly ends on this one :(

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter bunny...vintage days

Good Monday to you!
I collect lots of Vintage Holiday books and die cuts...had to share this one with ya!
Back in the old innocent days.....there were sweet holidays books...made by Whitman.
These books were chuck full of fun and cuteness!!!

Whee!  It's Easter!
Who says that now?  I remember mom making us girls Easter dresses and picking out hats at Kmart!
We would go to church and then home for the hunt!
There was always a chocolate bunny in a basket and it was our job to find the rest of the candy.
Candy was like PURE GOLD to us....we didn't get candy throughout the year unless you were practically dying.

Sweet chick and bunny!

These color pages are so is hard to find a good coloring book now....unless you like hello kitty (which I still do!)

This is cool....draw in the goodies in the basket!
There used to be a weird egg candy that all of us was a hard shell...hollow inside, with a sugary was always brick hard, but looked festive.  I never see that candy anymore....maybe everyone else hated it too.
Mom ate them.

Creepy eggs at the top!

So sweet...the imagination gets to go crazy with this.

More cuteness

I want this basket....with a stuffed animal.

Ok...we know how rabbits are....they multiply.

Easter egg stands....they never seems to work out right for me...I like eggs in a basket anyway.
Hope you liked the tour through the book.  I like to tell my daughter how things used to be....she still listens which is cool!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Showers & flowers....

Spring is officially here, but it is cold!
I just wanted to introduce my sweet new pattern
available in my Etsy shop.
A fun project for sprint time! 
It is also in my patternmart shop
Sparkly showers bring sweet flowers....this dapper bunny has his little umbrella ready. The design fits nicely in a hoop. This is a fast, easy, and fun project.
**With this pattern comes the techniques of adding depth with shading and glittering up your easy, so pretty.
Design measures: 3 3/8" x 5"
Fits in a 6" hoop.
Earlier this week I put this little sheet pattern in my Etsy Shop
It is only $2.99
The stitchery designs are easy, quick, and fun.
Instructions not included. Simply print, trace onto muslin & happy crafting! This is a single page to print....4 designs......bunny holding banner that says bloom, An easter basket with a banner that says easter, a chick with eggs and banner that says peep, and a spring flower with a banner that says spring.

These designs can be used for stitching or painting projects or print onto brown kraft cardstock, cut, hole punch and add a ribbon or string.
Choose your own colors to stitch....and finish the designs any way you wish.
My hands are freezing right now....guess it is time for a cocoa!
OH....if you want to look at super cute blog...go HERE 
I am having fun looking at it!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do you like cupcakes & bunnies?

Cupcake Hotpad Kitchen Set pdf pattern including apron napkin rings and tea towell applique
You have to check out
Becky from Patchwork Posse made the cutest cupcake potholder pattern
available on Etsy...instant fast!!!
Imagine your kitchen with these cute pot holders!
Easter Bunny Pattern Rabbit pdf Download Pattern Now
Sweet bunnies!
Quilt Pattern Sprockets Quilt Block Boy Quilt
Love this quilt pattern.
KIT for Sage Kitty Plush Pattern Included
Cute chocolate kitty!
Owl Pattern Plush Stuffie Mouse pattern pdf Download Pattern Now
Owls are so popular and fun...look at those eyes!
MESSENGER BAG Pattern PDF Bag Pattern Scallop front Download Now
Yummy the ruffles.
Her cheerful designs will kick start our spring!
Check out her Patchwork Posse Blog
Her motto:
Any stitch, any time, any where

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sneaky peaky- glittery embroidery

Lately I have been learning tons about the program Illustrator....time consuming to say the least...but soooo cool!
I am finishing up my newest pattern....and giving you a sneaky peak.
"Showers and flowers"
It will be available soon!  I loved combining embroidery with GLITTER!
Easter is right around the corner!
These are just a few of my Easter Patterns in my Etsy shop.  Etsy now has instant you can download your patterns immediately after waiting at all.  They send you an email with the link in it and it is also in your purchases page on etsy.  That also means if you accidentally delete the file you can go to your purchases and download it cool!
Gotta leave you with some inspiration!
Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.
Steve Maraboli

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Be the Queen O' the Green!

Hope you are having a nice St. Patrick's Day....and a wonderful weekend.
It is chilly here I feel like being cozy at home.
I am going to have some tea and look at my new crafty magazines...."Molly makes" and " Cloth, paper, scissors".
Live it up!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Merry Easter to all - freebie design tag

Easter is sneaking up.....very fast!
This is a tag I made...just copy and save it....print and glitter this baby up!

Come to Whipperberry's friday flair

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One day dollar

For one day only.... From now (thursday March14)... until Friday 12 noon PST....
This Party shamrocker pattern will be: $1
Come and get it!
Sorry....time is up...come back for future deals

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Here comes.....

The Hopper Bunny Hat for cats and dogs
Peter Cottontail!!!
This is a sweet new ETSY TREASURY
Called "Here comes..."
Isn't this cat costume fun!!! Love the grumpy face.
Here Comes Peter Cottontail - Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter Day Distressed Typography Word Art Sign in Vintage Style
I love this blue sign....great colors!
Easter Bunny Baby Hat, Photo Prop, Peter Rabbit Cottontail, CUSTOM Knit You Pick the Size Boy Or Girl
The sweetest hats for baby!
Happy Easter Peter Cottontail banners pdf - here comes party garland 2 sheet collage digital bunny rabbit
My banner pdf easy
Peter CottonTail Mini Top Hat for Newborns, Infants,Toddlers,Big Girls, Adults...Easter,Spring,Photo Prop,Easter Sunday Wear,Dog Accessory
More baby goodness!
Bunny Trails, Easter, Spring, Easter Rabbit, Old Fashioned, Rustic, Hand Painted, Handmade, Primitive, Distressed, Wooden Signs
Cute sign....gotta run down that trail!
CUSTOM Welcome Party Sign - Vintage Peter Cottontail Easter Collection - BellaGrey Designs
Pretty...and simple.
Remember to find these goodies go to the etsy treasury link at the top.
PETER RABBIT Beatrix Potter Party Package 3 - Food Table Signs, Favor Tags, Cutout Characters, Name Banner, Bunting
I have always had a thing for Beatrix Potter and her animals
Easter sign-Here comes Peter Cottontail
Fun sign, great green color.
The Hopper Bunny Hat for cats and dogs
Ok... I had to show another from PAMPERED WHISKERS
SO MUCH FUN!!!! Go to the link above for all kinds of cat and dog hats and cute stuff.
I just crack up everytime I see this picture!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Duck tape QUEEN - Selina

My daughter Selina has to be the DUCK TAPE QUEEN
She has always loved duck tape...from taping up her whole desk to binders and shoes!
Now she is making lots more items....she just starts experimenting....and before I know it...she has made a BACKPACK.
She is a very colorful you can see.

She made flowers for her headphones!

Rings and bracelets

This backpack is nothing but duck tape and paper (inside).....she even ducktaped zippers inside.

People at school love it!

It is sturdy and strong....she has been using it for a while now.

This is her ring...made in school colors.

They are so bright and fun!

These are them!

She whips these up while computing.

Here is her latest bag....complete with 3d flower

It is a lily like flower

She is very very creative and I am the proud mama!
Her etsy shop.....Peacock Gumdrop...
features her photography prints....
Beautiful Sunflower photo - 8 x 10 frame Print Art Photography Yellow
This is her sunflower print...cheerful isn't it!!
Come check it out sometime!
Have a great Sunday!