Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017!

First, I want to wish you a very Happy Halloween!
I took a spooky walk today and now I am cozy in my little house, watching the "House of Wax".
I wanted to show you my Halloween decorations.....
Above Franky and Dracula...a bromance...lol. 
Lots of goodies are here on my green shelf....some from long ago and some are pretty new!

This cute cat treat holder I got from Sue for my Birthday...love it! 
I made a small quilt from a Michelle Palmer drawing on muslin...and the rock I painted ages ago to look like a skull. 
I made this quilt in 1991...when I was just starting to get into quilting...the only reason I know the date is because I stitched it on it! 
I love this shelf area....full of crazy corny stuff! 
I love the kitty in pumpkin...and I put the smaller one next to it for fun! 
I love hanging up masks on a string of jute! 
I have stuff everywhere!  It has taken over my house. 
I made this paper witch made from an old photo from my collection....the skeleton hand is from the dollar store...it is salad tongs! 
This mask cracks me up!  I put a witch hat on it. 
Not too long ago I got old doll heads for 2 dollars each, very fun for Halloween. 
I have a big Charlie Brown collection...this is just a little of it. 
This with hangs from my fan on the ceiling...a fun gal to make! 
I love vintage...it is addicting!
I made the books for display by painting a set of goodwill books orange and black. 
I love my teapot witch and crazy paper witch right next to it. 
I am trying to teach my daughter about what is vintage and what just looks vintage....she is getting better at it. 
That horrible witch candle is new for me, a gurley candle. 
I love all the paper...so fragile and delicate. 
I loved the skeleton we had as kids...it hung on our door every year until his head ripped off...lol. 
My mantle of skulls!
Selina thought it needed a theme....good idea! 
Selina's pumpkin...which is huge...next to my two new witches I made...
the left is from Pineberry lane and the right is Chestnut junction. 
These pumpkin gals were made two years ago... a sweet meadows farm design.
I love making these after some of my deadlines and shows...just for me!
The hanging witch...love her face! 
Another witch I made using a Chestnut Junction pattern....stump doll.
I love this group....just a willy nilly mix! 
I have had that witch for over 20 years...she has a clay nose...and great gray hair. 
My vintage witch on a saucer, new for me....she must be from the 50's or early 60's. 
My piano area...my pictures always turn out different that what it really looks like, normally this is a spooky area. 
Sheet music to one of my favorite movies....I got this and 3 tubs of cool junk at a garage sale this summer.... 20 bucks for all.

I have lots of old world Christmas ornaments... 
I like anything that lights up!
Witches and more... 
I hope you enjoyed seeing my stuff...now I must relax with some popcorn....lol.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Goodies, quilt show & turkeys

I wanted to share these fun so called goodies for Halloween that I found in an old magazine from 1948.
They are so crazy, but cute.
Who would shape prunes into a cat? 
or take bread circles and add yellow cheese with raisins....lame!
I like the hot cider though.
Now with pinterest, blogs, TV and other sources...we all have tons of goodie ideas!
I think the simplicity of these are fun and reminds us of less complicated lives.
Here are some pictures of the 
WSQ quilt show last weekend.
Thanks to all of you who came by and said hello...I loved seeing you!
My mannequin was decked out with corsages, purses, totes and more!
Setting up is hard, but I try to get everything on display! 
I had a great booth, it was big and roomy! 
I love my racks for patterns and more mannequins! 
We have a lighted sign and lots of bright colors. 
My skinny pumpkin man gets a lot of attention every year! 
I ran out of some patterns...having to print emergency ones after the evening was over. 
I love the Halloween section the best! 
Valentines and sweetness everywhere! 
Most of the time I get to help customer and chat....pretty fun! 
My window of cats! 
Selina's needle minders and pendant blanks.
Her cats and dogs sold out! 
More mannequins...I must be obsessed.
Selina wore a party hat!
I have videos on my instagram!
This all cat pin pattern is always a hit.
I can't believe October is almost done!
Some gorgeous quilts were on display plus lots of great vendors!
I love hexies!
There is a ton of talent on display with these quilts...it really inspires!
The creativity is everywhere!

WE took a walk on thursday...and there were tons of turkeys!
They don't care about ADT security...lol.

Some flew up to roost....

Then I saw this hive and wanted to run!
Speaking of turkeys....
This is my sale pattern of the week!
It is only $2.99!
Here is a great way to decorate for Thanksgiving! This Muslin turkey is easy to make and fast. Very Simple painting adds color to Turkey. He has bell eyes and muslin eyelids, and a cheesecloth comb and waddle. This comes with banner (both Happy thanksgiving and Give thanks), how to make stand, and lil acorns. Measures: 9" wide, 14" tall including base. The stand is a candlestick and plate...it doesn't matter what they look like...you transform it with my techniques.