Monday, November 30, 2009

NEW Christmas stocking, mitten, & star ornie pattern

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Make these old time Stockings & Ornaments using coffee stained muslin. All the projects are easy to create...add vintage photos (11 included), assorted papers, and 52 sayings (also included). The collage of papers are sewn onto the muslin shapes using a variety of stitches. Glitter them up for vintage sparkle. These are super cute as gifts (tuck goodies into stocking) or hanging on your tree. All projects are great for beginning turning inside out....very simple, inexpensive, and quick! Personalize by using your own family photos too!Mitten ornament Measures: 3 1/2" x 6 1/2". Star ornament measures: 6 1/4" x 7".Stocking measures: 6" x 9 1/2".
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Some of the sayings are: It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air! * Wish upon a snowflake * I love Gingerbread men! * Home for Christmas* Just be Claus * Just say snow * I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year Candy canes * Fruit cake * Warm holiday wishes * Mittens * Bows * Gloves * Trim the tree with happy hearts 'tis the way the holidays starts * You'd better be good! ** Give me the prezzies! * Of all the joys that Winter brings, Snowmen are my favorite things! * There's no place like home for the holidays * It's a Wonderful life! *Christmas Party Girl Show me the merry Naughty is the new nice Dashing through the snow * Baby it's cold outside * Goodwill * Cheer** Merry** Peace** Believe * Hark* * Giggle * Rejoice * jolly * Joy * Love * Mittens * Star of Wonder.
Available on etsy and Patternmart:
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Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is what happens when relatives eat turkey .... too many days in a row!
Ha Ha Ha.....They are sooooo weird! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. patterns within the week.......check back to see!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am going to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade, while drinking coffee and have a blueberry scone...sounds good huh? We are going to my brother's house later ....he will have some little speech up his sleeve about thanksgiving and we will have fun!
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On another note.... my sale only lasts until friday...all prices will be back to normal on saturday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In the old days....

This picture is me by the way....when I was 2 or 3....mastering the tricycle. (1970) Look at the old TV in the background. That is before our house was on fire.....nothing worse than your toys and paper dolls getting ruined! We were all shopping at a store called valuemart....we were all safe and our dog and cats got out safely too! Our dog broke through the window and the cats probably followed.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It is snowing here in Washington state!

Wow, It is snowing right now as I post. It looks beautiful, but I already hear an ambulance (people forget how to drive). I need to get some new boots for my daughter, she out grows them everytime. We are going to see the new Christmas carol from disney, hope it is good!
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These are my new christmas banner flags, fun and easy to takes a few simple supplies. Get it on my etsy:
or instant printable.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Christmas collage sheets and Greetings to the Farmgirl Sisterhood

I Have new collage sheets on etsy and instant printables

I also have new Flash cards for Christmas, 2 different sets.

These are fun to put up next to your decor or as tags for gifts.
Greetings also to all the Farmgirl sisterhood of MaryJane! I was honored to be in the latest newsletter....I am now in the chatroom, getting to know everyone.
Thanks to Carol!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Vintage Finds & Handmade treasures Market

This Saturday is a Great Treasures Market in Spokane...Nine mile falls elementary on 10102 W. Charles road! It is 9 to 4. I have a booth....with my shabby chic french goodies and Christmas decor....some pictured above. That christmas badge is my new giant size....18" x 11". Come join the fun....There will be all kinds of vintage antiques and handmade goods. There is another sale close by at the same time, great way to check out both!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Next Holiday please

It is so sad when Halloween is over! Now I have no excuse for making more Halloween projects and all ! I have to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas and new years! The picture below is my new Thanksgiving badges...perfect to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. I also make the mini version.....which is fab placed on each plate as a name card and then they get to wear and keep it!!These are on my patternmart and my etsy! I also have Thanksgiving tags on etsy....I made them with old photos and fun sayings.
WE had a wonderful time at my sister's Halloween party. I was the Queen of Halloween, my husband Dana was a punk rocker with mohawk, and my daughter Selina was a Goth girl....we all won prizes....woo hoo!