Monday, November 30, 2020

Happy December- goodbye 2020

Happy's great that this is the last month of 2020!
It's been a horrible year for most of us and I say good riddance. 
Hopefully the covid vaccine will be soon available or everyone! Wouldn't it be wonderful to get back to sort of normal?! 

Earlier this year in September, I had a stroke. 
I posted about it in November.
I then found out I had a mass in my uterus and diabetes.  Cancer was a possibility too.
I spent 8 days at the hospital.

Then in November I had a hysterectomy removing everything...the mass was the size of a watermelon!
Plus she removed my appendix. That was another awful hospital stay.  I felt split in half.
It was also like going back a few steps. No cancer however!

I was really down and felt little to no joy.
My incision started to bleed I went to urgent care on black friday.
The dr got me fixed up and now I am not bleeding.  Thankfully things are going better. 
I just want to be well! I have to recover for 6 weeks, so I am going to concentrate on taking it easy!

No more complaining from me....I am going to think only good thoughts for this holiday season and beyond.

Recently I hit a major milestone in my Etsy shop...10,000 sales!
It seems like it took a while, but I knew I would make it this year. 
I love Etsy... it's been a great source to sell on!

For fun I have been drawing and working with making this pink snowman. 
I have also been cross stitching, crocheting, working on finishing touches on a new book and embroidery of course.
I have not been over doing it...just trying to enjoy myself.  

While shopping at JoAnn fabrics.....guess what I saw? My book!
I was geeking  It is thrilling to see your book at stores...I can never have enough of it.

When my daughter  turned 23... her man got her a kitty.....Mr. Dale. He is full of energy and so cute. When you kiss him, he gives a cute complaining meow.
He just got He is back to normal... frisking it up!

And this is my boy Froy....looking like the wicked witch of the east...he is laying where the heater vent is. His boots are pretty cute.

What I drew this month:
I sketched out a three kitty design in a stocking, just coming up with ideas... lots of mistakes.

I then redrew it on the computer and added a fun saying. This one is in my etsy shop.

I had so many ideas, but some will just have to wait until next year.

Hoping this next year will be soooo much better than this one!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The annual big 40 % off sale!!


It's time for the big Black friday sale!
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